Can Destiny Survive with The Division?

With The Division coming out in just a few week, it got me asking myself. Will I go back to Destiny anytime soon? I am a huge fan of Destiny and have been ever since launch. I have also played The Division since Alpha too. I find that The Division reminds of Destiny a lot, nothing wrong with that all, but everything is done better. Destiny was a new MMO shooter that had everyone talking, Single Player mode, Co-op mode, and a Multiplayer mode. The Single Player mode was good, just an average story like some games. Co-op mode was fun, you can do the story missions, do Raids, and side missions. The Multiplayer mode is just like any other Multiplayer game you expect.

One of the major problems with Destiny is that, if you want to do all the fun stuff, Raids, Nightfall, and high level stuff. You have to do that with friends, there is no match making, and most of the time. You are searching on the Destiny forums to do that with other people. Another major problem is the lack of content and the time span between them. MMO’s needs content released regularly or it gets pretty old quick. Destiny has done it pretty well at doing the same stuff over and over every week, just trying to get better gear. Now Microtransactions have come into play and takes away from some of the fun or experience you get from the game.

Like I said earlier, The Division is a lot like Destiny, but better many ways. It has all the modes Destiny has, but the Multiplayer has a twist to it. The Single Player is a full single player storyline that can be played Co-op too, up to 4 players in a squad. The Multiplayer is a bit different than any game out. The Division game is set in a big city (ex: New York) and it’s split up into two sections. One section is Single Player only and the other section is the Multiplayer part, known as The Dark Zone. This is where you fight AI and other players, but only if you choose to. Your actions in The Dark Zone will show all the other players what kind of player you are. You get gear from the AI, but you must extract it first. If you want their gear and don’t want hunt down AI. Then, you must take it from them with force, but it also turns you and your whole squad Rogue. Which, pretty means hostile, if you are hostile enough. The game marks you as a high value target and warns everyone in the area, so watch your back. Forming squads with other people, is as simple as hitting the menu button on the controller. But don’t trust anyone you don’t know, they can kill you all the same with you back turned.

I do think The Division will drop Destiny’s user count by over half, but not sure in the long run. The Division will have to release content regularly, and Destiny will have to do the same. Destiny 2 will be out late this year, but will it be a enough to get everyone back, or just a little bit too late, and is everyone already over it? Let us know what you think and leave a comment below.

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  1. lol nope

  2. I like destiny, although i get frustrated with many aspects of it. I contemplated trading it in to lessen the cost of the division, but ultimately choses not to. Division will be my #1 for a very long time and im excited its almost here, but i want a large library of games i enjoy. Often times after a long break from a game its fun to get back to it and take a break from what you’ve played since. Although 2016 has so many great games coming we wont be lacking for content thankfully

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