How Can Oculus And Vive Rebound After Killer Playstation VR Price Announcement?


Sony just announced that their new virtual reality system will cost just $399, which might sound like a lot but not when compared to some of PlayStation VR’s main competitors, Oculus Rift for $599 and HTC’s Vive for $799. Now with both of the competition’s being release dates just being around the corner, it begs the question, How can Oculus and Vive rebound after the PlayStation VR price announcement?

Well, first let’s break down what you’re getting with each of them. We will start with what it comes with according to the Oculus website: it includes the headset which will have headphones (built-in), the sensor, the mic, and a Xbox One controller, and one free game called Lucky’s Tale, and finally it comes with an Oculus Remote.

Now, let’s take a look at what HTC’s Vive comes with: you will, of course, get the headset, plus two wireless controllers (meant for one player), and it will come with two small base stations allowing for better motion-tracking. Plus, you’ll also get three games: Tilt Brush, Fantastic Contraption and Job Simulator free.

And last but not least, The PlayStation VR comes with: the headset, a pair of earbuds, and a processor box that’s nearly the size of a small console, and all the cables that it needs to plug into your PlayStation 4. Now, it’s worth noting that in order to play the games on the PS VR you will need to have the PlayStation 4 camera as well which isn’t included. Now you can still view and have access to some content, but not all of it without one. So there’s an additional $59.99 cost to really getting the PS VR which I believe should’ve been included. And while the PlayStation VR is significantly cheaper than the others, it hasn’t been announced to release with any games.

While the PlayStation VR is significantly cheaper than the others, it hasn’t been announced to release with any games. So, I think that the Vive is on the right track to include multiple games with the purchase of one. Now the fact that the Oculus Rift releases this month, and the HTC Vive due is next month, means that they get a little over six months to have their item on the market before the PS VR gets released this October.

That gives them a few options: 1)They can stick to their guns and keep the prices where they are, 2) or create different versions of the kits so for example maybe with the Vive, have a cheaper set that doesn’t include the small base stations. 3) they can drop the prices, which if they do they can drop them just before release or they may even wait to drop the prices until around October to compete with the PlayStation VR when it comes out.  However, they do it. t will be interesting to see how these two companies will market for the low price of Sony’s new toy.

I think the PS VR will be more popular just because you basically just need the PS4 to plug into, whereas the others require computers with a certain level of specifications. It might just be more accessible for PlayStation gamers. But we could be surprised by any of these companies at this point. I think it was very smart for Sony to announce it at such a low price as it will force their competitors into a corner where they have to make changes in order to truly stay competitive.

Are these going to be the hottest gaming items of the year? What do you think? Were you surprised at the low cost for the PlayStation VR? Or does this kind of gaming not appeal to you? Please let us know what you think about this topic in the comments below!

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  1. they dont need too. there are three types of people, those that want high end, so theyll choose the vastly superior Rift or Vive. then theres the console people who dont care as much, and is happy with the lower end headaet. then theres those dont give a shit. its not that hard to grasp. good for the pa4 owners about the price, its not a huge deal to those that wanted HIGH END vr.

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