Why The Nintendo NX Will Have A Chance Against Competing Systems


Ah, the eight generation of gaming. So much content, so much innovation, and so much excitement. Yes, we’ve definitely seen a lot of great things in the eight generation like the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the New Nintendo 3DS – and then there’s the Wii U. Let’s face it, the Wii U by comparison is a failure. This isn’t so say that the Wii U is a bad system, it just lacks in sales, with only around 10 million sold worldwide since it came out a few years ago. What Nintendo needs is something fresh and new to bring to the table this (or next) E3 in order to compete with the sales that Sony and Microsoft both excel in. And, since Nintendo has given us practically no information on the NX thus far, we have a lot of room to speculate and think about what Nintendo can do right.

Before we do that, though, we need to look at what Nintendo did wrong. All eyes focus on the Wii U when we think about this subject. Why is this? Well, it’s simply because the Wii U isn’t all that great of a system. It’s a slightly more innovative Wii. It’s essentially a Wii with higher graphics capabilities and a gamepad. Don’t get me wrong – the Wii was a glorious system for its time and I strongly stand by that statement. It was one of the most innovative movements Nintendo made in gaming history. However, when you take this system from last generation, update it a little bit, and sell it as a whole new console, then you bring almost nothing new to the table and you leave gamers hungry for more. This is exactly what happened with the Wii U.

Where did Nintendo go wrong? It all starts within the depths of the philosophy that Nintendo chose to follow for the 8th generation of gaming – the idea that Nintendo should take old ideas, build off of them, and innovate from there. Clearly, that ideology proved to be unsuccessful when looking at the sales of the Wii U.

Thankfully, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has recently confirmed for us that Nintendo will be following a new philosophy for the NX – instead of building off of old ideas, make new ones. Nintendo was in desperate need of this mind-blowing idea.

Thankfully, this means that the NX can go in any direction. With this idea, I think it’s safe to say that we see nothing to do with the Wii U. Many have speculated that the NX would be part-system and part-portable device. But, doesn’t that sound awfully familiar? Oh wait, we already have that; you just can’t be outside of a two-room radius of the Wii U, or else the gamepad disconnects. So, I personally don’t think we’re going to see anything like this. I think we’re going to see something big – something fresh. Nintendo has really been on the down-low lately with new information, which gets me wondering what they’re keeping a secret. I think they’re really cracking down and doing their best to make new ideas a reality in the coming years.

I honestly think Nintendo has something big planned for us, and we all know from past experience that this is going to be a hit or miss. Nintendo definitely has something big planned for us – so big that it just might compete with the sales of the Xbox One and PS4. Nintendo will slowly but surely come through for us; we just have to be patient and see where the coming years will take us. What do you imagine the Nintendo NX being like? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I’ll just save up for a PS5 and play my PS4 until then. Anybody who thinks the NX will be good is a delusional manchild still stuck in nostalgia.

    • sony lives in my heart too but with N is something different,SPECIAL particularly Zelda series so i really dont think you should say that if u dont care about nintendo or their fans at least respect them ur comment is such a shame ,,,and about the article it was a pleasure to read *-*

      • They feed off of your nostalgia bruh. Stop enabling them.

        • i dont think so ..really

          • Sony and Microsoft don’t rely on childhood game mascots to make money.

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