Mortal Kombat X Vs. Street Fighter V – The Verdict

Mortal Kombat. Street Fighter. Two of the most nostalgic fighting games in video game history. Both have histories spanning decades, even if you’re not a hardcore gamer you’ve played at least one if not both of these at some point in your life. As these games are fighters, it’s only fitting that we pit them against each other to see who will come out on top between Mortal Kombat X Vs. Street Fighter V.  


The first thing that I’d like to talk about are the graphics for each game. Mortal Kombat has always gone for a little bit more realistic graphics and in Mortal Kombat X they certainly delivered that to bring us some of the most brutal and graphic Fatalities to date for the franchise. The Backgrounds alone look fantastic, and the new system capabilities have really enhanced the game visually.

Whereas, Street Fighter has always been more animated in the past, Street Fighter V continues to bring that look this time around. Improving on the graphics from it’s revolutionary predecessor. The fireballs and other moves look fantastic and vibrant.  I feel like the new consoles have allowed the game to look just that much sharper, while still keeping some of the artistic style that we’ve grown to expect.

Verdict: Mortal Kombat X

Controls and gameplay

Mortal Kombat X has improved on it’s gameplay by adding three variants for each character that each have certain perks and special moves. This makes for really interesting gameplay as there really is three ways to play a single character. The game can be a little difficult to master a character as you have three options to use.

Street fighter keeps the controls like you remember them even if you’re a veteran player like me. Which makes it easier for players to pick up the game, even if they haven’t played in a very long time.

Verdict: Street Fighter V


With the 25 year gap between entries, Mortal Kombat X added many new characters, some of which were offspring of major characters for a whopping total of 24 characters at launch. The new character’s feel right for the series as the new fighters that we play as.

Street Fighter launches with 16 characters half of which are classics that most veterans will recognize, and the others that have showed up throughout the years, 4 of which are brand new to this game.

Verdict: Mortal Kombat X

Downloadable Content

The first wave of DLC for Mortal Kombat X includes 4 new characters and 5 new skins. The second wave includes 4 more characters and 3 more character skins. There have been minor DLC added that mostly are skins for the game as well.

The first wave of DLC for Street Fighter V includes 6 new characters, with another wave already confirmed, most likely giving you 6 more characters for a total of 28 characters. Although, MKX will have four more characters total than SFV, it adds more bang to your buck in DLC.

Verdict: Street Fighter V


One thing that made me fall in love with video games even as a kid was the lore that went on behind the scenes, and both franchises have a rich history of storytelling. Mortal Kombat X had a story campaign that picks up 25 years after the fantastic story mode in 2011’s Mortal Kombat. The story mode did feel really short, especially when compared to the previous entries’ story mode. TIn the campaign the game really let you see what some classic characters have been up to, as well as introduces us to the next generation of fighters.

In Street Fighter V, the story takes place between Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV (I know it doesn’t make much sense to me either) But instead of having one full campaign where you play as multiple characters, you can choose which character’s individual story where you will play about 4 fights and it builds the story a little bit around that.

Verdict: Mortal Kombat X

All in all I say that Mortal Kombat X wins between the latest iterations of each series. Both are great games, but with the launch of Street Fighter V having launch issues not to mention the fact that it’s a PS4 exclusive, also make MKX the Champion of these two Fighters. 

Verdict: Mortal Kombat X Wins (Fatality)

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