The Division Is Suffering From Texture Issues

The Division may have only just gone online a few hours ago, but some issues are already being found in the game. One issue we found while playing the game was that the textures appear to have an issue in the game. Mostly effecting billboards, signs, and posters with other textures also having issues but not as frequent as the objects mentioned.

We have provided some images taken from the PS4 version of the game so you can see for yourself some of these texture issues.


As you can see in this image the blurred texture where the “Art Gallery” posters are located.


This is what the textures should look like once loaded correctly.


My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-03-08 00-24-49 division3 division4 division5 division6

And here’s a video showing this issue.



What do you think about this texture issue? Is it just something minor or is it something that really needs fixing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Good lord, why is this even an article? Not only am I supposed to believe that this is the PS4 version, Im supposed to find this newsworthy…Damn can you say slow news day or what…..

  2. It’s a ubisoft game…

    • So what?

    • That is so true man! Sick of Ubisoft. Though I got this game free, I would never have paid for this mess of a game. Ubisoft games are so plastic like, its astounding how they manage to make sales.

  3. Lol the beta didn’t have these issues….wth

    • I saw these issues in the beta.

    • yes it did.

  4. In the grand scheme of things these issues are rather small don’t you think?

  5. Just the textures that the engine is trying to process are prioritizing important bitmaps to less important, likely to lessen the load on your computer? If not similar to how many devs do things. Though, most games cache and load ‘all’ textures at the same time, Borderlands for instance was noticeable for its pop-ins of textures that are blurry, then get better – or RAGE.

    They should make it not so noticeable so as to keep the immersion by having it so it processes the signs at a further distance at a faster rate, sure – or if anything, perhaps there’s a config people could find in the folder that’d allow you to edit the data to make it so your computer, if powerful enough, can process the signs much faster than the default method, which is unsatisfactory – which is what I get is the maxim of this article or the complaints.

  6. It’s a texture steaming issue, point to one game that doesn’t do that. People are really trying hard to find the littlest problems with this game. If you’re playing on PC you need to have more than 8GB of ram to run this game without hiccups, I currently have 8GB and thats just making the requirements.

  7. I’m getting Night and Day loading off and on within seconds of each other. Or, Textures or items like Cars – tress – buses – signs, loading right in front of me, even though I have the game cranked up to ultra.

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