What Does Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty Have To Change To Reinvigorate The Series?

Call of Duty. Every gamer knows this game, it’s arguably one of the most popular video game franchises in the last decade. But, as popular as the series has been, it’s starting to feel repetitive and lose sight of what made these games so fun in the first place. With Infinity Ward’s latest Call of Duty due to be released this fall, it begs the question: What does Inifinity Ward’s Call of Duty have to change to reinvigorate the series? Read on to see my thoughts on the subject.

The first and most important change to me that I feel needs to be made is the setting. The last few games have been dominantly set in the future which really feels like a major departure for me. I think in order for Call of Duty to regain some of its former glory, it needs to go back in time and use older eras like the originals did, perhaps a game or trilogy set in World War I or even going as far back as the Civil War, and if they also want to make a game that feels more like Modern Warfare they could even do the Gulf War.

Another thing that I feel like they could change to bring things back to gameplay mechanics that mimic the older games, using Halo 4 as an example of 343 Industries trying to make it more appealing to Call of Duty fans by using loadouts and kill cams. But in Halo 5: Guardians they brought it back to the arena shooter basics that made players fall in love with the series in the first place. I feel like it’s time for Call of Duty to go back to basics, no more wall running, no more futuristic abilities.

Something that I think would make it stand out as the next era of the Call of Duty series would be if they made it Cross Platform between Xbox One and Playstation 4, that way even if your friends have the opposite system you could still play together, which to me would add a lot of replayability to the game in general. If games started to do this, I would be the first person in line for those games. It really would make a truly connected experience.

Another idea, not saying that I want them to. Is to do a game set in a alternate history such as  “What if the Axis won World War II?” It would be very interesting to see what they could come up with doing what if’s throughout history. Just imagining the worlds that they could create doing that would be fun to explore and keep me engaged in the story that much more.

Now that it’s been announced that Infinity Ward will be developing this year’s Call of Duty, makes me very excited, as the CoD games made by IW tend to be my favorites. And we haven’t seen a game from them in the series since 2013’s Ghosts. I personally can’t wait to see what they’re working on. It could be Ghosts 2 or even a whole other game all together which is what I’m hoping for them to make.

No matter what they make, I’m sure that it will be a great game given Infinity Ward’s history with the franchise. I loved their WWII era games and the Modern Warfare series. They’res even rumors that they are coming out with a Modern Warfare 4! I would love to see them do anything that’s not set in the future. They just need to go back to the basics of what made players care about the series.

What would you like to see in the next Call Of Duty game by Infinity Ward? Let us know in the comments below.

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