Dying Light: The Following DLC Review (PS4)

Dying Light released just over a year ago, and it was a surprise hit for me. I’ve always been a fan of zombie games, but I thought the genre was starting to become redundant. Being the zombie video game fan, I tried Dying Light with very low expectations to be honest. I was surprised though, and it ended up being one of my favorite releases of 2015. Which brings me to this DLC. I was excited for it as soon as it was announced along with all the new features it would bring to the game. Does this DLC hold up to what the main game gave us? In short, yes it does.

The biggest addition that The Following brings to Dying Light is vehicles. What I like most about vehicles in The Following is that it isn’t just a throwaway feature in the game, it’s a major part of the game. It isn’t like most open world games were cars can just be stolen and replaced quickly. It’s up to you to keep the vehicle in good shape by constantly repairing it as well as upgrading parts of the vehicle.

Vehicles in The Following are split up into five pieces which are suspension, brakes, traction, turbo, and engine. All fives of these pieces of the vehicle will deteriorate in time, and must be repaired or the vehicle will not function properly. If left damaged, the vehicle will not have much speed, it will be hard to control, and a chore to drive in. Keeping an eye on how each part is doing is key to survival in The Following. I made the foolish mistake of leaving my buggy in a bad shape, and paid for it with trying to enough screws at night time to fix the damages to the buggy.

Repairs is just one of the many things you’ll have to maintain in this DLC. You can also upgrade and improve the vehicle with many different upgrade options. Like for example I mentioned earlier about the five parts that are in a vehicle, you can take these parts out and fit better parts in which will improve overall car stats. There are also general upgrade options for tires, fuel, and other items. There’s also the option to customize the vehicle with paint jobs.

Gameplay wise, the vehicles work fine. The controls are simple, and the vehicle is easy and fun to handle. Though I have to admit it’s strange to drive with a locked first person camera after playing so many open world games, not a negative at all but just something I had to get used to whilst playing the DLC.

The new area is way more open than Harran was in Dying Light. Harran was full of buildings and tight areas while this new area in the following has (obviously) a lot more roads, but also a lot fields too. Walking around in this new area is much more dangerous than Harran ever was. There isn’t all those buildings in the new location, so it’s not as simple as climbing and jumping around buildings to avoid zombies. If you are on foot in The Following, you either drive or you will have to fight back.

The Following also manages to provide a story mode that is just as good as Dying Light. In the story mode you meet a group who knows of a higher power called “The Mother” who can help aid Kyle Crane with his search for a cure of the zombie outbreak. The group however will not tell Kyle anything until they trust him which brings us to the main goal of the DLC, you have to keep on doing side missions to build up trust with some main missions scattered throughout. Some of these side missions are pretty dull and are fetch quest types of missions while some are very interesting for a side mission.

The Final Verdict

Overall Dying Light’s new DLC “The Following” manages to provide another fun filled few hours of zombie killing entertainment. Techland did not mess around with this DLC, it’s not some lazy cash in or something that isn’t worth playing. It’s a totally new area, with a major new mechanic (vehicles), and an interesting story. If you was a fan of the original Dying Light game then this is an easy recommendation. If you wasn’t a fan of the original then there’s still a chance you could enjoy this DLC as it changes quite a lot to say it’s just a DLC.

+ I like the new area more than Harran

+ Vehicles are fun to drive, and maintaining/customizing them brings a whole new element to gameplay

+ Interesting story mode

– ┬áThe story mode can sometimes feel padded with boring forced side quests to progress the main story.


Final Score: 8/10

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