How Xbox One Games Going To PC Is Doing More Harm Than Good

Microsoft has long been a big name in the gaming industry since the introduction of the original Xbox in 2001 followed by the Xbox 360 in 2005 and now the Xbox One which launched in 2013. The Xbox platform has allowed Microsoft to build a loyal fanbase of customers and to own a sizeable portion of the console market with each next iteration of the Xbox building on the successes of the previous console, albeit not including the woeful initial plans for the Xbox One. We’re now at a point in 2016 where Microsoft is gearing up to try and take another shot at the PC gaming market, after failing to do so with the Games for Windows which launched in 2006 and proved to be a disaster among PC gamers and has since been discontinued.

Now, with Windows 10 on over 200 million devices and a unified operating system between the Xbox and Windows 10, Microsoft is definitely looking to be going in a direction of ever closer unity between the two platforms. For instance, noteable games such as Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Recore, Sea of Thieves and Killer Instinct Season 3 are all launching on Windows 10 alongside the Xbox One this year and concerns have been raised over whether this leaves consumers enough of a compelling reason to go out and pick up an Xbox One if their exclusives can be played on PC. Now, it’s worth mentioning that Xbox’s juggernaut titles like mainline Halo, Forza and Gears of War games have not been confirmed for PC and don’t look to be any time in the immediate future, there is still a sense of panic among fans that soon even these games will find their way to Windows 10.

The argument that many have is that, since the Xbox One is (while being successful and outpacing previous Xbox systems) trailing behind the PS4 by a fairly large gap in sales and many believe this is down to Sony’s commitment to console gamers and ensuring the best experience for those playing on console, and it seems unlikely that bringing Xbox One exclusives to the PC will help out the Xbox One’s situation and may in fact be detrimental to the console.

Another source of worry for console gamers is that there is a certain fear of what the future holds for the Xbox. Many gamers are traditional console gamers who enjoy the ease of a closed box console and there is some uncertainty of whether Xbox will still provide a closed box environment or whether there will be a transition to a more service-based ecosystem. However, for those that enjoy just sitting back, putting a disc in and playing a game on their couch this new direction of fusing Xbox, PC and Windows 10 devices together might be worrying when considering future generations for the Xbox system. Although, Phil Spencer (head of Xbox) did confirm that the next Xbox, rumoured to launch in 2019/2020 will be a traditional console saying that

“I fully expect that you’ll see another console from us. Our best customers are Xbox console customers, and I want to keep those people engaged both on the Xbox One and anything we might do in the future. I’m 100 percent committed to that.”

So, while this should put some fans at ease at least for the next generation, there is still some worry about the direction that Microsoft is taking their gaming division in and whether Xbox will remain a traditional console or become an app. It is worth noting though that there are benefits to the closer union between the two ecosystems as Xbox games can now be streamed to Windows 10 devices, or a cross-buy system whereby a consumer can buy a game for Xbox One and then own that same game on Windows 10. Further, cross-play seems to be something Microsoft is banking on with games like Fable Legends, Sea of Thieves, Halo Wars 2 all confirmed to be cross-play between Xbox One and PC which should help to garner bigger and more active communities on these games. But is this as good as it sounds? Microsoft has stumbled in the past trying to unify the Xbox and PC platforms and some gamers still have a bad taste left in their mouth since those days so it all comes down to whether Microsoft can pull it off but it’s not an easy thing to do.

The problem that Microsoft faces is deciding whether they’re going to appease to PC gamers at the cost of possibly shunning some of their console fans or not unifying with PC and losing out on the potential revenue gains from game sales via the Windows 10 store on PC. Either way you look at it, it seems like Microsoft is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Let’s not forget that Microsoft’s vision of playing games or doing things across multiple devices is what they tried to achieve with Windows 8 and that didn’t turn out to be very successful at all, whether the cross-over of Windows 10 and Xbox will be successful or not remains to be seen but it seems their vision isn’t changed, they still want people to be able to pick up and play on any Windows devices they own, which technically the Xbox does now fall into, now it all depends upon the execution.

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  1. You would never see Sony and Nintendo porting games over to the PC. As we all know, if you want to play those games, buy their consoles. Taking Microsoft’s Windows, it’s written in stone that Xbox games have to come to Windows. And looking at Xbox One sales worldwide, Microsoft could do with a boost in sales. I find it hard to believe that most PC owners don’t own a console. If Microsoft pulled the plug on PC games, that’s always been the case with Sony and Nintendo.

    • But in this case it’s Microsoft porting the game from one of their platforms to another. It’s almost like Sony making a PS4 and Vita version of a game. Microsoft is trying to keep both of their platforms alive and relevant.

      • I get what you mean, but Xbox One games on PC must lose Xbox One console sales for Microsoft. Xbox games crossing over to the PC is different to PS3 games crossing over to the Vita. I can’t see how Vita consoles sales lost Sony PS3 sales. But dire Xbox One console sales, Xbox One games being ported over to the PC isn’t ideal for Xbox One console sales. The Xbox 360 clocked up over 80m units, Xbox 360 games on the PC was extra revenue for Microsoft.

    • Do you find it hard to believe most console owners don’t own a gaming PC?

      If Microsoft pulled the plug on PC games nothing would happen – in the sense of just not bothering to release or support gaming on it. You know why? Because that is PRECISELY what they have done for the past ten years or so.
      Steam and games developers have been supporting gaming on PC, not Microsoft. Remember, Windows is just an OS, is isn’t designed just for gaming, and running games on it is no different running any program.

  2. Exclusives from console do well on Steam. They receive more hype.

  3. “I fully expect that you’ll see another console from us. Our best
    customers are Xbox console customers, and I want to keep those people
    engaged both on the Xbox One and anything we might do in the future. I’m
    100 percent committed to that.” I am sorry but that quote is not all that reassuring and seems to be intentionally vague. “I full expect;” doesn’t sound like a promise or that he is totally confident and then ‘you’ll see another console,” doesn’t sound like the old, ‘ we start working on the next console as soon as we complete our current one’ spiel we are used to hearing. Another console could mean anything, includiing a very small set top box designed to compete with apple TV and stream games using azure cloud power.

  4. Why do you guys act like this is your business let them run it anyway they see fit. It’s funny to see idiots compare Microsoft to Sony . That’s like comparing the NFL to pop warner. Sony do not understand business like Microsoft that’s why they make more money in a month than Sony makes in 2 years. I’m a gamer that owns all consoles but over the last 10 years fanboys have ruin gaming. I love the forward thinking of Mirosoft and Sony but you fanboys always have to cry and bitch about every little thing. Grow up kids.

  5. The only people that are worried are fanboys. Period!

    It is not hurting Xbox at all that some of their console exclusive games finds it’s way to Windows and PC. The percentage of people who own a PC and that buys a console for a handful of exclusive are probably so smal it’s not even worth mentioning in the big picture.

    People mainly buy consoles because the price point and the ease of use. Normal consumers do not think like fanboys. Fanboys just thinks labels and the need to justify their choices to others.

    Microsofts biggest gaming plattform and their strongest card is Windows. And that gamers can play great games on a PC or on a Xbox is win for everyone.

    As I mentioned…the only people that has problems with this are fanboys.

  6. I am an exclusive PC gamer and I will NOT buy a console so I feel its a must that we as PC gamers get games as well as the console guys. So many developers shaft us PC gamers its insane. I have well over 500 games on steam and another 125 games in other services like origin, uplay & amazon. I think its a good thing for me at least that We get to play these great games.

    Its a shame tho that we PC gamers will NEVER see nintendo or sony bringing games to PC.

    • You can ’emulate’ them on PC. I have the whole nes, SNES, and even genesis library on PC. And the dolphin emulator lets you play all the original Wii games resized to 1280 x 1024 – an HD version of the 4:3 aspect ratio 🙂

      And even that can be stretched to 16:9 fullscreen but then everybody looks fat faced lol. Wii is originally 4:3 SD like GameCube. BUT looks WAY better on dolphin! And it can play every game in 60 fps. Whether the game was originally like that or not.

      • I just love how one Peechee dork is crying about devs giving them the middle finger and another dork right below him immediately shows why devs are giving them the middle finger..

        • Good for you 🙂 And well developed emulation on PC coded properly is more impressive than ‘professionally’ developed software originally coded for console. Because on the PC, everything is superior lol! And, community devs do it out of passion, unlike pro devs who do everything on consoles for a check. Ironically, console are the most inferior lol

          If you’re over 18 years old and you troll like a 12 year old who uses phrases like ‘peechee dork’ then you are part of the FUNNIEST species of trolls I’ve ever learned of LMFAO! Please, tell me more!


            Wait, wait.. Hold on.. Where did the other clown’s comment go to? Don’t tell me you Peechee dorks got embarrassed by your exposure that he deleted it?! XD

            And I love how your reply got nothing to do with Peechee dorks pirating their games lol

            “Peechee dorks pirate their games”

            “W.. Well we have mods and we have passionate community and, and we have everything is better on Peechee and, Uh, Umm Y.. You’re a 12 years old troll!! Boohoo!”


          • When I raise my son I’ll make sure to show him love and attention so he never develops to be anything like you lol! I have no idea what you’re trying to convey and find you to be incoherent. And now I’m off to test out superior mods on PC in 4k @60 fps. How I love it! Have a nice day 🙂

    • Because the PC will never become affordable to the masses.

      • Pc is a lead development platform with 52% of devs currently making a pc title

        • Plus it’s a free format, unlike developing games for Xbox, PS and Nintendo consoles.

  7. Who cares if Xbox system is losing its value to PC. Microsoft game is Sony, Nintendo needs not to be the only players in America market. Don’t matter if its Xbox or PC. I for one am very happy PC getting Xbox games. One less console to own. If you a fanboy I can see your concern which this author sounds. Another thing this author needs to realize alot of those games being ported did lousy in sales on Xbox. Ryse, Rise of Tomb Raider and Dead Rising. Those loses need to be recouped somewhere and if not Playstation or Nintendo why not PC. I say please keep em coming. Steam making out like a bandit.

  8. And PC gamers have been being screwed since the 360 came along in 2004 and ruined gaming forever.

    Jog on, consoles are a cancer to unique games by limiting what devs can do with their rubbish hardware.

    The number 1 revenue-generating game on PC for 2015, League of Legends, has generated 1.6 BILLION dollars. More than almost the top 10 console games COMBINED.

    You say there’s no money in PC gaming? Yeah, right.

  9. Best news from MS lately, I say ALL games should be on the superior platform aka Pc!
    It’s simple, more sales and the consoles is somthing obsolete, why pay for an underpowered sh*tbox.

    Just cash out some more and go pc.

    Consoles will die out, theres no question about it. One plattform is all thats needed, and even a idiot with half a brain gets that.

    But only an IDIOT like the one writiting this sh*tty article, dont get it.
    One word for you STUPID peasants. Back to your console and suck Sony/Ms *icks!
    Let them rip you of with their crappy poss poor weak hardware huh ..
    Stupid MOTHERF*CKRS!!

  10. If you ever feel stupid just read this article.

    Terribly written pointless ckickbait that only fuels the anger of the strongest xbox fanboys.

    So if games do make it to the pc but not the ps4 is that really a problem do you see it as a threat to your xbox somehow because people who didn’t buy an xbox have a chance to play a game you already own and finished on xbox boo hoo.

    Attitudes like this are why the industry struggles more games on more platforms equals more sales which equals more new ips and High level sequels because yes more money is coming in

    I own a xb1/ pc (gaming rig), ps4, vita I’m a gamer at heart and could care less about keeping titles exclusive.

    If I only owned a pc I would not buy a console for just a few games that’s most pc gamers sentiments aswell

  11. Do you think people playing on the XBOX and PS do so because of the games? When I grew up “all og us” played on the PC. The main reason for people to use consoles are the ease of setup and maintenance. This will not change much because a few extra games are released for the PC as well.

    If the console community is so fragile it might die just because a few titles are released on PC’s, then it should just dry up and die. After all, after gaming since 1984, it is obvious to me that the best platform for the dedicated gamer is, and allways have been, the PC. Only with the exception of social party games you have fun with on the living room. But then again, now days having an PC under the TV is just as easy as having an XBONE. Every input device would be the same. Is it important for it to be a console?

    In reality, it’s no reason to save the consoles, but that’s a different discussion.

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