Halo 5’s Value Is Rapidly Decreasing Compared To Other 2015 AAA Titles In UK Stores

Halo 5 doesn’t seem to be holding up its value according to a UK video game trade in website. Trading in Halo 5 only gets you £10 back in return, and the shop is selling the pre-owned version for £22. You wouldn’t think such a big AAA title that only released 4 months ago would lose that much value, but we checked the trade in prices for the big AAA titles released in the later half of 2015, and the results were quite shocking.

Call Of Duty Black Ops III sells for £35, and has trade in price of £16.

Just Cause 3 sells for £42, and has a trade in price of £19.

Rise Of The Tomb Raider sells for £32 and has a trade in price of £15

Even titles releases before Halo 5 have held up better

Metal Gear Solid V sells for £25 and has a trade in price of £11

The Witcher 3 sells for £30 and has a trade in price of £14

Mortal Kombat X sells for £32 and has a trade in price of £15

We also considered that maybe the shop itself had too many Halo 5’s in stock that were not being sold quick enough. We checked what price major retailers were selling the game for, and we have seen it as low as £20 for a brand new copy of the game compared to the still high selling used prices of other fall release games. Even The Master Chief Collection has a better retail price brand new than Halo 5!

Is Halo 5 really not selling that well? Are people returning the game in more than anticipated? We don’t know this, but we can say that Halo 5 is really not holding up well compared to games released after it and even way before it.

Let us know in the comments section what you think about this? Is Halo 5 just not performing that well compared to other AAA titles? We want to know your thoughts.


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  1. this is quite one of the most ignorant and pointless articles I’ve ever read.
    if this is the sort of rubbish you’ll be publishing on this site, I’m out.

    • If the retail value of a game like Halo 5 drops to that amount in this amount of time then it’s worth commenting on. Fallout 4, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, Just Cause 3, Rainbow Six Siege, Call Of Duty Black Ops III, Metal Gear Solid V, and The Witcher 3 are all still selling for what is expected.

      Halo 5’s drop in retail price means they aren’t selling their stock quick enough, and the demand isn’t there.

      It’s really not a pointless article.

      • yeah, it’s pretty pointless.
        it’s already well known that just cause 3, rainbow six siege, metal gear solid 5 and witcher 3 all sold well below halo 5’s sales. just because a game is being sold at a lower price doesn’t mean that it isn’t being bought up. multiple factors go into it all. for example, a game may be being sold at a higher price because it isn’t making any profit, therefore the seller is trying to sell as many as they can at the highest price before the demand for it goes kaput indefinitely.
        also, where are all of your sources? no links in this article to back up any of your claims. quite unprofessional.

      • It’s not pointless. Halo fans just like damage controlling when they realize Halo 5 doesn’t have staying power.

        • it’s pointless when the author has no sources to back up any of his/her claims.
          it’s pointless when you’re looking at one single trade in website.
          it’s pointless when, everywhere else, the opposite of what the article implies is true.
          why not try looking a this from a rational standpoint rather than just attacking “halo fans.”

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