Why No Man’s Sky PlayStation VR Exclusivity Could Be The “Killer App” For PS VR

PlayStation VR hype is all over the place after yesterday’s announcement that the device will launch this October for $399. Sony has said that the PS VR will have 50 games available for it by the end of 2016. Although we don’t know what all of those games are yet one of the games myself and many others are hoping gets the VR treatment is No Man’s Sky from Hello Games.

No Man’s Sky is slated to launch on June 21 on PS4 and PC and while the game already looks awesome enough just imagine if you could explore all of those galaxies in Virtual Reality. Fans have been clamoring for No Man’s Sky VR since the PlayStation VR was announced and for good reason. Seam Murray has recently said that he thinks the game would be perfect for VR but that is about as much as we’ve gotten from Hello Games about the possibility.

There are many games that people will be interested in playing on PlayStation VR but I think No Man’s Sky would easily be the biggest reason to buy one. Being able to fly around the star systems in your ship, have space battles, explore undiscovered planets on foot and more would all be amazing in VR. I already hear from people that have played EVE: Valkyrie at events that the experience is amazing in VR so you could expect that to be very similar to No Man’s Sky. Another huge reason it could be a system seller is if Sony were to obtain the exclusive rights to the VR version of No Man’s Sky. We all know No Man’s Sky is coming out on PC on the same day and it could possibly come to Xbox One in the future so if Sony could prevent the VR version from coming to Oculus Rift or the Vive that would be huge. The same goes for Xbox One in case they ever want to do a Virtual Reality headset themselves.

When you look at the other games coming to PlayStation VR none of them really stand out as system sellers. Sure RIGS, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, and others look cool but I don’t hear a lot of talk about them. No Man’s Sky however is already one of the most anticipated games in years having already won a lot of Most Anticipated Game awards over the past couple of years. If Sony were to pair the hype around No Man’s Sky with PlayStation VR I have no doubt that they would have their system seller.

Although we may never get a No Man’s Sky VR it is fun to speculate. Sony has 3-4 months between the time No Man’s Sky releases and the PlayStation VR comes out to make this a possibility. If they were to announce it I have a feeling they would do so at their E3 2016 Press Conference. It will be taking place right before No Man’s Sky hits stores so what better time to announce a VR version to give people another reason to purchase No Man’s Sky and get ready for PlayStation VR. It would be best if Sony could have it as a launch title but the chances of that seem low. Still as long as people know it’s coming and it doesn’t come too long after the launch of PlayStation VR it would do it’s job of selling systems.

Time will tell if this turns our true but I feel like it would be a huge missed opportunity on Sony’s part if they don’t make this happen. I’m extremely excited for both No Man’s Sky and PlayStation VR and integration between the two would make both a Day 1 buy for me for sure. What about you? Do you want VR support for No Man’s Sky? Would it make you purchase a PlayStation VR? Tell us in the comments below.


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  1. NMS is the only reason I could justify the price of VR to myself. It’s the only reason I bought a PS4 in the first place. So I’ll be pretty disappointed if it turns out that the PS4 can’t handle both.

    If NMS gets VR support on PC but not PS, then I’ll probably sell my PS4 and go the PC upgrade path instead.

    • I agree , I think that NMS VR would be a giant step for gaming in general . It could really be the MineCraft for the next generation. I think this is an inevitable pairing , I just hope all the cooperate red tape can be settled by the time PS VR drops . I too will go to PC if this is not on PS VR

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