Why Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Will Be Playstation’s First Must-Own Game This Generation

Sony have done a good job so far at bringing out AAA’s with games like Bloodborne, The Order 1886 and Until Dawn shining on Sony’s machine but Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is simply in a whole different league and here’s why we think it will be the PS4’s first must-own game of this generation.

The Uncharted franchise has long been a staple of the Playstation brand ever since Uncharted: Drake’s fortune in 2007. Since then, the game has seen 2 more mainline entries and even some smaller titles on PS Vita. However, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is the first mainline entry on PS4 (not including the Uncharted remastered collection) built from the ground up to utilise the power of the Playstation 4 hardware. Even since its original reveal in 2013, the game has shined graphically and recent gameplay reveals have proven the game to be a graphical powerhouse. I mean, even the ‘mud’ in the game spawned multiple news reports so you get the idea.

When the Nathan Drake collection for PS4 was announced back in June of last year, the official Playstation blog revealed that the Uncharted series as a whole has managed to sell 21 million games

“Since the launch of the PS4, we’ve seen plenty of requests across our Twitter,Facebook, and message boards all over the internet to provide remastered releases for the first three games in the Uncharted series, which sold an amazing 21+ million copies and garnered an average 92 Metacritic rating.”

That alone should convince anyone of Uncharted’s status as a sales juggernaut. This puts the Uncharted games (1-3) pretty much on par with 2 of the Halo games (3+4) and considering the broader appeal of the Halo series, this is a seriously impressive feat for an adventure game. And that’s without the sales from the Nathan Drake collection this holiday just been so there’s that too. Ultimately, this use of sales figures is just to reflect how significant of a franchise Uncharted is to the Playstation brand and if we consider that Sony has prioritized Uncharted 4 over Playstation’s other big franchise Gran Turismo, you can bet Sony are banking on Uncharted 4 being a bit hit.

If you’re hungry for a taste of just how amazing Uncharted 4 will be look no further than this 15 minute-long clip on the official Playstation youtube channel:

15 minutes of incredible action, stunning visuals, impeccable details and crazy action should be more than enough to sell you on Uncharted 4. Additionally, Naughty Dog are also introducing all new features with Uncharted 4, one of the most prominent of which being the new dialogue options. Before, Uncharted was a very linear, narrative experience and Naughty Dog are enhancing this experience with more open-ended options in the campaign and the introduction of dialogue options. Sony opened its Playstation Experience show with a nearly five-minute excerpt of Uncharted 4 featuring Nathan Drake and his newly introduced brother, Sam. What makes this gameplay, and not a cutscene, are the dialogue options, shown at 2:54 of the video below.

Even though Sony’s PS4 is sitting comfortably in the lead this generation, it’d sure be a big boost still for the PS4 once Uncharted 4 arrives this April. Considering the other 3 games have managed to sell, on average, 7 million copies each in their lifetime (estimation based on the 21 million figure) then Uncharted 4 is undoubtedly going to be one of the biggest system-sellers not only this year, but this generation. Sony and Naughty Dog are marketing A Thief’s End as the last entry in Nathan Drake’s story. Even as early as the E3 2014 cinematic trailer, where Drake has, once again, fallen on hard times, literally, with his face mashed against the shore of a sandy beach. As a result, our favourite treasure-hunting hero calls upon his longtime friend Victor Sullivan “one last time.” This tagline is something Sony have made frequent use of with marketing of Uncharted 4 and that’s probably as a tactic to drive up sales as the conclusion to Nathan Drake’s story will surely be an epic one.

Neil Druckmann, a developer at Naughty Dog issued a statement late last year where the delay to April 26th was announced that

“On April 26, 2016 the most ambitious installment in the Uncharted series will be in your hands.”

And make no mistake, Sony are pulling their full might behind this game. Recently a new custom bundle for Uncharted 4 was announced (one of the better one’s this generation from Sony) and if you think the Uncharted Collection bundle sold well last holiday then just wait until this Uncharted 4 bundle goes on sale.

As someone who’s been waiting for that compelling reason to jump on the PS4, I think the Uncharted 4 bundle will have an easy time convincing myself and many others in a similar position to join the near-40 million install base on the PS4.

In another very smart move, Sony and Naughty Dog held a multiplayer beta for Uncharted 4 in December of last year, a perfect way to satiate the fans eager to get their hands on Uncharted 4 and the beta was widely regarded as a success for the game. It wasn’t like the beta for Street Fighter V, according to fan feedback it was a solid, fluid experience that helped players prepare for April 26th. Not only that though because a beta like this also drastically helps drive up hype for the game.

Since Naught Dog are rumoured to be working on The Last Of Us 2 (another highly anticipated game) it seems like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End might round off the Uncharted series for quite a long while so we expect fans of the series to go out in flocks in support of this game to see the epic conclusion of Nathan Drake’s story.

There you have it, these are just some of the reasons why Uncharted 4 will be Playstation’s first must-own game this generation. While other games such as Bloodborne have attained critical acclaim and a loyal following, the next entry in the Uncharted series is a juggernaut of its own and mark me as excited for April 26th. Are you getting Uncharted 4? Let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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  1. The first only if Bloodborne did not exist.

  2. Why it won’t: it’s Uncharted, a series that’s been shit since the start.

    Those “fall asleep behind cover” games are so damn boring, no idea what the appeal is.

    • You obviously haven’t played it if you don’t know the “appeal” of the Uncharted series.

      Hint: it’s not the cover system…

    • Troll harder.

      • Def: wombat – Waste of money, brains and time

    • I have heard from many gamers and non gamers/ casual gamer that uncharted 2 is one of the greatest games for last gen, i do agree that, for me uncharted 1 was boring, 2 some level, especial stealth level was boring , and 3 was ok, the only level i really loved was desert level.

      i am quite sure uncharted 4 will be amazing !

    • Dick head. I suppose all gamers that love uncharted series are fools but your opinion is correct?? Stuck on stuuupid cones too mind

  3. Gonna say Uncharted is DEFINITELY not the first must-own game for the PS4.

  4. “Sony have done a good job so far at bringing out AAA’s?”


  5. This is just a sad sad article, clearly this guy has no idea what he is talking about. BTW Bloodborne, Drive club, Until Dawn, Gone to the raptures, I:SS, SF5 etc, all say hi.

  6. Uncharted 4 will most likely be *a* must-own game, but the only way it’ll be PS4’s first must-own game will be if Naughty Dog can go back in time and release it before Infamous: Second Son.

    I’d complain about this being a dumb clickbait article, but, I mean, here we all are.

    • That’s what ad blockers are for.

  7. I understand if somebody wants to argue that Infamous SS or Until Dawn aren’t worthy of this already but nobody can deny Bloodborne is after the reviews, sales and GOTY awards it has to date.

  8. Read the title and that’s where I stopped reading. You sir are a retard. This will be my last time on this site, cant read if this is a serious article.

  9. I get what he’s saying there has been no “EPIC” AAA title yet, Halo did not even do it for XB1, Perhaps Gears will for that system. But for PS4 the epic game is UC4. There has been plenty of great games sure Drive Club, Bloodborne, Infamous SS, Until Dawn, etc. but they are all to niche gaming markets and that’s OK. But the “Star Wars” of games UC4 is it, and perhaps Gears for XB1.

  10. That is plain stupid! Bloodborne is the highest rated new IP of the whole generation! Hell, I hope Uncharted 4 gets the same quality/scores.

  11. I like how this kid’s articles always state ridiculous opinion as fact. Seems like anyone can and do write articles like this, too bad the gaming sites don’t know how to edit or control their content. This is written by someone who has no idea about the PS4, and I quote:

    “As someone who’s been waiting for that compelling reason to jump on the
    PS4, I think the Uncharted 4 bundle will have an easy time convincing
    myself and many others in a similar position to join the near-40 million
    install base on the PS4.”

    There you have it. If you’re really going to commit to writing crap, if it’s about gaming how about you invest in all systems so you can have a remote clue about what you are talking about. Dumb ass.

  12. Bought my PS4 for Fallout 4. That’s the game that made me move to current gen.
    Doom will be my next game.
    Never bothered with any of Sony’s exclusive offerings. Or Microsoft’s for my Xbox 360.

  13. Alright so… let’s pretend Bloodborne doesn’t exist

  14. Here is the saddest part about Charlie Oakley: I confronted him about this “article” on his twitter account.
    ME: Please explain just WTF made you think you could write an article about something that you have no clue about??? Feb 23

    Him: I’ll gladly explain if you wouldn’t mind not being so hostile. I’ve been waiting for Uncharted 4 to pick up a PS4 since Im a massive fan of the series but haven’t had the expendable money to pick up a PS4 until now. Hence why I wrote the article.

    Me: *sigh* Then you do the article AFTER you get the system & game. You are more of a hack than a journalist by doing what you did.

    He posted a weak reply of “Its called sensationalism (I could be wrong, he deleted it) if you do not like my stuff, don’t read it”. To which I replied: its called flamebait & bad journalism. I’m sure you know this.
    After that little exchange, He blocked me. I guess the truth hurts.
    My point is this: Why would a “gaming site” use an obvious Xbox fanboy who does not own a PS4 to write an article about a PS4 exclusive. Also go with an obvious flaimbate headline. Its a no brainer as to why this site is using N4G as its own personal promotional tool. There is no way in hell I would recommend this site to any gamer.

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