How Titanfall 2 Could Make The Titanfall Series The Next Big FPS

Titanfall was released nearly two years ago, with so much hype surrounding this game, a lot of gamers felt like this game was going to be the next big thing, and despite good reviews, wasn’t able to keep a major fan base going for very long. What happened? Why wasn’t it the next big thing? Well, with a sequel in the works, let’s talk about what Titanfall 2 could do to make it the next big FPS series.

I really wanted this game to be the next big thing, after watching gameplay and even getting to test it out in the beta, and really enjoyed it, I bought it at launch and played for maybe a couple of weeks at the most before getting bored of the game, and a big part of that was lack of content.

The biggest complaint that I had was the lack of a traditional campaign, instead, it just felt like you were playing another multiplayer game, and that’s because you were. There is so much room for a series like this to bloom story wise and they really missed the mark in the original. Luckily, Respawn Entertainment is aware of this complaint and has confirmed that the sequel will have a traditional single-player campaign. Which is great considering that in the first one there wasn’t anywhere for you to really learn the controls and how to play except in the multiplayer.

The next thing that I think Titanfall 2 really needs to make this game work with the fans is multiple game modes, some of these ideas they may already have in the game but I’m just listing some of the basic ones: Humans vs Humans only (no Titans), Titans vs Titans only (no humans), and another one that I think would be Humans vs Titans where one team is just humans with no titans the whole game, and the other team only plays as the titans, the humans would have more fortifications to protect the players more as well as stronger weapons than you would normally spawn with.

I feel that as nearly every game is now next gen only, that they can really push the sequel much further than they could do the first one which was made to be compatible with last gen as well. I feel that the Titans which did have some small modifications that could be made should be enhanced to the level that the Mechwarrior series had, where there were dozens of different mech types and several things you could alter on it so that your mech truly was unique, which would make the player care more about “their mech” because that’s exactly what it would be.

Now, how to unlock the next mod for your gun or the next upgrade for your Titan, I really feel that the series should take a page out of Halo’s book and go with their REQ System where you get packs that you get random pieces out of them, with the rarity depending on which pack “level” you bought. Another reason to do this is to also make it to where you can do free DLC (Halo 5: Guardians has monthly content drops at no cost to the player) which give the fans more content on a regular basis.

Now, Respawn has already confirmed that they are working with Nexon to develop multiple games for Android & iOS. If they could make these games connect to Titanfall 2 in a way that you can earn rewards (or maybe packs) for things that you do on the go. This would encourage players to play both their console and mobile versions to unlock more things in the game to get ahead and build the Titan you really want.

Well these are the main ideas that I have that they could do to make Titanfall 2 a must have for the Xbox One, as Microsoft really needs their exclusive games to really do well, and Titanfall really does have the potential to be the next big thing, they just need to focus on story, content, and a system that make earning the rewards fun. My fingers are crossed that this game is everything that we want it to be, what about yours?

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