The 6 Most Disappointing Console Exclusives So Far For Both PS4 and Xbox One

No console generation is without its fair share of disappointment but a common criticism of this generation thus far has been focused on the disappointing console exclusives that Sony and Microsoft have put out at this point so far in this console generation.

The Order: 1886

The Order: 1886 is arguably the most disappointing AAA console exclusive from Sony thus far this generation and it’s no wonder the game currently sits at a 63 on metacritic. At a point before the game actually came out, there were even some that touted The Order as the ‘Gears competitor’ or, less extremely, at least the ‘Gears competitor’ but it seemed that any success of that kind was out of the picture for The Order once the reviews started coming in. The biggest thing The Order had going for it were the games graphics. Don’t get me wrong, The Order is one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever seen, period.

But, it seems somewhere in making this game as beautiful as Ready at Dawn did, they must have forgot they were making a video game.  Quick time events, or QTEs, were said to be abudantly overused in The Order and there was no real compelling gameplay to be found within The Order. Players also felt cheated by the games length since The Order was leaked shortly before release to be completed in around 5 hours. For a full priced $60 (or local equivalent) game, this length, or lack thereof caused much controversy with the game and probably made the sales suffer as a result. Even when faced with criticisms about the games length, Ready at Dawn founder and CTO Andrea Pessino said “I am done commenting on clickbait rumors about game length,’downgrade’ idiocy and such nonsense. Don’t bother asking,” I can only imagine such a heated response was due to the fact that Ready at Dawn didn’t expect gamers to feel like they were being cheated out of their money. Perhaps if The Order released at a lower price point it might have faired better.

Halo 5: Guardians Single Player

The first major AAA exclusive on either camp so far this generation was 2015’s Halo 5: Guardians. I want to make one thing clear, I really love Halo 5 and the Halo franchise as whole. Purely in terms of how the game plays and feels, it’s a return to form for the series, and the most fun I’ve had with Halo multiplayer since Halo 3. 343’s second entry into the Halo franchise introduced one of the best multiplayer games I’ve ever had the joy of playing. Between Arena, Warzone and Breakout their really isn’t much to fault with the games multiplayer. Since Microsoft and 343 also made all of Halo 5’s multiplayer DLC free with consistent multiplayer updates, it really is the franchises best multiplayer in a long time.

Where Halo 5 fell short of the expectations of fans was with its single player. This came down not only to the single player’s faults within itself, but also the marketing campaign ran by 343 and Xbox. You see, I honestly can’t say I’ve ever witnessed a better marketing campaign for a game than what I saw with Halo 5. Spearheaded by the excellent “Hunt the Truth” campaign ahead of the launch of Halo 5, made up of a series of podcasts to set up a story of conspiracies involving UNSC, ONI and Master Chief himself. It’s well-written, well-acted and excellently drove up hype for the game.

However, it was exactly this excellent marketing campaign that made it so disappointing that the reality of the game was far diminished to the epic confrontation that the marketing got us eagerly awaiting. You see, the entire marketing campaign of Halo 5: Guardians, Hunt the Truth and the trailers and the promotional materials, has been focused on this grand conflict between Master Chief and Blue Team and Spartan Locke and his Osiris Fireteam. There seemed to be hints and clues that Chief had done something particularly outrageous and now society was divided etween viewing him as a hero or villain. Locke is tasked with “taking him down,” and the premise seemed to be that you’d as the characters on both sides, leading up to this epic conclusion.

Unlike in Hunt the Truth where Chief is framed for a massacre at a peace summit, that isn’t mentioned in Halo 5, nor does he do anything else particularly awful that would warrant Locke’s relentless pursuit. The ‘crime’ he’s actually guilty of is simply defy orders to return home and report to his superiors at the UNSC as he goes off in pursuit of finding Cortana. The reality of the actual single player story fell short of the epic confrontation that the marketing campaign promised and that’s what made Halo 5’s single player disappointing to so many.

Street Fighter V

Many of the points about to be made can be seen in our article ‘Should Street Fighter V Have Been Delayed To The Summer?’ which you can read here

Now, all of those aware of Capcom’s financial troubles might see the news of Street Fighter V’s exclusivity with Sony to be not very surprising at all. After all, there are even rumours that the game might not have been made without Sony’s financial support but that doesn’t excuse the fact that this game, whether by Capcom’s decision, Sony’s decision or both, released too early and with too little content.

For instance, while mechanically, the game is very impressive and deserving of a high score. The game at this point in time (soon to be remedied by free updates) but right now, the game is essentially unfinished. Capcom have confirmed that some features like the in-game store won’t launch until March. Then there’s the missing challenge mode, which includes four sub-modes: battle tips (out in March), trials (out in March), targets (out “soon after launch”) and extra battle (available “soon after launch”). As far as we’re aware, ‘Targets’ are similar to daily quests in which you will be able to earn Fight Money (SFV’s in-game currency). And ‘Extra battle’ sees you fight against special computer-controlled bosses. At launch,  online battle lobbies will only support two players in a game with eight person lobbies and spectator mode arriving as part of the March update.

Even with the problems surrounding the games lack of single player content, the online section of the game also suffered many issues around launch, despite Capcom promising these online issues had been resolved after the rather troublesome beta tests for Street Fighter V. Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono recently took to Twitter to apologize for the ongoing issues with the online component, stating that the team will continue to make an effort to resolve problems and that things are taking a favorable turn. He also said that the game’s upcoming patch info will be revealed within the next few days.

“I apologize for causing you a trouble about SFV online. Things are taking a pretty favorable situation. We’ll continue with our efforts for it.

We’ll be announcing information about SFV’s next patch within next few days. I am terribly sorry, but please wait momentarily.”

The game’s sales in the first week of release in Japan being lower than Street Fighter IV’s and equally poor first week sales in the UK point to this game not fairing very well in terms of sales and we can’t help but conclude that exclusivity and the games lack of content were big factors in the games issues.


Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts’ first-person, mech-shooter Titanfall had a lot of potential and high expectations but it seemed to do too little to capture and retain an active engagement with its audience. At first, Titanfall was even being touted as the ‘COD killer’ and in all fairness, Titanfall did seem to be very unique and very enjoyable. The game went on to win a total of 60 awards just at E3. Gamescom and the Tokyo Game Show also rewarded Titanfall with prestigious honors as well.  At first glance, Titanfall was a home-run for Respawn Entertainment, EA, and Microsoft. Since many of the devs who worked on Titanfall were original developers on games like Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, it’s no surprise that many had high hopes for this game and in some ways it delivered but unfortunately it didn’t deliver fully to meet expectations.

Back in October of last year it was revealed that Titanfall had crossed the 10-million mark. Writing on Twitter, Respawn boss Vince Zampella announced the figure, though he didn’t say if it represents copies sold or total number of players. Despite this, it clearly shows that Titanfall wasn’t as much of a failure as some had speculated for the Xbox/PC exclusive.

Despite the good feedback, Titanfall was not the ‘game changer’ everyone was hoping it to be and that played a big part in the general feeling of disappointment surrounding Titanfall.  The fact that the it lacked a traditional single player campaign was criticized heavily together with the unforgiving but understandable resemblance to Call of Duty. Many gamers at the time saw Titanfall’s multiplayer only focus as reinforcement to the Xbox One’s always on-line policy and just as they couldn’t forgive the latter they also punished the former. Titanfall was also entangled in the resolution war that began with the launch of the next generation consoles for running at a resolution around 720p that gave the Xbox One version of the game a sense of inferiority. Added to that the lack of content and customization, Titanfall just wasn’t the revolution to the FPS genre we had all hoped for.

Ryse: Son of Rome

Similar to The Order: 1886, Ryse: Son of Rome is an absolutely stunning game in the visuals department and remains to this day one of the best looking games on the current generation consoles. Ryse proved that Crytek had a firm handle on harnessing the graphical power of the Xbox One but the all-important, fleshed out gameplay is sadly missing. In fairness, Ryse: Son of Rome wasn’t as bad as a game like The Order in the gameplay department but anyone that has played the game can concur that the games combat is very repetitive. This might be an issue relating to how Ryse was initially planned as a kinect-only title and well, we all know how the kinect turned out.

The game even sits at a measly score of 60 on Metacritic and generally wasn’t well received by many critics at all with the game receiving scores as low as 3/10 from a few outlets. Now, while I feel the game wasn’t as bad as some outlets made it out to be, it’s undeniable that Ryse fell short of expectations even for a launch title. QTE mechanics were also at the core of the problems for Ryse in terms of gameplay, similar to The Order: 1886 which proves that devs can make graphically beautiful games but without that all-important gameplay, it will be a dud.



When a company’s UK boss comes out and says that their game was a “disappointment” you don’t have to look very far to see why Driveclub is the perfect game to round off this list. Even when speaking of Evolution, Fergal Gara said that “They’re as embarrassed as we are.” so it’s fairly obvious this game fell far short of fan expectations. Not only did the game disappoint in its content, but many of the features it touted, such as online multiplayer and social features were either broken or completely missing at launch.

While Driveclub certainly boasts impressive visuals, that was about all the game had going for it at launch. The gameplay wasn’t up to par with what’s expected from current gen racers and that showed in widespread criticism from PS4 fans. At the time, many of the promised online features were disabled due to poor server infrastructure. It was supposed to compete with Forza until the next Gran Turismo arrives but it didn’t do much in taking away from Xbox’s genre-leading Forza series. It has nowhere near the customization options that Forza has and the gameplay and physics just weren’t as good as they could have been. It’s even more disappointing since DriveClub was originally set-up to be a PlayStation 4 launch title. Despite having a whole extra year to make the game, it still didn’t end up fulfilling the expectations that were set and that’s why Driveclub rounds off my list for the most disappointing games so far this generation.


There you have it, the 6 games I feel have been the most disappointing so far this generation on both PS4 and Xbox One. Do you feel a game shouldn’t have made the list or do you think I might have missed a game that should have been on the list? Let me know your thoughts and opinions below.

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  1. Where is forza 6?? terrible graphics, poor sales, copy paste game
    Dead rising 3: 720p 18 Fps
    Halo mcc = disaster
    Rise of the Tomb raider = Epic Fail

    This is why xbone sucks

    • Did you internally just rattle off Xbox One exclusives? Come on guy. Seriously, those are all good games.

      • Holy shit man, he said 3 xb1 games and 3 Ps4 games. Thats pretty fair. Shit whats with people and having to pick a fucking side. I own all current gen. They all have good games and bad games. As long as you game, thats what fucking matters!

        • You need to pay attention

        • The dumb, don’t know they’re dumb. It’s called a fanBOY.

    • Sad but true!

    • Maybe you should write the next article…. your opinion is just as lame as his. You Sony ponies are all the same. Nothing to play on Ps4 so your out to troll on Xbox news and give your Ps4 a chance to cool down.
      This is why, you suck.

      • Agreed

      • didn’t know this was a xbox news.

      • Sony ponies? I don’t get it. Why pony?

        • Xbox fanboys lack the intelligence to come up with something better.

          • ….oh. That’s pathetic.

        • It rhymed.

          • Wait, that’s it? Was it thought up by an eight year old?

          • Just people acting their shoe size at the wrong time.

      • “Nothing to play on ps4″…wow. Yes folks, these people really are this delusional. The ps4 only has the higher rated game library, and in addition has nearly twice as many games available for it than does the xbox one…..but by all means that means there is “nothing to play”. Methinks I sense buttocks hurting.

        • exactly what is higher rated that would make one want to purchase a ps4 console?

          • It’s called the internet. If you’re so inclined, the critical ratings for all games released for all consoles are readily available. Try harder son.

          • So basically you don’t know? Thanks a lot dumbass

          • It’s called the internet. If you’re so inclined, the critical ratings for all games released for all consoles are readily available. Try harder son.

          • See previous comment

          • Ditto.

    • You’re insane! Forza 6 is the best racing game this gen, and possibly ever. And halo MCC is now fantastic! Had a rough start but it’s perfect now! You just sound like an Xbox h8r.
      Rise of the tomb raider has been a great success! You’re def a h8r! Go back to playing the order and your remakes on ps4.

      • lmao. How can the best racing game ever be so limited, offering only mild improvements over its predecessor, and offering less than years-old competitors?

      • I haven’t played Forza 6, but I hear it’s a good game and I don’t doubt it. But I have played previous Forza titles, and for Forza 6 to be the first entry to offer night driving and weather seems a bit strange to me. People were trumpeting Forza to be the greatest before Forza 6 and the subsequent night and weather inclusions, so I’m not sure how much credence I put in what people say about Forza 6.

        As for Rise of the Tomb Raider, it sold three times as many copies on pc in it’s first week of availability than it did on the xbox one…..I don’t know how that equates to “great success” to you. ROTR didn’t even chart in the top twenty it’s first month for xbox one. That is not success, sorry.

    • Rise of the Tomb Raider was a great game. Fun to play and looked great as well. Halo MCC released with tons of issues but fixed them over time in a way very similar to how Driveclub released. Halo Spartan Assault was fine but its basically a mobile game on console (glad I got it for free. Played Dead Rising 3, it was ok but I’m not really into the zombie genre.

  2. This article sucks. I disagree with all but ONE of these choices (Ryse). The others are certainly not “the most disappointing”, there are clearly worse than these chosen.

    • Loved Rise. And Malcolm in the middle here should stick to running his chocolate factory, because his articles are click bait. Most of the crap exclusives are on Ps4 and not everyone hated halo 5 campaign. If people played the game on the hardest setting they’d still be playing it.

      • Finished the game with 1000 gamerscore! It was very challenging but I loved the gameplay. Don’t agree with the story direction though.

  3. Another stupid article. Find another profession….please

    • Or he’s entirely correct and you’re a fanboy in denial?

      Arguing over this kind of thing is pointless though, like arguing about best bands. “No, these sounds are better than those sounds!”

      Peasants fighting over their generic exclusives that aren’t exclusives always makes me laugh.

      By the time PS5 comes, we would have emulated the PS4 on PC and be playing your “exclusives” and thinking “Yep, glad I didn’t waste my money.”

      We’ve been able to play PS2, PS3 and Vita games for years.

      • FanBOY calls other a fanboy then goes on bragging how it’s a thief. Good times, where’s the popcorn, it’s like a Republican debate.

    • Agree, like where are the real gamers at?! These articles are written by a bunch of half-wits. Halo 5 “single player”? Grow a spine it’s Halo 5 as an exclusive or not because overall we all know Halo 5 is far from disappointment.

      • Agreed. The real disappointment is this article and the idiots that agree with the author.

  4. Agree with all but Driveclub. 1886 was good but I do see the problems. Halo 5 was just sad, I looooove the old Halo games, is sad to see it come to this. Titanfall had potential but corporate greed and the GLARING lack of a single player campaign killed it. Ryse…….oh deer sweet Ryse it had so much potential but at the end of the day it was just a sad sad mess. And SF5 is yet another victim of corporate group think, a fighting game especially one the caliber of Street Fighter has ZERO excuses for no single player arcade mode.

  5. Charlie’s a pony….. Charlie’s’ a pony. Thought he was a writer….. turned out he’s a phoney. Seriously, have you played a Xbox one or Ps4? Or are you pulling most of your material from other article’s. Just kidding Charlie, your article was useful. I printed it out and wiped my stink hole with it.

  6. Holy shit guys! Did this guy have sex with your mother or something? Why are you all getting upset at him for his opinion? If you don’t agree then either simply ignore it. Or maybe write your own article about this topic? These are games, it’s not like he insulted you as a person, so don’t insult him for having a different view then yours. But, fuck it, who am i kidding this is the internet… everyone is an asshole!

    • No, he just “writes” really crappy articles.

    • Hi, I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading this comment and had a good laugh! I do take the time to go through the comments guys and I will take on your feedback as long as it’s constructive. At the end of the day, this was a list based on my opinions. If you have a different list, I’d love to see it! After all, opinions are all subjective and we could have totally different lists and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • Hi, I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading this comment and had a good laugh! I do take the time to go through the comments guys and I will take on your feedback as long as it’s constructive. At the end of the day, this was a list based on my opinions. If anyone has a different list, I’d love to see it! After all, opinions are all subjective and we could have totally different lists and there’s nothing wrong with that.

      • Opinions are subjective, but that doesn’t excuse them from being criticized. Writing from a position of bias or ignorance is no way to have an opinion.

  7. Ryse got repetitive very quickly,The order 1886 was way too short and too many QTE but I still think they were both good titles,they just underdelivered.SF5 is really fun and I know more features and content is coming,I’m OK with waiting.Titanfall,aside from not having a story mode, has been one of the funest FPS games I’ve played this gen.So far both PS4 and XB1 have had some decent exclusives,but now “gamers” like to complain about everything(buggy launch,resolution parity,slight frame drops),even if developers are working hard to fix and patch as much as possible post launch,gamers have gotten spoiled.Did any of you play Punch Out for Nintendo and right when you were a fighter away from Mike Tyson had their game freeze.I just reset the game,maybe blow into my game cartridge and started over, It never once crossed my mind to curse out a developer or a gaming platform,much less now when it’s obvious how much work is put into these games. My respect to all devs even when gamers call them lazy,they put alot of effort and long hours developing these games.I think every dev wants their game too succeed,and I believe they do their best to deliver at least one thing that is unique for each one of their games.

  8. Solid Article,

    Halo 5; single player campaign was the worst thing of any Halo.
    The Order was a Joke
    Street Fighter = LAME Its a dead franchise they should let go of

    • Yeah, Halo 5’s campaign had so much potential if they had stuck to the marketing campaign. An epic showdown between Locke and Chief and a UNSC and ONI conspiracy. They need to fire Brian Reed and Bonnie Ross.

  9. drive club was good on ps4

  10. This guy sucks.

  11. Driveclub wasn’t disappointing. order was a good game as well

    • Drive Club is an amazing racing game, The Order should be on this list

      • For what it is, Drive Club sucks. It’s not arcadish nor does it contain sim mechanics. Overall besides it’s graphics the game isn’t even fun.

        • Clearly it’s to hard for you that’s ok it does have a steep learning curb.

    • Both games failed miserably. They should have included Killzone: SF and Knack as well, but they didn’t. Halo 5’s story wasn’t great, but the game was still amazing. It definitely doesn’t deserve to be on this list. I would have picked Forza 5 before Halo 5.

    • Order was a good game, sadly its crazily short for a game with such price

  12. Halo was rated as one of the top reviewed FPS games this gen and so was Titenfall. Lol if there disappointments then please feed me disappointed games. TF didn’t need a campaign and H5 was a good steady campaign.

    • Both were overhyped turds, Fails, because the Shitbox Done had nothing much else worth caring about in those respective years. 🙂

  13. Halo 5 and Ryse were not disappointments.


      Typical Sega fan. 🙂

  14. I don’t know about other games, but Order 1886 was interesting game with good story, just a bit short. And I see no reason at all for Driveclub here – it is a great simcade game with a lot of content, with some issues with servers and online gameplay at release but it is a great title. Hard to name them most disappointing. I’d give that title to CoD as next establishment of exactly the same game.

  15. Author probably hasn’t played any of these games.

  16. SfV is friggin brilliant. Drive club is insanely good, did you not sww the weather and old town updates? So many cars now.

    • Old town!! Clip those corners tight!

  17. all the games listed are good, except titanfall lack of SP. And Driveclub? You are in the past, the game improved vastly a few months later LOL. This site is becoming sad.

  18. Certain exclusives like Ryse and The Order shouldn’t be on this list. They exist for a defined role and it’s not to be a console-seller. They are meant to tell a story for those interested. I liked playing The Order because it gave me a breather. But Halo 5 to me is the biggest disappointment. I got an Xbox One when the Master Chief Collection was released and got the console for that and Halo 5. I don’t even want to play Halo 5 anymore. Its so disappointing because 343 tried to turn Halo into a generic run of the mill shooter. Halo was always unique and special, but 343 is trying to make Halo so much similar to the alternatives that its losing its identity. Halo 5 is the biggest disappointment as its truly meant to be a console-seller and its loss of identity is destroying that purpose.

    • So what? They were still disappointing games. Both The Order’s story and gameplay were awful.

  19. What? People disagree with someone’s opinion? How bizarre. I figured we all thought exactly the same way.

    • Why always these crappy sarcastic remarks to defend crappy articles? Labeling something as your opinion doesn’t mean it isn’t garbage, full of lies and BS.

      Example: who could possibly have been disappointed in The Order? Long before it released, the game was passed by almost everyone. There’s no way to have been aware of that negative impression and then still have expectations so high as to be disappointed with the final product. ESPECIALLY if you’re claiming to be a gaming journalist. If you found yourself disappointed, that’s because you intentionally went in expecting something you full-well knew wouldn’t be there to begin with.

      That’s not something that can be excused by saying “It’s my opinion.”

      It’s stupidity.

      • I disagree, While Drive Club was panned, I picked it up after the Server/weather update and it’s just one amazing racing game and I still have plenty of fun with it, and actually picked up a wheel for the first time ever for a console mostly because of DC. The Order I rented finished in two nights, and it’s a game severally lacking in good IA specially with the half breeds and is really to short it had moments but was not really good.
        So I went in expecting garbage from both games, and was extremely impressed with one and not with the other.

        • But you didn’t actually disagree. Were you disappointed with The Order, or was it what you expected?

          • (Sorry tough morning.) “There’s no way to have been aware of that negative impression and then still have expectations so high as to be disappointed with the final product.” My point was going in to both games I knew of all the negative impressions, and I feel it did not cloud my judgement of the games. Since I loved DC and TO1886 I did not.

  20. While I agree with all on this list DriveClub has done a a complete combo reversal and should no longer be on this list. It’s turned out to be one amazing game.

  21. I can only speak to two games on this list: The Order:1886 and Driveclub. I didn’t buy Driveclub at launch, but picked it up a few months after and I love it. Evolution kept adding features to the game, and the season pass for Driveclub was money well spent in my opinion. I still pick it up and play it from time to time even now.

    As for The Order, my only “problems” with it are it’s a short experience, and it didn’t explore the lore of the characters and the world enough for my liking. But I enjoyed the gameplay experience, and it was a good game to me. The world was gorgeous, and the weapons were unique and great fun.

    • Fckn Love drive club! The Order’s IA was soooo bad and was to short.

  22. Titanfall was amazing and directly influenced every shooter this gen. Halo 5 single player was 50/50 eh

  23. All these Shitbox fanscum bootyblasted their garbage lineup got called out for what it is. It’s OK, kiddies, maybe 2016 will be the start of the turn-around with erm, err, hmm…

  24. UMMMMMM ? hey retards, ryse, street fighter, and titanfall are not xbox exclusives. Not sure what you are smoking.

    • Check again, “console exclusives”

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