Hitman Patch 1.02 Goes Live On PS4, Xbox One TBA

Hitman’s latest patch has gone live on the PS4, and comes in at 493.9 MB. The Xbox One patch has not gone live yet, but is expected to go live soon.

My Great Capture Screenshot 2016-03-14 21-30-56Here are the patch notes.

  • Deployed server fixes to improve connection reliability.
  • Multiple improvements to the flow of ‘opportunities’ in Paris and Prologue.
  • Improved AI reactions to ‘suspicious’ actions.
  • Minor tweaks to cover and trespassing zones.
  • Minor tweaks to challenge unlocks and descriptions.
  • Other general improvements.

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  1. Would’ve been nice if they didn’t release this patch. Seems to have added connection problems, removed pre-order bonuses, and added obnoxious fucking grey HUD of what gear you have equipped.

    • And to think last E3 they announced this game to be FULLY released in Fall 2015. Haha what the hell happened? They can’t even launch 2 levels 5 months later than planned in an optimised state. As Angry Joe usually says, IO Interactive, you done f***ed it up.

      • I actually did come around to the release schedule. I really appreciate having the option to pay a small amount to give it a go and decide whether I want to buy more. Intro pack is very cheap.

        It has the potential to rival Blood Money, maybe even beat it, IO is just sitting on a razor’s edge and has to be very careful with their next few moves.

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