Leaked? Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon has been a part of our culture for nearly twenty years. Even if you never played the games you most likely know what it is. So it’s no surprise that when their potentially leaked announcement that happens to be discovered just one day before their Nintendo Direct tomorrow, that fans have been speculating on this potential leak for what could mean for the seventh generation called Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

Now the last new Pokemon that wasn’t a remake was 2013’s Pokemon X & Y which was a major hit as the first game for the Nintendo 3DS. As it’s been nearly three years since its release we do seem to be ready for the next Pokemon games. Now if the rumors about Sun & Moon are accurate, it will most likely follow the same formula that’s been consistent since the series started back in 1996 with the original Pokemon games where you get a starter Pokemon and battle against 8 gym leaders in a whole new region with brand new Pokemon in order to challenge the Elite Four and become a Pokemon Champion.

Now, I stopped playing Pokemon after Ruby and Sapphire came out all those years ago, but a few friends convinced me to pick the game back up to get Pokemon X after about eight years after my last Pokemon adventure, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s easily one of the best in the franchise and really brought back some memories for me with the classic gameplay that feels old and new at the same time. And I’ve been playing ever since then. I even caught all 151 original Pokemon after Nintendo gave us Mew in a recent event through Game Stops (or other stores if you’re outside of the United States) which completed my original Pokedex, and ten-year-old me would be so proud.

I was surprised a little bit about this potential news because I thought that their Nintendo Direct would be about their new Pokemon Go game coming out for smartphones which will allow you to catch Pokemon in the real world using your phone. I didn’t expect them to release or even announce a new game in the main series until next year. I would love to get some sort of news about Pokemon Go tomorrow or a release date at the very least. But I believe that they will focus on the announcement of the seventh generation Pokemon games. 

However, I do think that should the announcement prove to be true, it will make many fans excited to get their hands on it.  Now will they maybe release Pokemon Go within the next couple of months and then this fall release Sun/moon? Or release go this year and the next generation in 2017? I could see it either way, but as this is the 20th Anniversary of the Pokemon franchise, they may try to capitalize on this year for both Pokemon Go and the possible Sun & Moon. 

Now, on the off chance that it’s a Sun & Moon are a hoax, then the Nintendo Direct will most likely be about Pokemon Go, which is the thing I’m looking forward to the most, I actually came up with the idea of a game that basically has the same idea of catching creatures using real world locations on your phone.

Either way, I’m extremely excited to see what Nintendo talks about tomorrow morning at 7 AM PT, I’ll be following up with another article about what they do announce tomorrow at the Nintendo Direct. Until then, what do you think that they will announce? If this is what they announce what would you like to see them do with the first entry in the seventh generation of the franchise? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 

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