The Division Agent Training 101: Sniper Build

We’re so close now to getting our hands on with the full release of Tom Clancy’s The Division and in preparation of this hotly anticipated title, what better way to prepare agents for a devastated New York City than Division Agent Training 101 Build Guides. I’ve played extensively in all 3 tests for The Division and with my many hours hands on with the game coupled with my knowledge of the systems present in the game, I would like to share some of this knowledge for less experienced agents who are preparing to restore New York City.

To kick things off, we’ll be sharing a Sniper Build for all you Division agents who prefer to sit back and pick off hostile targets with expert precision.


Agents are going to have access to 2 skill slots and an important thing to remember is that you can change them whenever or wherever you want, even during combat. Further distinctions between skills are obtained through skill modifications, which can be assigned to the skill they belong to. For the purpose of this build, here are the 2 skills I would recommend:


Pulse sends out a recon pulse that marks hostiles and allies through walls and covers. We’ll also be using the modification known as Tactical Scanner which enhances the Pulse skill to give increased DPS when attacking hostile targets who have been tagged by your Pulse scan. As a Sniper, the Pulse skill is really going to be your bread and butter as situational awareness is of the utmost importance for Snipers and knowing where the hostile targets are at all times is key to being a successful Sniper.

Smart Cover

For your 2nd skill I’m going to suggest using Smart Cover which is going to be very beneficial for a Sniper build since it adds a layer of protection for your Agent whilst also while simultaneously increasing your situational awareness if the right mod is used. Smart Cover reinforces your cover location, while increasing your damage output and lowering enemy damage for you and any allied party members behind you. This is ideal because it lowers the amount of damage your party takes while increase your own damage output. As a Sniper, any added damage output is always going to be a big boost. Since you’re imune to being pulsed while behind Smart Cover also allows you to go incognito, a valuable ability for all Snipers.


Talents provide a unique combat enhancement triggered through defined activities in The Division. While 4 talents can be equipped simultaneously, every talent “affects” something. Talents are going to be there to make all Agents stronger but the right combination and the knowledge of tactically using the right mixture of talents is going to be what separates the ‘good’ agents from the ‘great’ agents. For this Sniper build, I would suggest the following 4 Talents:

Steady Hands

Steady Hands gives your Agent the benefit of reduced recoil (25% reduction to be exact) for 10 seconds after entering any cover. As a Sniper, you’ll be expected to take long distance shots and the chance of reduced recoil is always welcome. You’ll have a short window in which you’ll have to make the most of this benefit but if it’s the difference between missing a shot and hitting your target square in the head, you’ll be glad you picked Steady Hands.


If the name of this Talent alone isn’t enough for you to realise why this is essential for your Sniper build then we’re not sure why you would even be following this build at all. Precision benefits your skill as a Sniper by awarding you with the ability to pulse a target upon landing a headshot. Not only will this encourage you to go for those headshots to gain this added benefit, it also adds to your situational awareness which, as mentioned earlier, is crucial for any Agent fighting to take back New York City.


Shrapnel is a medical Talent that upon applying Bleed to any target triggers a 30% chance to apply the effect to all targets within 10m. Bleed is a status effect in The Division that, when applied to a hostile target, essentially cause that target to constantly lose health over a set period of time. This is going to be a very beneficial Talent when facing a large group of enemies that are harder to pick off one by one as a Sniper but this Talent will give your Agent the chance to flip the table and have a 30% chance to cause a Bleed effect to all targets with 10m which, when in those large battles, could be a major benefit.

Stopping Power

Last but not least we come to Stopping Power. This Talent gives you the chance to increase headshot damage to a hostile by 25% for 10 seconds if you successfully suppress that target beforehand. As a Sniper, headshots are going to be very important to hit so a 25% damage increase is going to make your headshots even more lethal. While you do have to suppress the hostile beforehand, that added headshot damage is going to be deadly so be sure to go for those headshots Agents.

There’s the first lesson in ThisGenGaming’s Division Agent Training 101 Build Guides so expect the next build very soon! If you want to share your opinions and/or thoughts then be sure to leave a comment below.

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