Why “Xbox One Only” Gamers Should Consider Buying A PS4

The Xbox One got it’s name from Microsoft’s vision of making it the all-in-one device in your living room making it the only device you need to own. Hence why Microsoft harked on about ‘TV, TV, TV…’ at the Xbox One’s reveal, and why they included a hdmi-in port on the console, their dream was to have the Xbox One the king of your living room. However, all the pieces didn’t fall into place for Microsoft’s ambition and we’re here to tell you it’s a good idea to have a PS4 accompany your Xbox One in your living room.


The Games:

During the PS3 era we feel that Sony, in particular, were excellent in pumping out quality games from their esteemed first party studios. At the PS4’s reveal, fans were treated to the next installment in the Killzone franchise which boasted beautiful visuals and the next entry in the inFamous franchise which boasted similarly beautiful graphics. Sony also revealed a smaller title Knack, which Sony’s own Mark Cerny worked (and has recently rumoured to be getting a sequel) so PS4 owners had enough incentive to buy a PS4 at launch thanks to these games. Since it’s reveal, Sony has also released quality exclusives such as: The Order 1886, Bloodborne, Until Dawn, The Last Of Us Remastered and The Uncharted Collection which have all satisfied fans of the console. In particular, Bloodborne has been a crowning jewel of PS4’s exclusive line-up with critical acclaim with a metacritic score currently sitting at 92 and GameTrailers (Which were recently revealed to be shutting down) updated their Bloodborne review to a 10/10; the first game they’ve ever given a perfect score to.

The Last of Us: Remastered, although a remaster of the PS3 game that released in the same year the PS4 launched, is a solid offering well worth picking the system up for. While gamers have been critical of the amount of AAA games that Sony’s first part studios have released and Sony themselves have recognized they’ve been ‘sparse’, Sony looks to be turning that around in 2016 with titles like Street Fighter V, Uncharted 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian, Ratchet and Clank all set for this year and boy oh boy are we excited for their 2016 lineup and if you’ve been an Xbox One only gamer up until now, Sony’s 2016 lineup should be enough to convince you to pick up a PS4.


Price Cut:

Sony’s machine has been selling consistently better than the Xbox One yet this didn’t stop Sony’s aggressive move of slashing the price of the PS4 in October 2015 in order to bring it level on price with the Xbox One. It was the first official price drop that Sony made with the PS4 and it should provide that added incentive to pick up a PS4 to go alongside your PS4 as the price cut has made Sony’s already attractive machine even more attractive at it’s new, lower price as you can now put that extra money into a controller or a new game.


Playstation VR:

There’s a lot of questions over whether VR will take off into the mainstream or not but, while it’s popularity is uncertain, there’s no denying that Sony is offering the most complete virtual reality experience on console. With exciting VR games like: Ace Combat 7, RIGS, Golem, Eagle Flight, Psychonauts, Adrift, Allison Road, The Deep, Dreams, EVE: Valkyrie, Gran Turismo Sport, The London Heist, Robinson: The Journey, Tekken 7, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and War Thunder and many more announced to be coming to PSVR, the headset shouldn’t at least be starved from games. With rumours that the upcoming, popular No Man’s Sky will be getting a PSVR compatible version, this could serve as the killer app that PSVR will need to sell big numbers. If you’re at all interested in the wave of VR that the gaming industry is currently swept up in and you don’t want to spend money on the more expensive option of a high-end PC and Oculus or the Vive, then PSVR and the PS4 is really your only alternative on console and if Sony can get the price right (this thing needs to be cheap to have a chance of going mainstream) then a PS4 next to your Xbox One is the best way to get the VR experience, for now.



While this issue is nowhere near as prominent as it was at the beginning of this generation, it is still clear that PS4 simply has a raw power advantage over the Xbox One and, as such, multiplats have a trend of performing better on Sony’s machine this generation. The PS4, for instance, has a larger and faster graphics processing unit than the Xbox One (its peak GPU shader throughput hits 1.84 teraflops per second while the Xbox One manages 1.31). Moreover, Sony’s console also has more advanced RAM (5500MHz GDDR5 versus the Xbox One’s 2133MHz DDR3). Even though many games have managed to be equal on both platforms in terms of resolution ( GTA V, Destiny, FIFA, and more) if you’re very nit-picky when it comes to graphics and you prefer the system that boasts the best version of multiplats then perhaps a PS4 should be next to your Xbox One.


Ultimately, there’s very solid reasons to purchase a PS4 to go alongside your Xbox One with quality games you might have missed out on from a particular highly acclaimed studio (Yes, I’m looking at you Naughty Dog) who’s stellar games like The Last Of Us and Uncharted really shouldn’t be missed as both are solid reasons alone to pick up a PS4. Overall, Sony’s PS4 has been the winner for pretty much the whole generation and if you want to get a taste of the PS4’s success, we recommend you Xbox One only gamers pick one up.


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  1. But no exclusives? Not PS Plus? Not an even more extended cross-buy/cross-play set?

    • do you spend all your time defending this console?

      • What am I defending?

  2. I own both and i think they both great

    • I owned the ps4 and idk wasn’t for me controllers are to small no backwards compatibility but the ps now which all the games wasn’t playable with subscription PS just wanted money the way I see a clunky search for PS store a small controller over priced for a useless feature weak exclusive s to me anyway DC about until dawn the order or Street fighter with mk who needs Street fighter and unity and fall out 4 play better on Xbox one the only thing I like better about the 4 the install time but the rest was all deal breakers for me I personally not throwing money away on a game that I only play at night to relax.

  3. All that bs about resoulution to me at least means nothing

    • Surely, quite often the difference isn’t this big and multiplats are fun on both platforms, but it is no bs at all.

  4. There are plenty of reasons to buy a PS4. Better exclusive games, better 3rd party games. Better graphics. Better controller. Better online service. Better multimedia features. The PS4 is superior to the Xbox DONE in every single possible measurable way.
    There’s really no reason at all to buy an inferior POS like the Xbone and sales are proof enough of that.

    • Anybody still using a term like “Xbox Done” cannot be trusted for any sort of opinion when it comes to which console they think is superior.

      • That’s not exactly true. You can trust that the Xbox is not his choice. And you MAY be able to trust certain points for or against each console.

        After all, the truth is the truth, even if it comes from a troll.

    • So sad ignorance must be bliss for you.

    • Dude I has a ps4 the controllers are to small the exclusives are garbage the order until dawn and uncharted a rip off of tomb raider which Lara automatically makes it better. The online services lags and I k ow it’s not my internet the ps network crashed alot hell last gen they were hacked and shut down for awhile lost millions and the store is a mess searching etc as far as sales goes. The Wii out sold the ps3 was the Wii better??

  5. Well… not financially able to be a multi-console owner. I chose my Xbox One simply due to the fact that I’ve been on board since the OG Xbox. XBL is a phenomenal service, the exclusives Xbox homes are for me, & my gaming buddies are all on Xbox.

    Granted PS4 has its pros/cons fact is my gaming heist is quenched solely from my Xbox One.

    Thanks for pointing the obvious of owning a PS4 along with my Xbox One… but just doesn’t make the “sale” for me the get one.

  6. It’s also just not very Based, unlike Based PS4.
    All the same, I’m willing to accept some Xbots given they truly show that they can become Members of the Based Winning Team and have seen the Greatness that Awaits #4theplayers.

  7. And before any Pea Sea Mustard Ranchers come up here going “Why not just get a PC? You have a number of exclusives, the best version of multiplats, the best VR offerings, and it’s cheaper provided you build and buy smart (not to mention the countless sales and no subscription models),” let me just answer you right now.

    Is the PC Based? No. It isn’t.

  8. Blood borne is the only game I regret not having access too. However I throughly enjoyed tomb raider and ori and the blind forest. I still find titanfall a fun and unique online shooter that’s not just a rehash of the same thing. The only game purchase I was disappointed in was Star Wars battlefront. I just wish it was so much more then the barebones game we got. I own halo 5, MCC, gears of war collection, forza horizon 2 and they are good just not my cup of tea. Overall it’s the Xbox exclusives I enjoyed more then any multiplat game. And there still is nothing on the ps4 exclusive wise I want to play. I have the money to buy it. However there is absolutely no need for it. Even street fighter 5 is a PC game and Microsoft is going to allow cross platform play with Windows 10. So the only real console exclusive that seems good I won’t have access to is uncharted which is just a tomb raider clone. Again still no reason for ps4. And yes both systems annoyed me that niether can reliable hit 1080p 60fps on most games consistently. I’m actually hoping the NX is a better system.

  9. The PS4 is a nice machine but nothing for me.

    I am a Xbox One only gamer and Xbox One became the center of my entertainment system.
    The Xbox turns on all my entertainment devices and I do everything via the Xbox (TV, music, VoD and gaming). So I have to disagree with “However, all the pieces didn’t fall into place for Microsoft’s ambition”.
    I like the Xbox exclusives better and I adore the controller, especially the Elite. Since I don’t have a gaming PC I don’t see the Wind10 – Xbox fusion or direction of bringing both together negative. I think it will strengthen the position of MS overall. When I buy a gaming PC again I am interested to see both platforms pulling on one string to make gaming on MS platforms more fun.

    All that said I don’t see a reason for me to buy a PS4 just to play a handful of games I am interested in with a gamepad I personally don’t like.
    But again, that is my personal opinion and I don’t want to diminish the PS4s value or its slight power advantage in any way. The PS4 and its eco system is just not my cup of tea.

  10. The whole raw processing power thing with regard to multi-platform games has never been a factor for me since for example the whole Rise of Tomb Raider running at 60fps is lost on me. I don’t notice it and therefore my enjoyment of the game is almost the same on the XB1 or PS4. The only real difference for me is the controller and I like the XB1 standard wireless controller better than the PS4 version. Game exclusives might be a factor but hasn’t been yet since the XB1 has plenty of similar games that look just as good to me.

    • Be real: you don’t have any way to compare. You haven’t seen the performance differences, so you don’t know how big they might or might not be.

      And please line up for me the “similar” exclusives on each console, relative to the number of exclusives overall.

      If you prefer XB1, say so. Please stop making up weak excuses for that preference, though.

      • I have been to plenty Gamestop’s where they are running the game side by side on the PS4 and XB1 both connected to 1080p 46 inch HDTVs and I notice no difference from 2-3 feet away. So deal with it and if you can’t then piss off.

        • lol, as a former Gamestop employee, I’m gonna say you’re lying based on the kiosks almost NEVER being side by side, AND them having different screen since each is provided by the respective company. So even IF they were side by side, differences in the TV types would make your fake analysis invalid.

          • That is because you are a very stupid ex-Gamestop employee. They were the same HDTV and were specifically set up so people could decide for themselves based on what they saw. You have a real problem with anyone who doesn’t agree with you. You should really seek some help because it isn’t healthy. I also said it has never been a factor for me and never once indicating anyone else had to agree with me. They can make up there own mind.

          • lol, sure, sure.

          • I hate you.

          • Because you know I’m right and there’s nothing you can do about it?

          • Because you are such a sad waste of human life.

          • No more a waste than any other human. And less of a waste than many, I’d wager. Yourself, perhaps?

          • You are nothing but a loser who has nothing better to do than to criticize people who do more in this world than you.

          • And who would that be, this person doing more for the world than me that I’m criticizing?

            And even if that WERE the case, how would them potentially doing more for the world(lmao) make them above criticism?

            And why is it that two months later, that pathetic excuse for a retort is all you could come up with?

          • It has taken this long because I have a real job. I’m not some pathetic Gamestop counter boy who wastes countless hours composing useless diatribes and meandering essays in the comments section of a relatively obscure gaming blog.

            The people you are criticizing are the Microsoft engineers who came up with a perfectly serviceable and in many categories great console. Who have done what many thought was impossible and held their own against the entrenched mega-brand Sony.

            Stop messing in your underoos and get a life, JJ Borington.

          • Speaking of useless and meandering, not a damn bit of what you’ve just said makes any sense.

            It takes minutes to make these comments.
            I haven’t worked for GameStop for years.
            I didn’t at all criticize Microsoft’s engineers.
            Given you don’t know anything about what I do, you can’t possibly know that these engineers I didn’t criticize do more for the world than I do.
            There aren’t many “real” jobs that would prevent you from responding for two whole months.
            On the contrary, there are countless “real” jobs where you’d have ample time for such a thing.
            Given that you did, indeed, take two months to reply, most would expect a more relevant remark than what you ended up posting.

            Dude, I get that life ain’t great for you, but you should probably find another hobby. This thinking thing isn’t your forte.

          • L O S E R ^

          • You’re only making yourself look worse.

          • L O O K, L O S E R ⬇️

          • You’re still failing.

  11. personally i’m selling my Xbox One today to buy a PS4 and the few exclusives I really wanted to try out. And am STOKED for UC4 … The reason being…..most, and more than possibly, ALL Xbox One “exclusives” will soon be on Windows 10 PC’s as well. I have a good Win 10 PC … so I’m all set.
    Halo might have been a reason to hang on to my XB, however, Halo just isn’t what it once was… Halo 5 was the first and only Halo I didn’t beat… Not for difficulty, just…. I found it underwhelming… It just couldn’t keep me wanting to play… That’s sad to me, because Halo combat evolved was my favorite game of all time on OG XB.

  12. What I like about the ps4 that the Xbox one doesn’t do fast enough is install games ….ps4 install physical disk games quicker then the Xbox one does…

  13. Jajajaja funny how they can say better everything on ps4 but the reality is that for the ps4 to be “so powerful ” i havent seen nothing extraordinary at least nothing that i would say “holyshit ” this is incredible. Like i said i own both and they look identical at least on the games i own

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