What If: Naughty Dog Made An Open World Game?

With the release of Uncharted 4 an era will have ended: a beautiful era full of treasure hunting with a wisecracking duo whose bromance could barely be contained, crazy twists and turns, and a handful of brushes with death.  It’s sad, really, but once this final entry comes out, it’ll be time to move on.

In a previous article we asked whether Naughty Dog should focus on Last of Us 2 or a new IP.  The comments on said article were divided fairly evenly and there was no clear consensus between the two options.  Thankfully the one good thing about the end of Uncharted being on the horizon, is the fact that both may be an option.  The question is: what kind of new IP should Naughty Dog make?  What genre would we like to see them take a stab at?

The list of genres they haven’t dabbled in is large; mostly we’ve seen them stick to action-adventure and platforming, and that leaves a lot of room for other genres.  Fighting, first person shooter, sandbox, simulation, strategy, and the subgenres that come along with them, the list goes on.

We’ve seen them do linear games, and they do them well.  But the last time we saw Naughty Dog do anything that wasn’t clearly linear was with Jak and Daxter, and even then the side quests were still just to aid the main quest (aka getting enough orbs to continue).  So seeing them break away from that completely to explore their options with an open world design?  That’s what I’d like to see the most.

It’s the genre that would probably take the most work considering they’d have to flesh out more than just a couple paths to each goal, but with the attention to detail the studio has and their affinity for creating lovable characters, I have no doubt that it would be a fantastic experience.

Just imagine Dragon Age but with Naughty Dog’s brand of characters.  Or Fallout with their storytelling.  Or Grand Theft Auto with their world building.  Imagine all of that at the same time.  How awesome would that be?

Open world, check.  And of course, the most common thing to happen in open worlds are RPGs.  I can just imagine a Naughty Dog open world RPG and I gotta say, it’s extremely appealing.  And with their track record I have no doubt that it would hold its own against its competitors.

Putting a Naughty Dog twist on the usual formula would make for a very fun and entertaining experience, I think.  Just imagine all the awesome little things they’d put in – if they took the time in Uncharted 2 to make Nathan Drake pull a Marco Polo joke out in the one swimming pool you come across, I can only imagine how many silly and/or awesome things they’d sprinkle around an entire world.

What would you like to see in an open world game from Naughty Dog?  Or would you prefer a different genre entirely?  Let us know in the comments below!

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