Why Quantum Break Has Game Of The Year Written All Over It

Remedy Entertainment are quite widely considered one of the best studios in the gaming industry thanks to an unparalleled track record of quality games such as Alan Wake and the Max Payne series. Now, Remedy is readying to release Quantum Break on the Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms on April 5th. Originally unveiled at the Xbox reveal in 2013, Quantum Break immediately showed off an ambitious concept: A mix of time-bending gameplay and live-action television episodes threaded through key moments in the game. The game unfortunately suffered from delays but that may have been in part to the all-new cast that was revealed at Gamescom 2015 where gamers discovered that X-Men’s Shawn Ashmore, Lost’s Dominic Monaghan and Lance Reddick, and Game of Thrones Aidan Gillan had joined Remedy’s ambitious sci-fi title, replacing the old cast. What this tells us is that Microsoft inevitably invested more money in the blockbuster game in a bid to help it gain more appeal due to the better known cast of characters.

Quantum Break’s plot while, on the surface, may appear quite generic actually seems like something that is rarely tapped into in the video game medium. What I mean to say is that many games feature elements of time travel or time-manipulation but very few have it at the centre of the game. Quantum Break follows the story of Jack Joyce who gains time travel and time-manipulation powers after a time travel experiment gone wrong. Joyce is being hunted by the evil corporation Monarch Solutions as he attempts to ‘fix’ time. Quantum Break adverts have been telling us that ‘Time is power’ and we love the fact that this time-manipulation premise is the core of the game as we have no doubt that the gameplay and the narrative will be very unique.

When the live-action television tie-in was announced, it was fair to say that some were reluctant to see it as an innovative aspect of the game. We have had games attempt this before i.e. Defiance where it simply didn’t work out as hoped. However, Quantum Break includes these live-action episodes on the disc and they are unlocked once you complete a segment of the game. As far as we’ve heard, it’s likely that these live-action sequences can be skipped for anyone that doesn’t want to take a 20 minute break from time powers ass kickery but we would recommend that you try being more patient as Remedy revealed that the live-action sequences will follow the game’s villain, Game of Thrones Aidan Gillan, head of Monarch Solutions and this really does sound like something that will add to the intensity of the story and we wouldn’t recommend skipping it.

Well, safe to say, by the look of things from the most recent gameplay previews from Thursday that the wait has been worth it. Quantum Break looks more refined and polished than ever and the new cast shine in their respective roles. First of all, visually the game looks very, very impressive indeed. Since all previews were recorded on Xbox One’s, we must say it truly is quite remarkable that Remedy have managed to make the game so visually astounding on the Xbox One’s hardware. We can only imagine how jaw-dropping the PC version must look, if the recommended specs are anything to go by we imagine it’ll be quite the treat. Additionally, since Sam Lake, Creative Director at Remedy, recently came out with a statement about Quantum Break saying that the game “is definitely the most ambitious, defining Remedy experience we’ve built so far.” which should give you a hint at the graphical prowess of this game.

Quantum Break undeniably looks very refreshing. Let’s face it, third-person action shooter games are aplenty nowadays and that can make it difficult for a game borrowing similar mechanics to stand out but Quantum Break seems to break this trend with time travel and  time-manipulation powers that are key to Jack Joyce’s arsenal. Some of Joyce’s time-manipulation powers include a Time Vision ability, which highlights enemies and pick-ups which should be familiar to anyone that’s played a game in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Time Dodge has Joyce dashing short distances and triggering a slow-motion bullet-time-style aim similar to the gunplay featured in the Max Payne series. You’ll also have access to a Time Stop ability, which freezes enemies caught within its radius in addition to temporarily stopping the path of your own bullets, which build-up in the gravity of the time bubble and inflict magnified damage once everything unfreezes.

What we like from what we’ve seen of Quantum Break’s gameplay mechanics is that it’s almost what one would imagine to be produced were Remedy’s other games Alan Wake and Max Payne had a baby. Alan Wake was praised for it’s unique use of a flashlight or other forms of light as a weapon and Max Payne was adored for it’s time-slowing shooting mechanics. It seems Remedy have put the best of both of these games and created something that looks truly empowering as you play as Jack Joyce. Joyce is essentially a superhero, considering his newly gained time travel and time-manipulation abilities and we can’t wait to step into his shoes and take down enemies in gratifying combos of our powers. Another benefit to the combat that has been teased with Quantum Break is the potential for the game to be played very tactically, as we suspect might be imperative later on in the game. Since the enemies have equipment that allows them their own time-manipulation powers, we imagine that the direction you take in facing these different enemies will force you to adapt if you wish to stay alive.

So, the game looks fantastic both graphically and in terms of gameplay, the game also features an ambitious live-action tv tie-in with top class well-known actors so is it time to call Quantum Break a Game Of The Year contender? Well, we’re sure some would say it’s premature but in terms of new IP at least, Quantum Break definitely looks like the best of the bunch. With a high production value, Remedy have created a AAA sci-fi blockbuster here and since the game is launching simultaneously on both the Xbox One and Windows 10, we have faith the game will find the wide-appeal and success that Alan Wake couldn’t when it first launched. From the limited previews we’ve seen and heard, critics seem to have nothing but praise for the title and while it’s still up for grabs whether this will be the Xbox One’s first 90+ rated metacritic console exclusive, there’s no doubt in our minds that Quantum Break is definitely shaping up to be a Game Of The Year contender.

What are your thoughts on Quantum Break? Do you agree that Quantum Break has GOTY written all over it like I do? Get involved in the discussion below and let us know your thoughts and opinions!

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    • Indeed that title can’t escape Uncharted 4.

    • Uncharted 1&3 were good… Uncharted 2 a masterpiece.
      What’ I’ve seen from Uncharted 4 looks insane.
      I got rid of my PS4 several months ago, as I’ve had no time to play it.

      I only have a Xbox One now (my family and friends are mostly Xbots 🙂 and i just game on that when I have the time.

      Very much looking forward to playing some QB.

  1. Ahahahahahah lmfao in your dreams buddy….

  2. Looks great. Can’t wait. Oh yeah almost forgot Charlie… how’s that factory of yours holding up? I broke my tooth on an everlasting Gobstopper last week and I’m going to sue you and you little umpaloompas too! Just kidding Charlie. Sometimes as an author you got to take crap from cocksuckers like me. Ta ta

  3. Quantum LOL. Contenders are Uncharted 4. FF15, Horizon and Dark Souls 3. QB is just a standart mechanics shooter with some nice effects nothing more

    • not a very well thought out reply.

      • Call what it actually is…..a stupid reply

  4. Ahh to be 14 again.

  5. “Remedy Entertainment are quite widely considered one of the best studios in the gaming industry”
    “…unparalleled track record of quality games”

    When your first sentence is factually incorrect (or incredibly hyperbole in an attempt to hype this game up), you know the article is not worth reading.

    Would be willing to bet big money against this kid “Charlie Oakley” that this game will not be GotY from Video Game Awards, Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, nor will it get the most GotY awards online. In fact in best case scenario they will pick up a few awards here and there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wins nothing. But good job Charlie, you know how to write ridiculous click-bait headlines that are factually wrong, and not even supported by your own article. Will now know not to visit this site again.

  6. No way I make the silly statement of “GOTY written all over it.” I’m sure the Order 1866 had that written all over it as well. Nope. Same goes for Uncharted 4. Unlike many, I thought UC3 was not very good compared to UC2 or Tomb Raider. Folks get all excited with the graphics but it will take more than that for UC4 to win since there is a lot of been there done that with that series. ND needs to pull out all of the stops on this one and they are ones that can do it…..operative word “can.”

    • shut up.. please just shut up… looooool you REALLYYY sound retarded almost as if you’re too retarded to function!!

      I consider myself one of the biggest uncharted fans and number 2 is my favourite, but saying that… Uncharted 3 is by every means a better game than Uncharted 2 in ever shape and form.. From a graphical, gameplay wise (the aiming and gunplay is questionable which is better), audio, lighting SCALE AND SCOPE! Uncharted 3 DECIMATES Uncharted 2 (which is once again my favourite uncharted).. The ONLY reason people like you and others who try to undermine what UC3 accomplished ‘dont rate’ UC3 highly is because of the HYPE and cultural impact UC2 made on the industry and that hype would be IMPOSSIBLE to recreate for UC3.. the leap between UC1 and UC2 was IMMENSE and the jump between UC2 and UC3 wasnt as big but it CERTAINLY is there to be witnessed form its better story telling, its better audio its better effects, its all there. HOWEVER people like you refuse to acknowledge for the simple reason that YOUR ridiculous standards werent met so you simply chalked the game off as being ‘disappointing’ or ‘not what i expected’ but the game genuinely is a better game than UC2 no matter how you spin it!

      Now looking forward to UC4 you’re tryign to undermine a game that looks FUCKING RIDICULOUS and in a lot of cases too good to be true! and you’ve labelled it ‘been there done that’ dont fucking make me laugh man you must be retarded to think so!!

      You seem to have given Remedy this benefit of the doubt saying that ‘Remedy has the skills to pull this one off’.. As if Uncharted isn’t made by probably the most respected game studio in the industry! and this being the FINAL send off to the Uncharted series you REALLLYYY think they’re not pulling out all the stops! delaying the game THREE times! to ensure the game is perfect! i beg you behave man.

      Sorry about the long post but whether you read this or not you needed to be told!

      • Grow up dude and learn how to deal with people who have a different opinion that yours.

        Nobody going to read that entire ridiculous rant of yours. Stop reading after “biggest UC idiot.”

        • i said on many times everyones entitled to their own opinions.. But when you state things that are SO BS then you need to be schooled! the simple fact is.. Your points were Bullshit.. end of!

  7. Ridiculous clickbait article from some garbage website. Thanks for the waste of time.

  8. There’s been nowhere NEAR enough of this game in the wild to say that.

    The lack of ANY mention of competitors- such as Uncharted 4- makes this difficult enough to take seriously.

  9. I sincerely hope that QB does extremely well.. the love and pasison from Remedy is obvious to see whenever they talk about and present this game.. so lets hope its supported!

    HOWEVER! it is wayyyyy to early to be calling this game a GOTY contender.. we’ve literally seen the same gameplay mechanics and pieces over and over.. and nothing from it has shown GOTY credentials.. we dont know the scope of the game, we dont know the characters.. heck even the full on story/plot! All we’ve seen is the same gameplay mechanics that do look awesome, but except the advancements in bullettime and the grerat particle effects.. We’ve seen OVER AND OVER already.

    With games like Uncharted 4, Dark Souls 3, Zelda Wii U, Horizon, Gears of War 4, FFXV coming out in 2016.. QB DEFOOO does NOT have GOTY written all over it… PLUS that live action half of the game could sincerely be TERRIBLE and polarise the peoples opinions drastically to the point it ruins the games immersion and experience (im hoping it doesn’t but we shall see).. So until ALL the games come out.. lets behave ourselves!

  10. Ucnharted 4 is a thing and its coming in the same month.

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