Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Trophies/Achievements Fully Revealed, Release Coming Very Soon?

Fallout 4’s upcoming DLC achievements have been leaked early, the achievements will be for the Automatron DLC. The achievement names were revealed last month, but we can now reveal the scores and details of the achievements. With the full achievement reveal, could this mean the DLC is very close to release? There are only 5 achievements for the DLC, which you can find below.

Mechanical Menace – 20G
Complete “Mechanical Menace”
Headhunting  – 20G
Complete “Headhunting”
Restoring Order –  20G
Complete “Restoring Order”
Robot Hunter – 20G
Unlock 10 Robot Mods
The Most Toys – 20G
Build 10 Robot Mods

And the PS4 trophies are all the same except they are bronze trophies.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-03-11 21-12-40

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