Five Upcoming Horror Video Games We Can’t Wait To Scare Us

One of our favorite game genres is the Horror genre. There is nothing like sitting down with the lights off and the audio cranked up and having the pants scared off of you by these kind of games. 2016 is going to bring us another great lineup of Horror games what we can’t wait to be terrified by. Here are just a few we are excited about.

Outlast 2 – Fall 2016 – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC


When developer Red Barrel Games released the first Outlast back in 2013 it took many by surprise with just how good a game it actually was and entered them into the list of horror game developers to watch. Outlast 2 is coming this Fall and while we don’t know many details about the game yet we do know it will be set in the same universe as the first game and feature a cast of new characters and a new setting. This is one we can’t wait to play late at night.

Grave – 2016 – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC


Grave is an upcoming first person game that puts players in a desert and features a day/night cycle. During the day players must use the sun and search for items to help them fight off the creatures that come out at night. With an environment that can change over time as well this is one game that will keep players on their toes and always looking over their shoulder.

The Forest – 2016 – PlayStation 4

The Forest

Released already on PC, The Forest is now coming to the PlayStation 4 sometime this year. The Forest is an open world Horror/Survival game where players have to not only survive the environment but do so while fighting the creatures and cannibals that are in the forest with them. PS4 owners should keep this one on their radar.

Friday The 13th – Fall 2016 – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC



It’s been a long time but a Friday The 13th game is finally on the way and is shaping up pretty nicely. Following a successful Kickstarter the game is slated for a launch this Fall for the major platforms. The game changes things up by being a multiplayer game where one player will play as Jason and has to hunt down and kill five other players playing as the typical teenagers you would see in the films. The five other players can help each other, turn on each other, or even try to call the cops for help. This one should be interesting.

Allison Road – Fall 2016 – Consoles, PC

Allison Road is a first person survival/horror game that resembles the cancelled P.T. from Konami a lot. Players are in a house and have to survive for five nights while trying to solve the mysteries within it. O and did we mention that you’ll have to avoid the creatures in the house while doing so. Good luck with that.

So there you have five pretty creepy upcoming horror games slated for a release this year. Tell us in the comments what horror games you’re looking forward to playing.


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  1. And Layers of Fear Feb 16 on ps4, xbox one, and PC. Or early access on steam and Xbox preview. Very good.

    • Yep there are a lot more than just the 5 I listed here. Layers of Fear is another one I’m looking forward to.

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