The Top 5 Games Of February 2016

Even though this February had an extra day in it, it still went by really fast, and in that time, we saw the release of many great games. So we here at ThisGenGaming decided that we should pick some of our favorites and share them with you guys. So let’s go ahead and get started on the first game on our list, EA’s Unravel.



When EA showed this game at E3 2015, it made a lot of gamers excited for something new and was even called, “the most visually-impressive game EA showed” by VG247. In this game, you play as a character made completely made of red yarn named Yarny, with many cool abilities this game is great for those who love puzzle games. You can do things like using your yarn to grapple across empty spaces, or use your yarn to jump on and get a higher jump to get to places that are a little bit harder to reach.

Far Cry Primal-


The latest addition to the popular Far Cry series comes in Far Cry Primal, the game is set in 10,000 B.C. during the Stone Age, and you take control of a character named Takkar. This game automatically had me excited to see what possibilities this game could bring given the time setting. Obviously, there’s no guns in the game, instead, you see a lot of close range weapons like clubs with some longer range weapons like bows. And you can even tame animals. This game is a great chapter in the Far Cry series.

Dying Light: The Following-


If you want a game that will get your blood pumping, then look no further as Dying Light: The Following has got you covered. The game is set in a Zombie Apocalypse where the undead creatures are slow and weak in the daylight, but at nighttime, they become much deadlier and faster. What’s great about this game is that it includes the original game and all DLC along with an all-new story campaign and new gameplay mechanics. This game is worth every penny.

Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2-


The highly anticipated sequel is finally here and it’s better than the original. This game keeps it’s genre as a third-person shooter/tower defense game. It picks up after the first game where the Plants have lost against the Zombies and in this game, they try to take their home back.  And with the success of the Garden Warfare series so far, I feel like it’s safe to say that we will be seeing the third one in the next few years.

Street Fighter V-

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And last, but certainly not least, is Street Fighter V. It’s been a long wait for this game if you don’t count the “Super” and “Ultra” versions, Street Fighter IV came out to consoles back in 2009, so nearly seven years. And this game is great, the gameplay is solid, and each character get’s their own mini-campaign to flesh out their individual stories. Another cool feature is the ability to play cross-platform with Microsoft Windows.One of the biggest downfalls of the game is just the fact that it’s not available for the Xbox One if they could bring a future edition to the Xbox with cross-platform capabilities between the consoles would be a game changer.

And there you have it folks, our top 5 games from February 2016! Any games that you felt should’ve been on this list instead? What was your favorite game from February? It was incredibly difficult to narrow the list of great games down to just five. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Nice slew of games!! Ya know, since the OG Xbox, it has been quite dapper to sit back and watch the growth of a console; they, the consoles, related to the famous quote of wine: “It gets better & better over time”!

    Developers become more and more effective with their games and as gamers we get the good stuff! Not saying games suck now, but just watch… come Spring 2018 I’m willing to gamble the drool flow will be in full effect with the games we’re seeing in development and reaching release.

    Thanks for the great article Mike, I was just digressing & foreseeing the future of greatness to come.

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