Why “PS4 Only” Gamers Should Consider Buying The Xbox One

By now we’re all aware that Sony’s PS4 is a runaway success in the sales department and Microsoft’s Xbox One has no hope of catching up with the PS4 in terms of sales but don’t let this fool you into thinking that the Xbox One isn’t a worthy competitor, because it certainly is. For the console that’s supposedly ‘losing’ Microsoft’s machine is doing a lot of things right. Whether you still harbour a grudge over Microsoft’s initial plans for the Xbox One from all the way back in 2013 or you just have some predisposed negativity towards the Xbox or Microsoft we feel you should put all that aside. Here’s why we think “PS4 Only” gamers should seriously consider buying an Xbox One


The Games:

For all the flack that Microsoft’s machine gets, the one department we feel that the Xbox One is really excelling in is with the games. Back in 2013, I personally looked past Microsoft’s terrible launch and chose to pick up the Xbox One because I preferred the exclusives on offer at launch. Whether it was Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3 or Forza (all still worth picking up for new Xbox One owners) or in 2014 with games like Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, Forza Horizon 2, Killer Instinct and Ori and the Blind Forest and then in 2015 with games like Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, Forza Motorsport 6, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Rare Replay. It’s clear that the Xbox One hasn’t lacked quality exclusive offerings worth picking the console up for. Now, in 2016 Microsoft is also readying to release games such as: Gears of War 4, Quantum Break, Crackdown 3, ReCore, Halo Wars 2, Sea of Thieves, Killer Instinct Season 3, Inside, Below, Cuphead, Tacoma and we’re sure there’s still some unannounced games to come yet. What we’re trying to show you is that the Xbox One has some real quality games on the system that aren’t on the Playstation 4. Unless you have some kind of devotion to your console of choice, you can’t honestly deny that the games that the Xbox One boasts are quality titles and are well worth picking up an Xbox One for. Even if you still play multiplats on your PS4 (since they have a trend of performing slightly better on Sony’s machine) you should seriously consider buying an Xbox One, even if just for it’s exclusive titles.


Backwards Compatibility:

Arguably the biggest bomb dropped at last year’s E3 was the announcement by Phil Spencer that Xbox 360 backwards compatibility was coming to the Xbox One. The audience went crazy, Xbox gamers at home went crazy and even people who didn’t own an Xbox One commended the announcement. At the time of writing this article, I’m personally enjoying Alan Wake: American Nightmare and Gears of War 3 on my Xbox One. You see, backwards compatibility allows all those gems from the previous generation to be played on your new gen system. If there’s titles you missed last generation, or if you didn’t have an Xbox 360 last generation then this feature should be a big factor for you in deciding to buy an Xbox One. While there’s only around 120+ titles for now, including Mass Effect, Fallout 3 and the entire Gears of War series.  Microsoft have promised that they’re committed to adding new backwards compatible games every month and with titles like Red Dead Redemption, Black Ops 1, and Left 4 Dead 2 all confirmed to be coming to the Xbox One in the near future, we’re very glad the engineers over at Microsoft managed to pull off this impressive feature. Xbox’s Mike Ybarra, the Director of Program Management, has confirmed over Twitter that the Xbox team is also working on bring an Xbox 360 games store to the Xbox One, making it even easier to access backwards compatible titles.


Monthly Updates and Preview Program:

If you were to compare the Xbox One in 2016 to the Xbox One in 2013, you’d think that they were 2 completely different machines, without any hardware changes. With regular monthly updates bringing hundreds of  fan-requested features since 2013 and even the launch of the New Xbox One Experience in November 2015 which completely overhauled the Xbox One’s operating system and brought Windows 10 to the Xbox One. One major complaint of many gamers before the launch of the NXOE was that the old Xbox One OS, based on Windows 8, was very clunky and slow. In tests, it was found that the old Xbox One OS took significantly longer than the PS4 to complete basic tasks but with the launch of the NXOE that was reversed: it’s now Microsoft’s machine that has the edge in the speed department. Comparatively, Sony has been much slower in delivering updates and they’ve often been months apart and no major changes have been introduced. If you’re a gamer who likes regular updates to keep your console evolving, the Xbox One is a solid choice to go next to your PS4.


A Reliable Online Service:

Now, before you go typing furiously that Xbox Live isn’t perfect either, it’s a proven trend that the Xbox Live infrastructure goes down less frequently than PSN. No matter how much we try to pretend it isn’t, the PSN isn’t very reliable. While it’s much better than it was in the PS3 era, we must remember that PS3’s online services were free while PS4 locks multiplayer behind Playstation Plus and we can’t help but feel that not much of that extra revenue has been hypothecated into improving the PSN. While it might not seem like a major feature to some in distinguishing the two consoles, just the fact that so much of gaming nowadays relies on a reliable online connection means that Sony’s inconsistent offering doesn’t compare to Xbox’s online infrastructure and we feel this is a good reason to pick up an Xbox One.


There you have it, some of the key reasons why we believe that “PS4 Only” gamers should seriously consider buying an Xbox One. Let’s face it, it’s undeniable that gamers who own only one console are missing out in one way or another and we hope that we might have convinced you to pick up an Xbox One to go next to your PS4. Both are solid consoles and now, in 2016, there isn’t much that sets them apart but these reasons laid out in this article should be enough to tempt you to get an Xbox One to go alongside your PS4.

Make sure to leave your comments below, and let us know if you would consider buying an Xbox One as a PS4 user.

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  1. PS4/PC and WIIU or NX when this console will be released
    no need to have a XBox One since with a PC you can play XBOX One exclusives
    MS don’t believe on XBox one console and why should I?

    • I prefer XO/NX for gaming. Long wait to play PS4 exclusive games that can still be postponed…

      • Any game can be postponed. Haven’t games like Gears and Quantum Break and Cuphead all been delayed on Xbox?

        That’s a really poor excuse.

        • Yes, you re right, but im still angry there was nothing i liked to play on PS4 in 2015. A year lost… that’s just me.

          2016 is going to be great for both consoles.

          • I’d have believed you more if you hadn’t tossed out the Nintendo NX as a platform you prefer. That doesn’t sound genuine in the slightest.

          • I never get tired of playing Mario Kart, Mario party, pikmin, and all multiplayer games made by Nintendo. Almost every weekend i meet my friends to have fun with Nintendo catalog. So i have my reasons to prefer everything that comes from Nintendo. That’s me, a Nintendo fan… NX is already my favorite console and it doesn’t need to exist yet.

            I can not say the same about Xbox/PS4’s games.

          • … so you made your decision on the NX because of past consoles, but didn’t mention the Wii U as a place you’d play?

          • I made my decision on the NX because of N’s exclusives. Some time ago i was worried about hardware, but not anymore. Now, Im all about games and motion play.

            Well, i do not have a Wii U and i think NX is close to launch.

          • … so you don’t know anything about the exclusives of the NX or its hardware, but you’re sold on them.

          • NX games? Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Galaxy, pikmin, zelda, smash bros, Pokemon, Metroid Prime… They are always the same…

          • Where is the Pokémon game for Wii U? Or the Zelda? Or the Metroid? Or the Mario Galaxy?

            If they’re always the same, shouldn’t they be the either out or due for the current console?

          • Pokémon and Zelda are coming soon. Metroid and Mario Galaxy are exceptions, but you will find other Mario Games.

            I sincerely hope they prepare all upcoming games for NX only, but the future only god knows.

          • Sorry, but now you’re just changing things to suit your argument.

    • Ps4 exclusives such as sfv are also on PC. And Xbox one also allows cross play between PC and Xbox one. PlayStation has 1 triple a exclusive bloodbourne. Other then that 1 game Microsoft has many more exclusives worth playing. Regardless I have no need to spend 2 grand on a PC to play a handful games. I actually hope the NX is a stronger system then either Xbox or ps4 since both systems are woefully inadequate.

      • ps4 has advantage microsoft can and even nintendo dont, Japanese games. Yep, if you want to play japanese centric games, playstation is the place.

        • Unless you have a region specific PlayStation that has those games unlocked then you don’t get to play most of them either. You get a few but then most people arguing here don’t Speak Japanese either. But yea if you enjoy those few unlocked Japanese RPGs it’s a bonus as well.

          • ps3, psv and ps4 is not region locked and games like the spectacular Yakuza series is exclusive to ps.

          • The PS4 is region free. Meaning you can enjoy any game from any region.

            Nice try, though.

      • look, Third party games are comming on PS4 and PC, but first party exclusives are available only PS4 unlike MS’s first party games are comming on PC

        TripleA is pure marketing PR
        did you know Tripla A means most of the money goes to marketing and actors? and not in the product itself
        because lately I’ve seen Small budget games offering games with more quality than Most of Triple A games just to let you know

        and I don’t label games Tripla A or Indies
        for me a Game is a Game or you label a Game based on Hype?

        If People are talking about this product then it means it is a Game
        If people are not talking about this product then it means it is not a Game is this how today people judge a game?

        and BTW Can’t wait for NX

      • PS4 exclusives such as Street Fighter weren’t announced as full exclusives first.

  2. Only reason to get either is for the exclusives.

    It makes me laugh – exclusives are what console owners bang on about, yet exclusives are a plague on the industry.

    • then I would like you to share your girlfriend or wife, because out there we have swingers and it is unfair keeping your partner all by yourself when swingers share their partners with others

      OnTopic Exclusives are not a plague to the industry, EXCLUSIVES are GOOD for the Industry and please STOP with the BS about exclusives are bad and yadayada

    • In what way are exclusives a plague?

  3. You’re right – the XBOne 2016 seems to be a much improved experience compared to launch, and the backward compatibility sounds like a great feature. Nevertheless, I’ll wait for the slim model. Have enough backlog on the PS4 at the minute.

  4. Too much to play and do on PS4, backlog and this month alone had The Witness, Gravity Rush,Street Fighter V and Firewatch plus others. Next month I get Hitman and Uncharted and Rachet and Clank the month after…. This year is packed… PACKED! Horizon is my most anticipated game and I’ll get VR which other consoles don’t have.

    • Pst most of those are on PC and VR is available for everyone with rift which uses the Xbox controller for a good reason.

      • That is one reason I wouldn’t want the rift. I hate the offset analog sticks on the Xbox controllers.

      • Oh really? They are on PC? Well then I should put down my controller immediately and act like a small child all over the internet….. that is what the Xbox crowd would do!
        P.S. Can’t wait to play Forza and Gears on PC!
        How much is Rift again and add a capable PC price…..?

      • Most in this case is just over half. And that’s excluding GT, Horizon, TLG, and more that won’t be on Xbox OR PC.

        Rift will cost about as much as PS4 and PSVR combined, depending on how much it’ll cost you to get your PC ready.

        Troll harder.

        • Most is over half in the English language… Try harder

          You’re the one crying about rift which already has more VR games slated then the unknown priced Morpheus.

          • What does that first sentence of yours mean? You talked about the games he listed. I noted that just over half of them are on PC. That has nothing to do with what’s in English.

            Why would that matter, anyway? Are you incapable of understanding anything but English? Sucks to be you.

            Yes, the Price for PSVR is unknown. But it won’t cost as much to own it as it costs for Oculus. And who’s crying about that?

            Oh, wait. My bad. Here I am, taking a troll’s remarks seriously.

          • I’m sorry apparently English isn’t your language.
            Most = more then half

            I hope that isn’t to difficult for you to grasp, because repeating the same nonesense still doesn’t make what you said any more valid.

            And you continue to cry about price comparisons on something you have no idea about.

            Again more nonesense from you. The only person trolling here is you because you continue to talk about subjects you admittedly have no clue about.

          • No, I get the English language. It’s when you lack punctuation and clearly defined thoughts that it gets confusing.

            Most MEANS over half would have been a far clearer thing to say. And while you ARE right in that respect, you’re intentionally trying to make that “most” seem overwhelming. Which is part of why I note that it only pertains to the games listed.

            As for price comparisons, we may not know the exact price of PSVR, but there’s enough info out there to make an educated guess.

            Well, provided you’re educated enough, and I guess you’re not. No surprise there, given your other comments here, where you’ve proven to be pretty clueless, yourself.

          • Also, since we’re talking about English:

            “then” should be “than”
            “to” should be “too”

            You’re also missing a semicolon before “apparently,” unless you’d rather make it a new sentence, in which case it should be capitalized. And there should be a comma both before and after “admittedly.”

            You failed this test. There will be a makeup test Monday. I hope you study this time.

          • Awe sounds like someone’s vajayjay is sandy. When you are done talking out your arse and have real facts maybe you can sit at the big boy table with the rest of the adults. getting into a grammar debate on an online forum is sad enough already. You don’t need to continue to show the rest of the world how sad you really are.

          • Sorry. Your stupidity was just so amusing I couldn’t help myself.

            By all means, put it on display again.

          • Like a retarded monkey on a keyboard. I’m quite certain you couldn’t help yourself.

          • You ARE like a retarded monkey. It’s impressive that you’re THAT self-aware.

          • Oh, and one more thing: “more” only refers to greater than half when there are only two choices. It’s true that that IS the case here, but it’s not an absolute rule or anything like that. With your abhorrent grasp of the language, it’s not surprising anybody over the age of 4 would be confused trying to understand you.

  5. XO exclusives are not so good as PS4. But stability os MS is better than Sony’s. Most multiplatform games are better on PS4 than XO, but not that much to make a difference. If you can’t afford both, you may chose in multiplayer or best games. Do do have all, I’m not a fanboy and each has it’s advantages. Having all is a good option no doubt!

  6. PS4 + PC = no need to buy an Xbox one.

    • oh look, a fanboy!

  7. This article is fanboy dribble kep on moving folks…..PC/PS4 MasterRace…..

  8. You should consider it…if you want to be the least Based PS4 owner in existence.

  9. I still don’t see any reason to own an Xbox One if you own a PS4 already… even for exclusives only… (yes, I’ve bought an Xbox One for exclusives… because I was able to buy one with Kinect for less than $200) as there just aren’t many exclusives worth paying money to a dedicated box for. I don’t know… to each their own… not worth it to me. The one thing I will give to the Xbox One is that it is awesome to be able to install games to an External Drive, which my FULL 2TB PS4 that requires me to uninstall/redownload games if I want to buy/play new games doesn’t do for some god forsaken reason… even your original Wii let you install to External Storage! Argh! That being said… inferior 3rd party games on Xbox One aren’t worth being able to install them all to Infinite External Drives. 🙁

  10. Also, the “more reliable service” angle is a fallacy at this point. Xbox Live has suffered as many outages as PSN this generation, if not more. It just so happens that EVERY PSN outage is a big deal, while most XBL outages are brushed off for some odd reason.

    Additionally, Live accounts are and have been regularly hacked for years now, with Microsoft blaming its users for the breaches. Yes, PSN did suffer a breach, but no financial loss was ever reported by a PSN user, unlike victims of the numerous individual XBL hacks.

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