If The Leak Is Real, This Is What We Would Like To See In Skate 4

With the recent Skate 4 potential leak, it begs the question, “What would we like to see in Skate 4?” It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a new game in the franchise as Skate 3 was released back in May of 2010. That’s almost six years, and gaming has come a long way since then. With new consoles, better graphics, this game could be well worth the wait.

The most obvious thing that we’d like to see of course is next gen graphics that the newer consoles are able to deliver. One of the things that once set this game apart from the Tony Hawk series is the realism of the game, and having realistic graphics will really make the player more immersed in the game.

Another big thing is a realistic physics engine for the game. This has been a complaint in some of the past titles in the Skate series. While it may be fun at times to see your body fly twenty feet, if you want to keep everything as authentic as possible, you need to get a next gen physics engine in the game that’s really fine tuned for each of the unique positions and tricks that the skater in the game can do.

Music. One of my favorite skating games that I have fond memories of is Tony Hawk’s Underground on the original Xbox. And I loved the fact that I could play my own music while playing the game. I think that if a game can do it back in 2003 why not in 2016? It adds a certain customized feature that you can’t really find that works in most other games. And if I was skating in a real park, I would want to listen to my music, so in the game, I would expect the same thing.

Next on the list is the hopefully continuing ease of use of controls. Instead of Tony Hawk’s button mashing to land a trick, in the Skate series, you would just flick the thumbstick to land certain tricks. I hope that they keep the simplicity and user friendly controls in the sequel.

Multiplayer, the staple that is in most must have games, is simply that. A must. They’ve had it in the past in the franchise, most notably the team’s challenges in Skate 3. But I find that for a game to keep long term players that isn’t a RPG, absolutely needs multiplayer. There are games that I still play to this day even though, I may have outgrown the game, but I keep playing because my friends play it. Multiplayer adds a certain longevity to certain games if executed well.

If this is a resurgence of the series, they also need to slow down in terms of sequels. Yes this game may be six years after the last one, but the trilogy was released within a three year span which I think might be a little bit too much in such a short period of time. They need to space the games out more if this is the start of say, a new trilogy, don’t have Skate 5 and 6 released within 3 years. Instead at least take 2 years minimum per game. If you are trying to prolong the games life, use small dlc with new game modes or maps even.

While the game is still heavily rumored, a potential leak appeared recently that may indicate a new title is on it’s way. While the disappointing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 was not quite the revival that fans were looking for in that franchise. Hopefully, Skate 4 will not only bring the franchise back to life, but will also make the long time fans of the Skate series happy with the new iteration. Tell us what you think Skate 4 needs to be successful in the comments below. 

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  1. Oh man. I hope this true. Loved the series on the 360

  2. I hope it kind of goes back to the seriousness of the original skate. If they try and go the tony hawk fake route then I think it will not be good. Favorite skate boarding franchise though!

  3. Only for Xbox one and ps4

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