The Division Online Services Were Down Just After Launch

My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-03-08 05-46-27

Seeing this error message? That’s what we are currently seeing while playing The Division, and it seems to be happening to other players too. This comes just hours after the release of the game in EU countries and just minutes after launch for parts of North America. It must be noted that the servers were running smooth hours after the servers went live, and this seems to be the first server problem since they went live.

Are you seeing this error? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: The servers are up and working now.

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  1. I am having that fuqing problem! Likeee are you kiddddiing ubisoft ? The wholeeeee fuqing day waiting for nothing?

  2. Same issue here… it seems that my Exclusive preorder code for the Hazmat gear is also not working. I entered it and it told me that the code was either entered wrong or expired. Neither of which is true… seriously wtf….waited all day to get this game and BAM! Night ruined….day wasted…

  3. Yea me and another buddy are having same issue were both furious got the gold edition waited allllll day for what to stare at the main menu and see this error keep popping up smfh! Very disappointed with launch!

  4. Yep I have the same one. Happend right in the middle of a cut scene

  5. Same here very pissed!

  6. Same problem : sitting here spamming x and they haven’t posted anything on twitter or anywhere that I can find…

  7. Same here in Hawaii

  8. I don’t understand how they couldn’t have predicted this

  9. Happened right after entering Manhattan cut scene

  10. Disappointing to see yet another game launch fraught with errors that should have been anticipated and overcome weeks before launch

    • The worst part is that they always have these problems with all of ubisoft games, and I still spend 60 USD or more, even before the game comes out! This is seriouesly f’d up!

      • Then why do you keep buying them at launch? I’ve learned recently and am waiting for some time to pass before I buy the game. I want to wait for the hype to die down and any issues to get patched so they don’t taint my experience.

  11. Any answers on why I’m getting error Mike 20220360 and job to fix it?

  12. That’s OK, at least people can still play the offline SP campaign. Oh wait…

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