Why The Nintendo NX Controller Leak Has Me Concerned

Let us take a moment and talk about the brand new leaked images from the Nintendo NX controller. I have two young children who will be entering the video game world in the next couple of years, so this system is certainly on my radar for a future purpose as a family playable device. As I think about things that make the Nintendo brand great, I think about unique design, new inventive ways to play, and powerful impressions from never before seen technology in the gaming world. As I stare at what is essentially a warped smart phone screen with two sticks poking out, color me underwhelmed. At first I thought that the buttons were possibly positioned in unique areas to fit with the ergonomics of the controller, but if you look closely enough you will see the letter “b” on the screen just to the left of the right thumb stick.

Previous rumors have circulated that the new system will be a high power smart phone, and unfortunately the images that we are seeing now have not set my mind at ease. Do not misunderstand me. I enjoy gaming on my iPad and iPhone from time to time when the situation is demanding of it, but if I plan to sit down with my 3 year old daughter for a small gaming session, the thought of she and I cooperatively trying to use a controller like the one above disappoints me. If this is somehow a sleeker version of the screen on the WiiU controller, then some of the thought processes make sense, but my mind goes immediately to the failing PS Vita before it goes to a fully functioning system with the power to run the third party games that the WiiU struggles with now.


The alleged controller for the Nintendo NX

Nothing definitive has been said by Nintendo regarding the leak as this information is fresh, but the source at DualPixels.com has been verified by the previous applied for patent. This is not a death sentence for the NX by any stretch of the imagination, but some of my excitement has certainly been curbed. Nintendo has long been the most creative ground breaking developer so it should come as no surprise that they want to push the envelope again, but my fear is that they will push towards the mobile gaming market because of the large swaths of money that are being raked in by games like “Clash of the Titans” and “Candy Crush.”

Nintendo has my trust when it comes to fun new inventive ways to play games, but this seems to only further show their long standing desire to avoid a fight for the space which Xbox and Playstation currently reside. Third party developers would make beautiful music with a fun inventive way to play the games they are creating. Maybe it’s time that we stop expecting the next great console from Nintendo and set our expectations on the next great gimmick once and for all. Here’s to hoping my opinion gets shoved by in my face like my 3 year olds birthday cake this weekend.

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  1. No Standard Controller Options = Me No Buy

  2. Probably best not to comment on things you know nothing about. The sticks will have force feedback ( note the sock around the sticks) and the screen will be a morphing touch screen. http://tactustechnology.com

  3. Images? I only see one image.

  4. Some reasons why you shouldn’t be concerned:
    1) Nowhere in the original Reddit post did it mention this being a controller.
    2) The patent that this is supposedly based off of heavily implies that it was for a handheld, not a controller. No journalist has pointed this out though.
    3) That patent also showed handles in some drawings, which this lacks. Also never reported on.
    4) It’s a fake made to generate attention and troll the news media who will report on anything.

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