Why We Are Hyped for Xbox One’s First Exclusive Of 2016, Quantum Break

What does Remedy Entertainment, creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake have for us as of late? A game that is seemingly a meld of action and third person shooter, mixed with supernatural abilities. What makes this game so special?

Quantum Break is the story of a University where Time Travel experiments have gone awry. In the aftermath it created abilities in 2 individuals but also fragments time in the world, causing it to decay. You are the main character, Jack Joyce, tasked with stopping the destruction of time, but you are faced against your friend, Paul Serene, who seemingly travels through time and emerges from the future as head of a corporation bent on its own sadistic plans. Jack has numerous time enhancement abilities such as super speed, slowing down time, and other manipulations. One of the most notable is that as the world is breaking down, time rifts or stops occur where the world seemingly freezes, however Jack and his abilities makes him “immune” and he has the ability to move freely in the new space.

We saw in Max Payne the development of “bullet time” which added a new level to the third person shooter genre. It was a fantastic mechanic only enhanced by the film noir storyline. In demos that we have seen, the moments when time stops are jaw dropping as they typically happen during a catastrophic event. The jagged movement of frozen objects makes for wonderful puzzles on how to approach or get to the next area. Objects in the world move around in staccato motions and seemingly move back to their original place once time resumes.

The combat is third person based shooting/cover system with the new time elements. Nothing is more satisfying than speeding up to an enemy and dealing a powerful punch – that the enemy will never see coming. Speeding around cover to flank the enemy in surprise is a change on how to engage the enemy in combat situations. Jack also has the ability to slow and almost stop time, to freeze objects and use them as powerful weapons or to escape a situation normally marked for death.

The story for the game is intricate, as it is developed on technology gone twisted. The topic of time travel has infinite ways to end with so many twists and turns. Remedy gave us a thriller story with Alan Wake, so coupled with the action bred from Max Payne it is a winning combination. The motion capture used in the game is phenomenal with action sequences tied to quick time event as well as cut scenes that all capture the real life actor’s facial expressions and voices. There are plans of a companion series as well, in live action – that will be hinged on the decisions made in the game. This offers an extension to the game and storyline in a completely dynamic way. The ability to change what will happen in the show based on your choices in game offer a completely different level of interaction.
Quantum Break comes out in April, as the first major Xbox One Exclusive. It hopes to change the genre a little bit offering a detailed story mixed with new special unique abilities.

What are you looking forward to in the game? Can’t wait to time warp and save the world! Make your comments below!

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