The Division Servers Go Down For The Third Time In One Week

Yes, once again players are reporting that The Division servers are down. This isn’t the first time the servers went down as the servers went down just hours after release on Tuesday morning. The servers were down again yesterday, but this time for planned maintenance.

Let us know in the comments what you feel about the servers being down once again.

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  1. Yes!!!! Friday evening:) Great time to play, but… What!?!?! Servers down? Is this a joke? Greetings from Mike and Sierra 🙁

  2. What a news. Thats the best MMO start in years….

  3. they just went offline again about 5 minutes ago

  4. Good evening… I was wondering is anyone still experiencing servers issues. I’m playin that game on the PlayStation 4… The funny thing is I was playin online just about an hour and half ago? I had to go eat dinner.. So I tried too get back on and it shot back a message. It said and I quote “The serves will be down for 15 minutes, but the servers will be back on the fallowing times 11 am eastern time, 9 am central time, and finally 2 am pacific time? ” Well wish me luck… I’m gonna make another attempt to get online and play!

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