With PSN’s Recent Issues, How Much Downtime Is Too Much Time?

Folks on the internet are angry as the Playstation Network or PSN is down once again. Now, things such as maintenance etc. are usually understandable as long as they’re scheduled and gamers are aware of these things ahead of time but it seems to have become a common occurrence where PSN goes down with no warning and millions of gamers are left wondering why it’s acceptable this has become a familiar thing for gamers to put up with.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s not as if any online service is 100% reliable, not even Sony’s competitor Microsoft whose Xbox Live service has had it’s fair share of service issues but it’s the general consensus, and fairly so, that it’s Sony’s service that suffers the worst when it comes to downtime.

It was just last month on January 4 when PSN last suffered downtime like this where the service for nearly a whole day for many gamers which left many gamers angry at Sony for failing to say why it was the servers had gone down for so long and for taking so long to get everyone back online. To Sony’s credit, they did announce they would be giving PSN users something for their troubles which later turned out to be a one day PlayStation plus extension.

While this did serve as a nice gesture, the bigger problem still looms that people are paying a fee to play online on the PS4, after Sony stopped providing the free online play that they provided with the PS3 when entering the new generation and with a price tag many hoped it would mean Sony would improve their online infrastructure and security to avoid such regular downtime.

However, now even in 2016 it seems that those hopes didn’t come to fruition (that’s not to say Sony didn’t spend money on improving their online services) but it seems like downtime, whether it’s scheduled or not still seems to be too reguarly happening and it can be a real issue for those who primarily play online focused games.

So what can gamers do? There’s sure to be those who call out the gamers who voice their anger at the regular downtime that PSN suffers from and label them as entitled and so on but isn’t it better to be vocal and heard in hopes that Sony will listen and perhaps even invest more in ensuring their online services are more stable in the future.

Again, I want to state that Sony compensating PlayStation gamers with a one day PlayStation plus extension was a nice gesture and is definitely better than nothing (which they could’ve done) but one does have to ask whether this was more of a ploy to cover up the more pertinent issue of PSN’s problems with regular downtimes rather than it being a wholly altruistic move on Sony’s part.

Although this article has been more focused on PSN due to how it seems that it’s the PlayStation service that seems to suffer from downtime more regularly but we hope this serves as a message to Xbox Live’s service issues too which do occur too, even if on a less regular basis than PSN, these issues are ones that make gamers on both platforms suffer and we hope Sony and Microsoft invest further in ensuring downtime is reduced. After all, no one wants their console to suffer from downtime in a world where the online part of our consoles are so integral to our experiences with them.

This isn’t the first time PSN has gone down in 2016 and it certainly won’t be the last but all we can do is make our voices heard and let both Sony and Microsoft know that unscheduled downtime is quite frankly a pain in the ass and while it probably is an inevitability that such huge online services are going to experience issues from time to time, it won’t hurt to let gamers know what caused the issues and how they plan to prevent it from happening again. I think gamers just want more transparency involving these issues.

How have you been affected by PSN’s downtime? What are you playing instead? Let us know how you feel in the comments below

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  1. Weird that I had no problems today or in quite some time. Weird that that’s usually the case. Weird that whenever articles like this pop up, it seems to refer to a handful of people experiences some problems, rather than some system-wide issue.

    • Not weird at all. Outages don’t always affect everyone…just a large amount of people. A lot of the times XBL is down it’ll work just fine for me, other times not.

      Your reaction is just misconception. Your perception is that some of these articles make it up because yours is fine. Or that becuse yours is fine that means only “a handfull” have issues. You’re wrong. Sorry.

      Ease up on the reassurance, bruh. Outages affect us all as gamers on all of the platforms with a substantial online service. Don’t pretend Sony is innocent and that these articles are just clickbait lies. That’s silly.

      • LMAO hate to break it to ya but Im betting your an Xbot and last I checked Xbox has had more outages lately than PSN….Shit happens if something goes down for a couple of hours IF that like the majority of any PSN downtime, NO you don’t deserve reimbursement or free anything….IF your trying to spend that much time on a video game console that a couple of hours of downtime is a big deal, your life is clearly pathetic

        • No it hasn’t. I know people on both and read about it. They are damn near even, but psn does it just a smidge more often, and for longer periods. It helps when you look at the big picture instead of assuming or listening to other fanboys propaganda.

          Also who said anything about reimbursement? I agree with you there. It’s not a big deal, if it doesn’t work do something else. People that demand reimbursment are whiney babies.

          • @BxB402:disqus

            Give us the actual proof that Sony’s network is less robust in terms of up-time to Xbox Live. I want proof not people’s reports, talk is cheap.

            So find actual evidence or STFU.

          • You’re asking for the impossible.

      • See, when you start talking about “pretending Sony is innocent,” that’s where YOUR motives expose themselves.

        I have noticed multiple instances of various outlets taking partial outages or even solitary claims as being indicative of something more widespread, when nothing beyond that original claim is ever even noted, let alone validated.

        How large is the amount of people affected this time? Where do you have the info to say it’s more than a handful experiencing problems?

        • My motive is to correct bullshit. If you don’t like the facts, sucks for you. Your attitude is indictive of the average sony defender not reality. Excuse me if my reaction to such silliness is harsh.

          Do you have any proof that it’s only a handfull, other than thenword of people like you who weren’t affected? Seems plenty were, enough to warrant a story.

          Also, please don’t pretend Xbox doesn’t get just as many articles crying about outages. It does. Nothing is getting overblown except the reaction to outages. I honestly expect them to happen occasionally as they do. Sme people find it happening offensive…for both platforms…and whine a bit much. However being aware of how often it happens in gaming news is necessary to stay informed. You should try it. Hehe

          • Fact?

            Okay, then. Gimme the facts.

            How large is this issue? How many users does it affect?

          • Look around. Look at comments. Read stories. Look at the big picture. In only had one friend mention it and saw this on N4G and it was trending on facebook for a short time. So clearly it had a generous reach.

            Did you just read this article and get mad? Yeah, sure looks like it. Have fun with that shit, fanboy.

          • See, I looked at your posting history. Pure Sony Defense Mode. Oh, fanboys. You know, you can be better and not hate another console. You can be fair. Just widen your vision, bruh. You can do it!

          • What’s this? No facts? But I thought you were here to correct bullshit.

            Funny how you talk about people getting mad and fanboys, but you’re tripping all over yourself in attack mode.

            lol, you’re not here to correct anything. You’re here to keep it up. You could have at least acknowledged that there HAVE been overblown situations before. You COULD HAVE admitted that articles have tried to benefit from incorrectly reporting on problems on both networks by making them seem bigger than they are.

            But no. You go into full attack mode. You go on the offensive about fanboys, pretty much showing yourself off to be exactly what you’re ranting about.

            Good job.

          • Look at my first response for that, this is my second. MORON

            It’s clear in your history that you are the raging fanboy. It’s obvious. Truth hurts. Too bad, so sad. Go cry about them lying about outages somewhere else safe from reality.

          • You DO know your comment history is visible, too, don’t you?

            You DO know some tweets don’t indicate any sort of number, don’t you?

            You didn’t prove anything, except you’re more of a fanboy than anybody you’ve attacked.

            Keep trying, though.

          • So you’ve chosen to remain a delusional fanboy? Pathetic.

          • You certainly are that. Go back to your wrestling articles, lmao.

          • I can’t even take that as an insult coming from a sony fanboy that doesn’t know shit and rages against the truth. Cry more.

          • Still waiting on you to show you even know what truth is. You attacked me for saying the incident is rarely as widespread as articles make it out to be, and your “proof” to the contrary was a tweet that did NOTHING to address what I actually said.

            Do you have anything, or will you keep deflecting with cries of “fanboy?!”

          • @BxB402:disqus

            So you’ve chosen to remain a delusional fanboy? Pathetic.

            So you prefer to be a basement dwelling virgin boy all your life?

            (See I can be an a-hole too).

          • @BxB402:disqus

            With all due respect (and you deserve little), you haven’t made any case to support your claims. The author did a very piss-poor job of that too because the author is not concerned with facts, he is only concerned with page views.

            Unfortunately we don’t have accurate data comparing XBL to PSN. My history with PSN has been pretty good, I haven’t been subject to all the outages. Ever since Sony had the online issue they have aired on the side of caution which is why they have so many maintenance cycles.

            Sure call me out as a “Sony Defender” (real mature BTW junior!) but I didn’t exactly toss XBL under the bus here.

          • During the day outage in January for PSN, IGN had an article up about it (ok fine no problem with that).
            But it stayed up for 15 days saying it was out on their main header of the web page. The very next day XBL went down for the day or half of it, not one mention of it on IGN, so your wrong.

          • Nope, you must have just missed an article for it. Every time either is down they get reports on it.

            Also articles don’t come down when the problem is fixed, they are updated. Like the proper article for this incident (not this opinion piece). It was updated that the problem is fixed but thw article remains. Doesn’t matter what site, it’s all the same. Clearly you are confused about how journalism works.

          • The update to that article did not take place until day 13. I check IGN daily during the day on both PS4 and XB1 sides, was not a mention of XBL being down on IGN. At least N4G and Snoop Dog were on top of the XBL story! Since wife is involved in journalism within her job and attributes of it come into play within my job I have a pretty good understanding of it thanks. Be it biased, laziness on IGN’s part, or just the shear popularity of the PS4, it was unequal coverage, period.

          • To be fair IGN is pretty shit. As I said, you should expand your gaming news circles to get the whole picture. You certainly won’t get it going to a single source.

          • No true IGN is shit, since Greg and Colin left had much deeper reach than just their side of the coin apparently. N4G is ok, but if you can give up a better website for news by all means. Have not checked out thisgengaming.com as of yet. Clearly have other sites just don’t care for their format, to bloggish?

          • @Ucouldntbemorewrong:disqus

            N4G is terrible caters to the lowest common denominator of games “news” 80% of the articles are opinion bullshit.

            Opinion pieces can be great when the authors attach research or demonstrate a great deal of expertise in the area they are speaking to. Most gamer opinion pieces seem to celebrate their ignorance. Very little value in those articles.

          • @BxB402:disqus

            To be fair IGN is pretty shit.

            Kind of the pot calling the kettle black.

          • Says the raging sony pony in massive defense mode. Lol

          • @BxB402:disqus

            You are a repugnant shit and I wish I could slap your parents they did a pathetic job raising you.

            Look cough up the actual side by side comparison of network logs from PSN and XBL or just ShutTheFuckUp Already!

            We get it you like your Xbox. I am sure your pencil dick fits great in the optical drive slot.

          • Oooh, Darth Stumpy is mad because I owned his little online boyfriend and refuse to shamelessly worship sony. Go away, you raging sony pony morons. Nothing will ever sink in or be proof enough for you. Clearly as you both spend your lives on the internet defending playstation from facts. Hahaha

          • But you don’t have any proof.

            You made a claim that ran counter to what I said, provided nothing to support that claim, and then resorted to namecalling when you had nothing else.

            Both typical of Xbox fanboys- never let facts get in the way of fabricating your own deluded version of reality- and both horribly sad and pathetic.

            Here’s a question: since you’ve no love for PlayStation to begin with, what the hell are you even doing in this article?

          • My support is experience and knowing every time either go down through various news sources. I can’t share that, you have to be informed at my level by your own research. Also I have yet to see you provide proof of YOUR CLAIMS that are prettymuch the opposite. So you got proof that PSN going down isn’t a big problem and that articles like this overstate how often it happens? Cause it seems to be about once every 2 weeks give or take.

            Oh, sony fanboys. Always demanding proof but never have any of their own.

          • lol, that’s a convenient excuse. If you’ve done the research, surely you can point others toward the information you’ve found. There’s no way in hell you expect people to believe you when your first instinct is to attack people who prefer a different console than you do.

            I never claimed it wasn’t ever a big problem. Only that it’s typically made out to be a big deal, and yet there is usually nothing more than “some” interruption of service.

            Once every two weeks? Surely you can link articles that support that? Surely these articles can show it’s not an isolated incident, that some significant number of the millions using PSN are affected?



          • “LOL i have no “proof” either, but wakka wakka wakka!” Shut it, fanchild.

          • Because I enjoy hassling rage filled pathetic sony fanboys with the 6 truth. Has nothing to do with the consoles, i hated you obnoxious little morons even when i only played on PS and Nintendo. Unlike your insecurity, it’s not about the console for me. It’s about you sony fanboys being the epitome of fanboy pieces of crap.

            Look at you try so hard to defend Senpai Sony, maybe they will notice you today.

          • And you don’t have any proof either. You just want to pretend it doesn’t happen often enough for the whiners to whine. But it does, and they whine. And you will too because precious sony would never ever be like that. Poor guy

          • It wasn’t missed. There was no article for it on IGN. Windows central had one, though, dated January 13th.

            And it’s funny, but most articles pertaining to PlayStation problems are actually overflowing with Xbox fanboys like yourself. Go and look.

          • I’m not talking about just IGN, moron. How about reading, that sometimes helps. Big Picture, not single view.

          • The comment you responded to was specifically talking about IGN, and nothing in your comment indicated you were referring to anything beyond that site.

            Don’t go trying to rewrite history now.

          • And I said “try looking at more than IGN”, indicatingn I am talking about various news sources in my response, not just IGN. Q common theme of my posts, suggesting you fellows look at the big picture instead of a couple of sources. Boy, you are dumb as hell.

          • AiGN may not have had one, I tried looking but their search sucks and google didn’t give me anything from them at the time. Howeve a bunch of others did have articles on it. Just google “jan 2016 xbox live outage”.

            This is why it’s important to diversify your sources. Some will miss things. But when you have a large enough field of vision nothing is missed. You should expand yours and you’d see the truth….if you suppress the sony fanboy part of your brain. Otherwise you are stuck in ignorance.

          • Yeah, I actually looked it up before I commented. Windows central and vg247 were among the sites that DID have articles. Again, though, this was about IGN.

            Overall, it’s about whether or not articles like these blow things out of proportion. You say that they don’t, and assert that it’s only Sony fanboys that think these things are less widespread than articles say.

            This article says “PSN is down once again.” Where’s the proof? There’s not a single link to support the claim that PSN is down. It’s fine that it references the well-known incident from last month, but that was actually a major issue.

            In the case of this recent “downtime,” venturebeat’s got an article posted at 10 am saying PSN was problematic for some users, and amended that some three and a half hours later. Both Forbes and Polygon, the two other top sites when you search “PSN down,” report similar short durations for the downtime. And yet, without anything concrete to go on, they claim widespread outages.

            Is this where you get your info from? Is this the “research” that supports your claims? Pretty flimsy, isn’t it?

          • Sony apologized for this incident on twitter. It’s there for all to see. You are just trying too hard now, idiot. Go play your PS4 and shut your mouth.

            Also widespread mean affecting lots of people, not length of downtime. Again, idiot.

          • They also said some. Specifically some. Not many, not most.


          • And I said it was also trending on facebook AND twitter, had articles on multiple news sources, and reqired an apology.

            If you want to believe it was just a small tinynlittle thing, then go be with your fanboy fantasies. Unbiased ganers don’t need your crybaby sony defense bullshit.


          • Hmm? Where’s your evidence of that?

            Oh? You’re just making shit up because you’re an Xbox fanboy?

            Okay, then.

          • Cry harder Sony Defense Force drone.

          • “Some” is a lot with 35m consoles out. Even if it was 1% it is significnt amounts. Idiot.

          • It’s not significant amounts, as that’s relative. Idiot.

          • Significant enough to trend on social media and warrant an apology. Significant enough for many fans to be upset.

            The thing that isn’t significant is your opinion, because you’re wrong and an idiot. Sorry. Try harder, cry harder.

          • You do… no, obviously you don’t. But a good company would apologize even if the issue were minor.

            Who are these many fans? You? You’re making a bigger deal out of this than anybody who actually has the relevant hardware.

          • Sounds like you’re the one making a big deal because you can’t accept reality. You keep arguing in the face of facts and truth. Changing your argument as I blast chuks of it away. Hell, you just “discredited” proof that you yourself suggested I look at….and when I did it proved you wrong. Now all of a sudden that site has no merit from you.

            You ridiculously stupid fanboy. Keep crying though. I am highly amused at how hard you try to bury your head in the sand because the fact that XBL works better than PSN chaps your heinie.

          • You’ve got no facts and no truths. You have your own fanboy-tinted view, and you’re pushing that as reality. That’s all.

            Now please, go back to your manbaby soap opera pages.

          • Nope, you’re just delusional and a sony fanboy making excuses. Then again i don’t really blame you. It’s typical of your ilk to get pissy when the network you love dearly jas the worst reliability in the industry. It’s expected.

          • And you have facts and truth? Please, share them. Since apparently sony, downdetector, social media trends, and the gaming media are unreliable bulshit.

            Please, share your reliable source.

            It’s your anus, isn’t it?

          • Not one off them quantified the issue. Not one.

            You’re done

          • So that’s a no? You shoot down all the legit avenues of proof that I’ve provided, and have nothing to back up your counter-point against me.

            You were done when you posted your first comment on this story. You’re just too damn stupid and fanboyish to realize it.

            Please, cry more instead of providing any proof of anything at all aside from your dedication to sucking sony’s figurative nut bag.

          • You failed. Get over it.

          • What’s that? I gave plenty of evidence and you have nothing? Still nothing? Well, sucks for you fanboy loser. Stay mad that PSN sucks more than XBL. I know how such small things hurt your kind so deeply. Look at how hard you try to deny!

            Keep trying though. I want you to keep being retarded. It’s funny.

          • Sure, you did.

          • I sure did. How does it feel to hate someone because they are right? It’s ironic considering your profile header. Keep trying though.

          • You’re comical. Too funny to hate. Besides, it’s not your fault you were born a little… slower than average.

          • Man, you are delusional. And still no proof. Keep trying.

          • All things I already said to you.


          • Said wrongly. You still have zero proof. Cry more please retarded fanboy.

          • Keep trying.

          • Your pathetic reassurance trolling in response to my ownage of you is waning.

            You should do yourself a favor and stop now.

          • Try again.

          • Not…even…close…BUD

            You’re acting like a petulant child.

            Keep it up!

          • Try once more.

          • Try what? You’re the one with his head in the sand.

          • Again.

          • I just slid my dick down your throat, and you begged me for more.

            Unlike you, pathetic fanboy, I can stop when I want to. Bet you won’t be able to resist responding one more time to try to get that last word in. Hehe

          • lol, try again.

          • You know what’s funnier, that you mention xbox fanboys in “most” ps articles, but fail to mention you kind PS fanboys in every single xbox article spreading more hate and misinformation than any fanboys of anything else ever. Sony brand fanboys have always been and clearly will alwys be the worst of the worst. I don’t cry about articles crying about xbox live going down. Here you are crying about an article ceying qbout ps down. And I put ants in your pants, so dance.

          • If this were an Xbox article, or if this were a debate about Xbox at all, I might have admitted that.

            But those things aren’t so.

            This is a PlayStation article, and here you are, an Xbox fanboy, stirring the shit.

          • It’s called not being ignorant. Do you stay out of articles for things you don’t have? That’s weird. I read articles for everything to keep informed and unbias (xcept against sonytards, because you guys are always shit. PS is great).

            You should try it Fanboy, break out of your little mental cage.

          • But you’re showing yourself to be utterly ignorant. Not really doing yourself any favors here.

          • That’s hilarious from the guy trying to pretend an outage didn’t happen despite sony apologizing on twitter for the outage. Delusional sony pony. Lol

          • I said it didn’t happen? When was that?

          • Also, please don’t mistake my dislike of sony famboys like you as being an “xbot”. Of course that little war is all guys like you see so i’m not surprised. It clearly rules your life. As you are here crying over an article crying about outages.

          • But you ARE an Xbot. Your lack of ANY criticism against Microsoft, along with your energetic attack on anybody that prefers Sony, is enough evidence of that.

            And here you are, crying over somebody crying over an article crying about outages.

          • I criticized both. I SAID they both go down at almost the same rate, just PSN a little more. A ignorant sony fanboys like you deserve to be attacked by every gamer.

            At least you admit you are crying though. Progress!

      • @BxB402:disqus

        Outages affect us all as gamers on all of the platforms with a substantial online service.

        So what? You get what you pay for, Sony and MS offer a consumer level network service, there is no guarantees of up-time. Most of us have lives outside of gaming so if the PSN is down, we can find other things to do. 🙂

        Don’t pretend Sony is innocent and that these articles are just clickbait lies. That’s silly.

        Pretend Sony is innocent? Are you suggesting that Sony just brings down the PSN just to annoy diaper clad gamers like yourself? 🙂

        Often these interruptions are the result of script kids attacking. There are no easy solutions to that unless you want to implement draconian measures which may limit the scope of the PSN’s features.

        This article like you does nothing to address the issues. For that reason it is clickbait. This article would be more at home on this author’s Facebook status.

    • It happens regardless of your personal experience though. Plus it’s had long wait times when it has. If you don’t want them to fix it then defend it I guess.

      • No shit. The point is that it’s rarely as widespread- or as long-lasting- as articles make it out to be.

        It has SOMETIMES had long wait times. You’re doing like the author of this article and many others, treating it like the situation is bigger than it is.

        Defending it? No. Obviously, I’d prefer it if there were no issues at all. I’m not acting as if they DON’T exist, but rather putting in perspective- something often intentionally left out- the severity of the problem. There’s been a trend, going back to even before this generation, of making the problems out to be bigger than they are. Be they unconfirmed reports from single posts on the PlayStation forums to regional outages to planned downtime, multiple outlets have run with ANY PSN hiccups as if they’re systemwide, all-encompassing problems.

        • On the same side of that coin there are plenty of articles who praise everything they do. Even the bad stuff.

          • What does that have to do with articles that exaggerate or otherwise misrepresent their faults? And what’s the point in mentioning that? Is that some sort of insinuation that nothing like that happens for the other companies?

            Seriously, what’s the relevance of that statement?

          • It has to do with fanboys on either side pretending it doesn’t happen. How is that not significant. Just because you think that your own experience is the same as others doesn’t mean it’s not happening. The only reason you would be justifying it is to defend something. You would rather call the article a liar than the thousands of people who experience the issues. No offense that just comes off a bit naive.

          • Thousands of people out of millions of users?

            I’m calling the reports of it being widespread overblown. Not denying that it happened or has ever happened.

          • Backpedaling now. You are pathetic. Even if it affected 1% that would be hundreds of thousands. That is a wide spread issue.

          • My claim from the start has been that it isn’t as big as the article makes it out to be. You, yourself, made it out to be some majority, but here you are, making the case that a minority is still a lot, something I never argued against.

            Can’t you at least stick to your stupidity?

          • And you are wrong. Your claim is defensive bias sony fanboy idiocy. I agree the whining over the issues is a bit much, what can ya do? But the issues are not overblown or exaggerated. Both networks “go down” for significant amounts of people fairly regularly.

            Deny all you want, you just look like an idiot to everyone but other delusional sonytards

    • You wanted proof, here. Playstation Network has been in the top 10 of most down networks for the last 4 weeks and beyond, with no appearances from XBL on the top list despite it’s own occasional issues. So yeah, despite the crying over it being a little much IMO, it is certainly justified. And PSN goes down more often than PSN. Facts don’t lie, and you don’t have to cry…but you probably will.


      • Yeah, I checked that yesterday. People were claiming it was down right in the middle of use. The site is user-fueled, relying on site visitors; outside of that, it has no sources.

        That’s your source? A source with no sources? Might as well be getting your news from a daily tabloid.

        • LOL i knew you would find a way to discredit this in your own mind. What a pathetic little bitch you are. Ignore facts to keep your delusion.

          Especially since you used this site in your argument earlier, I guess it’s only just now unreliable since it proved you wrong while it was just fine when trying to suggest I look at it to prove your point. What a moron. Hahahah

          Keep digging that hole to bury your head in.

          • How is downdetector verifiable? Where do they get their sources from?

            Unlike you, I don’t just take something at face value without knowing whether or not it can be trusted.

            So… yeah. You might as well be quoting VGChartz for sales numbers and calling them facts. Nice try though… well, not really, but you need the encouragement.

          • Tell me, if none of what I have mentioned or linked is a reliable source…..then what IS a reliable source? You must have one of your own, right?

            Down detector isn’t.
            Facebook and twitter trends arent.
            Sony isn’t.
            Most of the gaming news outlet articles on the subject aren’t.

            So what IS a reliable source?

        • “People were claiming it was down right in the middle of use”

          Again, just because it’s working for you doesn’t mean a significant amount of others are not exeriencing it.

          Man, you are beyond idiocy at this point. Do you have an extra cromosome?

          • And just because don’t were experiencing the issue doesn’t mean a significant number of people were.

          • Just because what? I don’t speak Retard. English, please.

            Ya know what, don’t bother. I can tell whatever point you’re trying to make is mind-numbingly stupid like everything else you say. Ignorant sony drones, ha ha ha.

          • You already failed. Just admit it and move on.

          • It is you who has failed. I provided ample evidence to back my stance. You have nothing but fanboyish stubborness. You are a loser and can’t even accept it. Pathetic.

  2. I don’t play online games often, therefore, it doesn’t affect me too much when the PSN is down during a couple of hours or a full day.

    What I hate, specially after the psn+ has become mandatory, for most features, on the ps4,

    Is the download speeds.

    I tend to buy most games on bluray (physical ), but anytime there is a game I know I’ll be playing it often, and because I don’t want to have a CD spinning at 1000000rpm on the ps4, I will choose the digital version.

    The problem is, it’s way toooo slow to download something from the Sony network.
    With my 20mb line, I can download 6.5Gb in one hour, at 1.85mb/s

    I remember, after hesitating, picking mgs5 on the psn. It took me 3 FULL days to download it. I remember pausing/resuming the download, anytime it would stop downloading anything.

    Since one week, I’ve been trying to buy the Witcher 3, but all the retailers are out of stock.
    So I only have 2 choices : waiting a few days until the store receives some copies, or…

    Buy it from the psn.

    But how long is it going to take? 3 days? 4? 5 ?

    The Witcher 3 32gb should only take like 6 hours to download. But instead, it will take several days.

    Which is a shame, for a paid service!

    I know Sony use Amazon S4 servers to store all their crap, like our 10gb psn+ cloud space, etc.

    But for the big downloads, they should be using some cdn (content distribution network) services, like the big companies use to distribute stuff like huge patches to hundreds million computers, full disc images, etc etc. But clearly, based on the ultra slow download speeds, they don’t.

    And this speed issue, it’s been like that since 2006, after the ps3 release.
    9 years later, we’re still having the same issue.

  3. Psn has gone down two times since 2016 started with the second one lasting less then an hour and was specific mostly to the uk. Xbox live went down twice in one week about a week or two ago but yet i didn’t see no articles about that besides snoop Dogg calling out Microsoft on it. It’s comical how websites like down tracker show live having more down time total since this gen started but people act like psn is the one constantly down and hasn’t improved one iota since the ps3 days which just isn’t true. Every service has problems but to act like this is still last gen and that live and psn don’t have parity is laughable.

      • I was talking about going down for a few hours not a measly few minutes in isolated little pockets like your link showed.

        • It’s been in the top 5 most problematic networks for the last 5 weeks. And lastbtime was for hours and some cases all day….or so say Playstation gamers.

          Sorry, I must have found another sony fanboy in denial who will twist anything they can and ignore all of the evidence to avoid the truth. Have fun with that, ignoramus.

          • Dude i own both consoles venomouscrane65 is my sn for Xbox in case you think I’m lying the fact is only fanboys try to act like live is way better then psn when it’s not. I play on both so i know what I’m talking about when I say it’s parity between the two this gen. Yes ps3 is still problematic but when it comes to ps4 it’s nowhere near as bad and is on par with live so next time you pull the fanboy card out that all fanboys seem to do in discussions make sure the person is actually a fanboy lest you look like a fool.

          • It’s not? Proof? All the evidence available shows PSN down slightly more often for longer periods. If you have evidence to refute that PLEASE share. I bet you don’t.

      • Ok, downdector.com is not reliable at all. Any site that uses social media as one of its sources for their “information” is opening themselves for false information. That is a flat out fact, like it or not. The only way to get accurate information is from the providers themselves (in this case MS or Sony). All one has to do is to go and look at their down times for the year of 2015 and you will see that MS was in fact down more than Sony and was also off line longer than Sony. Using quick fix sites like downdetector only makes you look like a fool.

        • Go and look at their down times where? Do they have a ticker? Someone counting? NeoGAF maybe? You guys keep saying that but never where exactly this proof is. Link?

          • Speaking of proof, where is yours from a reliable trusted source that does not count on social media and uses Muppets to explain itself? I find it very interesting that you become so rabid in defending something that is unreliable. Have you tried using the ACUTAL manufacturers sources instead of some hack site?

          • What manufacturers sources? You say that but what is that? Do you mean their status page? That doesn’t show anything but current status. Show me.

            Link me to your sources that are superior and more comprehensive than mine to prove what you say.

            I don’t think you have anything at all and are fronting to defend PS. Please, I beg you again. Link your proof. It can’t be that hard if it’s so obvious and well known supposedly. Own me, Sir. I Triple Dog Dare you. Or just argue more and prove how full of it you are.

          • It’s OK, take your time….

          • Yeah, I didn’t think so. Another proofless fanboy fronting furiously. Pathetic.

          • No. I am not going to spoon feed it to your lazy monkey ass. The information is there, all you have to do is shell forth the fucking effort. But instead, you opt for shortcuts and insults. THATS fucking pathetic!

          • Just as I suspected. You don’t have anything at all and this is how you deflect.

            Pathetic fanboy.

          • Again, go look for yourself.

          • Where exactly? All I see is the network status and that doesn’t track, it’s only current. Link?

            You’re making it up. Your refusal to provide a link that you claim is so easy to find is pretty obvious. You waste time arguing but can’t waste a few seconds to link something? Your BS is crystal clear.

            Again, please prove me wrong. Quadruple Dog Dare.

          • Im still waiting for your proof as well from a reliable source as well. The door swings both ways there sparky.

          • I said already. I get my info from a variety of sources. Down detector, many sites with articles, twitter and facebook trends, friends with varying combinations of consoles, etc. Big picture says PSN goes down more often and for longer.

            If you have something that refutes that or is a better source please share. You and every other sony fanboy sits there and claims you have this proof or have seen it, yet not a single one can ever seem to get that specific link out there or provide even a shred of evidence to back it up. All you do is shit on any other source people use.

            Pretty clear that you are just saying that to defend PS and your supposed official/reliable sources with the required information to settle this don’t exist.

            I would love to be proven wrong, but you’re clearly not up to it.

  4. Get over it. If it was down for two days in a row I’d be mad, but a day or a few hours yesterday? Since PS3 I was effected twice, once on the PS3 when it was down due to CC’s and once at Xmas two years ago with the MMS attack on both PSN and XBL. I played single player during both. Other than that I’m at work when it goes down by the time I get on to play at night it’s just fine. Would I like to see it happen less for both services sure. An MMS attack at this point can not be avoided if your company is targeted. The CC’s hack that falls in Sony’s lap, also why I don’t use CC anymore, just PSN cards I buy at store.

  5. Charlie Oakley, don’t get us wrong, but you’re trying to make a huge issue where there isn’t one. Why not wait until the service goes down for at least a day before deciding this is a good time to cry foul. I didn’t even notice PSN was down yesterday because it was only a blip and didn’t last long. Crap like this really makes me miss journalism; actually reporting unbiased what a story is. Now it’s just sensationalism; good, bad, it doesn’t matter as long as people click on the website.

    • @asadachi:disqus

      Amen, when did doing research become such a bad idea? The problem with gaming websites is it seems the people who write for them have very little expertise in anything. Often I am reading articles and correcting the author.

  6. i really don’t understand fanboys, the fact that you PAID for a ps4 & psn subscription and yet still defend it’s problems.

    the new cod patch came out yesterday, on my 100meg fibre optic line, it took 19 hours to download. so i couldn’t play cod at all after work. i even had my ps4 set so it downloads patches on standby yet it only started download when i signed in.. must be limiting it due to traffic that it simply can’t handle. they need to get rid of that rip off ps now service and start using dedicated servers for psn.

    i’ve had days where i could not play online quite often on psn.

    not saying xbl doesn’t go down, but when xbl is down, it’s usually just for a few minutes then it’s working fine, or just the odd matchmaking issues, it’s never actually ‘down’.

    • Same with PSN. Except you don’t get a dozen articles about the dozen people affected for a dozen minutes on XBL.

      Sounds like your downloading problems are limited to you or perhaps your ISP. Considering I’m able to download gigs in less than an hour, it’s not some universal issue plaguing the network.

      But then, going by what you routinely say, a grain of salt is a bit much to take your word with.

      • i have no problems with my isp & no xbl is rarely down. psn is problematic at all times, even with chat audio quality, feels like i’m working at a call centre again.

        • lol, sure.

        • Don’t worry about this JJ guy. I wrecked him with proof earlier and he still denies it. He’s a delusional sony fanboy in mega defense mode.

          Once he loses he just resorts to trolling like a baby. Funny as hell, but also sad and pathetic.

  7. Sony and Microsoft offer a consumer level based network service. There is no guaranteed up-time. We aren’t paying for Enterprise level service.

    Most of the issues with PSN and XBL being down these days are the results of script kids deploying attacks on each network. Sony and MS do not have any control over actions of a 3rd party. They could implement higher security but the cost, deployment and practical use of that security doesn’t exactly make it a good option. People want to access the PSN / XBL in a manner that isn’t reminiscent of logging into a PC at a top secret government office.

    IMHO you making a mountain out of a mole hill.

  8. People make a lot of assumptions about something they know nothing about. They assume PSN downtime is only because PSN is having problems. Most people never stop to consider their own Internet connection, ISP issues and making connections between PSN and themselves. The only real way to know if PSN has enough uptime is for PSN to provide statistics or have an outside observer monitor when they are up and/or down outside of regular maintenance periods. Even with my network and computer certifications I still don’t know everything there is to know and I guarantee the whiner babies typically know less than they think they do. This of course doesn’t mean everyone is a whiner baby but I would put that number at 50%.

  9. If one were to take the time to do their research they would find that the XBL went down more times last year then the PSN and was down longer as well.
    Lets be honest, no network is infallible, but hit pieces like this are shallow and insecure on the authors part. I am sure that the author did not mention what I just did or even bother to do their research about the down time between both services. To do that would undermine their ulterior motives.

    • That’s not the conclusion you get from proper research. Your conclusion is the one arrived at when you only listen to sony fanboy propaganda. All of the true sources show it is close, but PSN is down more. Also playstation fans complain about it far more than xbox fans do. Not to mention spreading reassurance bullshit like you.


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