VR Headsets, the Next Big Thing in Gaming or the Next Big Fad?

VR headsets are coming out later this year for PC’s, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. But, will they change gaming or the way you play video games? Yes, and No. It will change the way you play, because of motion sensors in the headset will follow the movement of your head. Turn your head right, it will look right, move your head up, and it will look up. Will it change the way you play video games? The real answer is No. You still have you use a controller for pretty everything you do, just like when you aren’t using the VR headset.

I see only a select crowd actually getting a VR headset. For one, the price. I don’t see the average gamer paying $599-$799 for a VR headset. That’s double of what a console cost. Second, with PC’s. You need some pretty powerful hardware to run them, even a descent gaming PC won’t run them. Third, do you really want to do a play through of a video game, wearing a headset the whole time?

Virtual Reality sounds all cool and fun. But, does getting closer to reality, make video games better? There is nothing like sitting in your favorite chair, or couch, looking at the TV, and playing your game. I believe getting closer to reality with video games will only make them harder to control and play at the same time. I don’t see people wearing the headset for long periods of time, like we do playing on the TV. It would be a real strain on your eyes looking at two small screens that close up for hours at a time.

VR headsets won’t benefit from any multiplayer games at all, if they decide to make any. You will have faster reflexes just by looking at a larger screen and not having to turn your head at all. I don’t see any big developers really adopting in this VR thing, due to its limitation, and price.

All this VR headset talk, reminds me of when Nintendo released the Virtual Boy back in 1995. (Yes I did have one). It really was ahead of its time back then. But, it’s nothing compared the VR headsets coming out. Just seeing 3D wireframes and not moving at all, to the new motion sensors, and full 3D photo realistic graphics. But, only a select few bought it too, because of the price, and the limited use of it.

Are you going to get one of the VR headsets when they come out? Just to say you got one? Or you think it will be cool to play video games in a VR environment. If, you got the money to spare, and have to have one, then get it. If, you are thinking about getting one, try it out somewhere after it comes out before you buy it. The real question is, will the cost be worth the time you use it, or just another expensive accessory you can brag to your friends about? Please let us know what you think and leave a comment below.

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  1. Nope… don’t see it as the next “must have” for gaming. Price, way too high for average consumers; then don’t see it being practical for shooters. Now, for specialty adventure and laid back games it may be pretty neat!

    Even if I had the money to spend I wouldn’t waste my money.

  2. Gaming, the escape of the real world in order to live in an alternate reality with control and/or power over things you wouldn’t typically have control/power over of. Examples: any game.

    VR Gaming, the total escape of the real world in order to live in an alternate reality and actually feel like you’re really there, ie: presence, and have control/power over things you wouldn’t typically have control/power over of. Examples: any game designed FOR VR.

    The question isn’t “Will VR be a fad or the next big thing” as it is already the next big thing. The question is whether or not there are developers inventive enough, studios open minded enough, and authors creative enough to take advantage of the presence afforded by VR.

    If the game studios just turn out the same old games but in VR, then VR will fail to be the game changer it could be, as the entire gaming community is already used to keyboards and mice, or game pads, combined with screens. I for one would rather spend the $800 Oculus is suggesting for their retail price on a new cpu and graphics card for my PC, letting me play the game library I already own at new, higher resolutions and higher frame rates than gamble on VR that -will- be ridden with bugs at the start.

    Maybe in a couple years though…

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