Hitman’s New PS4 Update Causes Major Issues, Pre-Order DLC Gone

Hitman’s version 1.02 update went live earlier today, and comes with a few fixes for the game. It also comes with some unfortunate issues. First of all, pre-order items are gone from the game including The Requiem Pack and The Blood Money Pack.

There seems to be even more connection issues since the update was installed too, and a weapons HUD has been added which can’t be turned off.

If you’re looking to get your DLC back, a Reddit user may have found a fix.

So I was just screwing around on the ps store website and checked my download queue. It said that the requiem stuff had a downloading error even though they worked yesterday. I hit download and went to my ps4 and sure enough they show up now.

Edit: changed list to queue

The team behind Hitman are looking in to this issue, and are looking to fix everything as soon as possible. For now you can use the fix above to hopefully get your DLC back.

Let us know in the comments section if you’ve had any issues with the PS4 patch of Hitman.

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  1. moi jai un probleme encore avec requiem pack sa ne marche pas

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