UFC Fighters Are Not Happy With EA Over Their Characters In EA UFC 2

EA UFC 2’s roster was revealed a few days ago, and for the first time a UFC game will have over 250 fighters to choose from. With the much higher roster count, it seems as though some character renders came out better than other ones. Some fighters even took to social media to let EA know they are not happy with their characters in the game.

Here are some of the posts from the UFC fighters.



What do you think of the EA UFC 2 character renders? Good or bad? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. EA UFC absolutely sucks, especially the submission system. They clearly didnt want to implement a submission SYSTEM instead we have… whatever that is right now. Its actually worse than the circular mini-game in the previous UFC Games. To this day the best submission system game is EA MMA, I wish they could’ve worked on top of that Engine but NOPE! They chose to be LAZY. I would fire the Director Day 1. No Excuse

    • Did you play the UFC 2 beta? The submission system has been revamped.

  2. It’s hard to know how well these turned out without knowing the tech to capture the images. They aren’t THAT bad. I really don’t feel like anyone would be happy with their image being rendered, unless it was done Andy serkis-style.

  3. A bunch of dummy spitters.

  4. They’re incapable of doing good character models for some reason, last Fight Night had ridiculously over muscled boxers, Pacquiao looking like the Hulk etc. For years Fifa has struggled with getting even basic things like shoulders right, all the money and technology at their disposal it’s shocking how badly they utilise it.

  5. How much were the athletes paid for their images? Yet they still moan. At least they are in 3D, we could still be on 8 bit gfx, then they’d really have something to moan about.

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