The Division Voice Chat Shows Your Public IP Address, How To Disable It

A Reddit post made early today has revealed what could be a big issue for some players of The Division. If you are a streamer in particular then this issue could effect you. The post starts with the following warning.

Just wanted to make a quick PSA for streamers, as the games in-game voice lets anyone with a little networking knowledge know your public IP. For most of us THIS DOESN’T MATTER. But for streamers this can be a BIG deal. If you’re a streamer I recommend using Discord for your voice chat, and disabling the in-game voice chat entirely.

The Reddit user goes on to post proof, and explain why this can be bad for streamers

The Division has a public IP usage/leak when using in game voice chat. It uses port 33500 UDP to send voice directly to and from all players in the group, and even the surrounding area with proximity comms!

There is an option to turn it off on in game, and it even mentions that it turns off your public IP from being seen.

To disable this setting, you must go to Audio Settings, and then disable VOIP as this will now “completely hide your public IP” on The Division.

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