Why Naughty Dog And Sony Deserve Respect For Pushing Uncharted 4 Back

Uncharted 4 was originally scheduled to release on April 26th 2016 in the US, April 27th 2016 for EU territories with the UK release being April 29th. For some reason Sony and/or Naughty Dog chose to not release Uncharted 4 as a worldwide release. It was a piece of news that went under the radar, and was a little bit of a shock to me as huge AAA titles like Uncharted should always be a worldwide release.

That was until this press release was sent out on Tuesday

As you know, Naughty Dog is wrapping up production on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End with the game on track to go gold and into production later this month. In an effort to meet the considerable worldwide demand, and to ensure that all gamers worldwide have the opportunity to play the game on day one, we have chosen to postpone the launch of the game by two weeks to allow for extra manufacturing time.

Therefore, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has a new worldwide release date of May 10, 2016.

We know this news might be disappointing, and we are sorry to have to make you wait a little longer to play Naughty Dog’s latest. The good news is that the game is phenomenal — we are fully confident that it will be worth the wait and the team at Naughty Dog is eager as ever for you to experience Nathan Drake’s final adventure.

Many are disappointed with the news of this delay, but for me personally, I totally respect this decision. Uncharted 4 is the kind of game that all gamers worldwide should be able to purchase and play on the same day. This helps avoid spoilers as well as other regions not having to wait while another region is enjoying the game. Delaying a game that was planned to come out in just a matter of weeks is a huge decision to make, all of the previous promotion is now useless with the old date stuck on it, and now Sony and Naughty Dog will have to promote Uncharted with May 10th 2016.


Uncharted 4 will be the epic end to the Uncharted series, and Naughty Dog understood that everyone should be able to play the game at the same time. It’s not unheard of for big time development teams to push for a worldwide release date as Rockstar Games are famous for having strict worldwide releases. Rockstar Games share the same idea that everyone should be able to enjoy their games at the same time.

Do you agree with Sony and Naughty Dog opting for a delayed worldwide release rather than different release dates for different regions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Lol sony can’t do no wrong. Thierry only Aaa, in a year and still can’t get it right

    • Uh your joking right? You do realize that there have been quite a few exclusives right? Unlike Precious Microsoft who only release games between September to November….Maybe you should get your fact straight first…..Dumbest Xbot comment ever, its like you idiots are afraid of facts….

      • First off I own every console ,you must be a little kid. The only exclusives for Playstation not counting remakes or indies . The last one was bloodborne almost one year ago. Those sir are facts.

        • considering that BB came out in March on March 25th of last year and we
          are on 3/3 , simple math states that it is not a full year yet. But lets
          move on: Disgaea 5 came out on Oct 6, 2015, MLB 16: The Show came out
          on MLB 16: The Show, HellDivers (yes it is considered a AAA game, it got
          a physical hard copy release) Mar 3, 2015 & Street Fighter V which
          just came out. Lets not forget Until Dawn also, I could add a few more to the list, but what I just posted proves the falsehood of your statement. Now as for remakes, you DO realize that the XB1 has WAY more remakes with the Rare collection alone than all of the PS4 remakes combined. So, yeah, there is that.
          Those sir are facts, unlike the crap you tried to pass off as “facts”.

    • More AAAs this year on the PS4 than the Shitbox Done. 🙂

  2. Street fighter 5 , until dawn , MLB the show. What a joke and why do people keep mentioning the xbox because I didn’t. But the xbox do have halo5,tomb raider,sunset overdrive,forza ,and killer instinct. My point is We keep letting Sony off the hook . The last game I bought on my ps4 was Destiny but I play it on the xbox because the online is better. I’m not a fanboy but a gamer I didn’t buy what was supposed to be the most powerful console ever to play remakes and indies. Where the hell is God of war , Socom and the other Sony titles damn it’s year 3 since launch. It makes no sense.

    • Then thats YOUR problem if the last game you bought on your non-existant PS4 was Destiny….What you retards don’t seem to grasp ever is that just because YOU have no interest in a game doesn’t diminish the FACT that the game exists….Man you xbots love to ignore facts to try and put your own spin on truth….

      Love how your that narcissistic you had to make a new comment to draw attention from the FACTS that were put out though, cute what are you like 5. And you show your Xbot fanboy when you pretend that your waiting for the most main stream common PS titles like GoW and Socom…..BTW quit trying to mention multiplat games in your arguments, Tomb Raider is a multiplat since it was released on 360, X1, PC and is coming out this fall on PS4…..You prett

      • Your a fanboy don’t waste my time. Bye bye

    • Says the person that bought Destiny twice. Smdh!

      • Actually got both for free but thanks for thinking about my financial situation.

        • That wasn’t my point at all, but it was supposed to go over your head anyway. You’re the mark. Smdh!

    • Rehashes, a rental and a mediocre unfinished fighting game. Shitbox Done has nothing. 🙂

  3. With time zones how it was before was closer to a world wide release, no?

    • The release date for other regions ranged from April 27th-29th. That’s a 3 day gap for a lot of regions. The new release date is closer to worldwide.

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