3 Months On, Has Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility Been A Hit Or Bust?

At E3 2015, Microsoft dropped the bomb of all bombs when they announced that your old Xbox 360 games are now going to be playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility. Although backwards compatibility has been on Xbox One since last years E3, the official release for all Xbox One owners wasn’t until this past November. The service launched with 104 games to choose from. The launch and the games that came with it has been covered by ThisGenGaming enough over the past months. Now we’re going to “review” the first 3 months of the service since the launch.

First of all I want to mention that Microsoft’s plan of adding new titles per month is a great way to get fans excited every month. Microsoft already have Games With Gold game announcements for fans to look forward to, and have now got a new monthly announcement to add to that. Releasing a big batch of Xbox 360 titles twice a year, wouldn’t have the same anticipation from fans that these monthly releases are bringing throughout the year.

December brought us big titles like Halo Reach and Fable III, January gave us The Witcher 2. February titles are yet to be confirmed, but many leaks and confirms of titles have been reported over the last few weeks including Left 4 Dead 2 and Red Dead Redemption. Left 4 Dead 2 and Red Dead Redemption are titles that have been highly requested from the fans, so it shows from the get go that Microsoft are listening to the fans and are also trying hard to get these requested titles, so there’s a plus for service already.

The titles that have been brought to the Xbox One via backwards compatibility have little to no errors at all. Unlike Xbox 360’s version of backwards compatibility which had many bug filled games that were so bad that they were unplayable. Xbox One’s version has created the “definite” way to play Xbox 360 games from now on with the extra features being included along with the much better performance of the games.

I’d go as far as saying it is by far the best use of backwards compatibility in the history of consoles. Everything is being handled well by Microsoft, the games that are being added aren’t just “filler” games and are games that fans are requesting highly. It’s also been a great deal for publishers who are getting a new inflow of sales from old games, and there are people who have been persuaded to buy an Xbox One because of backwards compatibility.

So to answer the question, the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility has been a hit. A major hit.

Do you think the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility has been a hit? Has it been a bust? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Its great to be able to play all the Gears of War games, no complaints here.

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  3. The best use of backwards compatibility in the history of consoles, still is the PS2 with PS1 games.

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