Blood Alloy: Reborn Review (PC)

Blood Alloy: Reborn is a fast-paced science-fiction themed 2-D arcade style shooter by developer Suppressive Fire Games. The speed and difficulty of this game are its greatest assets.

You play as a cyborg warrior-ninja named Nia to destroy robotic enemies using the power of laser guns, swords, and missiles. As you score points and raise your combo the map becomes more populated with enemies. The movement is fairly smooth, but it can at times feel as though you are just mashing buttons like crazy. It is pretty easy to learn the basic controls, but more complicated combos require practice.

You can use the mouse and keyboard to play, or you can play using an Xbox controller. Using the tradition WASD movement and left-click to shoot is familiar enough. However, the quickness at which you move makes for some challenging gameplay. You must click each time you wish to fire your gun or slash with your sword (rather than holding a single button down), which felt very tedious. Often when trying to dodge one enemy your character travels so far that you land right into another enemy.

When you are using all of your abilities, you can really get moving at a pretty quick speed. The fast movement with the combination of ways you can dodge and attack make for a good time and a fast-paced action shooter. One cool aspect of the game is the ability to glide up walls and across ceilings. However, the level design becomes dull fairly quickly, as you just cycle around the map, trying to beat your previous high score before you die.

The game features some platforming elements, as you must jump from wall to wall and to the next level to access enemies. I found this to be one of the more difficult aspects of the game considering the rapid movement speed.

The game features three maps which are unlocked by reaching a certain level. Experience is awarded based on your score each time you play. As you level, you also gain access to new abilities, equipment, and songs. The abilities and equipment modify the fighting style and the stats of the character.

There is not a great deal of substance to this game, and I found myself enjoying it for a few minutes at a time, but not much more. The maps get quite stale and the constant spamming of buttons becomes almost mindless.

There is little direction or over-arching plot to this game. You simply move around the map, shooting as many enemies as you can without dying. When you die, you do it again. Occasionally, an on-screen marker will signal that there is a special enemy somewhere to kill.

The game does not feature any online leaderboard, but it does keep track of your high score on each map.

There is some element of nostalgia to this style of game, but there is very little staying power in this game. The electronic synth soundtrack and the button mashing make for a considerable headache. The game is fun to play for a few minutes at a time, but I struggled to play for more than 15-20 minutes before wanting to stop.

This game should definitely be considered along the same lines as a mobile-game, though it does not have any time-gated limitations. Blood Alloy: Reborn is very fast-paced and can be quite challenging. If you are a fan of score shooters, this would certainly be a game to check out. The rapidity of the gameplay is intriguing, and its challenging nature could offer potential replayability.

Blood Alloy: Reborn is available on Steam for $12.99. The game’s soundtrack is also available for $9.99. There appear to be plans to release the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, and other mobile platforms in the future.

Final Score: 3.5 out of 10

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