The Division Beta Codes Are Selling On Ebay For $20, Showing The Demand For The Beta

Didn’t believe that The Division beta was that popular? Well due to the demand being so high, and codes being so limited, players have had to buy the code on Ebay as a last resort to get in the beta. The prices they are paying are pretty high too with it being free and all.


$20 for a free beta is pretty crazy as $20 is usually the price for big DLC’s and big digital only games. It shows that the insane demand has caused prices for the beta to go up as yesterday the beta codes were only selling for as much as $3 for a code. Could this mean Ubisoft has got another huge seller incoming this year? If people are willing to pay $20 for a beta then $60 for the full game wouldn’t be much of an ask.

What are your thoughts on people paying $20 for The Division beta codes? Should Ubisoft have supplied more codes for players to avoid this situation? Would you pay to get in the beta? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. “Desperate times call for desperate measures…” – Obert Syke

    A perfect quote for this situation.

  2. Ouch…

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