Why The PS4.5 Is An Intelligent Direction That Would Break New Ground

Sony is developing a new update to the hardware of the PS4 which is rumored to be called the “PS4.5” as a working titles. Per media sources, Sony has been holding the information closely until recently when they let game developers in on the news so that they can begin developing for an upcoming release that will more than likely coincide with the release of PSVR in the fall.

Take a closer look, if you will at why this is a great move for Sony. After their price drop last year, there is enough space to release a new piece of hardware for the previous $400 price range without having to push out to a difficult price point. With recent advances both in 4K technology and VR gaming, Sony will need a more powerful processor to keep up with some of the demands. As the sources state, the PS4 can play videos and show pictures in 4K now but the video side of the equations simply is not possible at this point.

New generation hardware upgrades are not a new thing for Sony as we saw significantly slimmer versions of both the PS2 and the PS3 in their life cycles. Both were wildly successful. One of the potential hurdles here could be the compatibility with the old PS4’s if there is a new wrinkle in the game development. Would the old PS4 no longer be able to play the newer high resolution games? If so what would Sony’s plan going forward be for current PS4 owners unwilling to make the move? These questions have to be rolling around in the minds of people much smarter than myself and it will be interesting to see how they are answered.

I have full confidence that moving forward is a sound decision based on the importance of pushing the envelope; however, I also have strong concerns about being left behind if Sony chooses to change their game development strategies.

One of the largest upsides to the upgraded hardware will be the potential game changing ability increases for PSVR. It’s not secret that Oculus has the upper hand in CPU power and raw performance, but depending on this hardware upgrade, the PS4.5 could make strong headway into breaking through the glass ceiling of performance restrictions that many have seen as a hurdle in the VR race. Only time will tell how intelligent this decision to take a leap of faith will be, but for this writer and gamer, I am excited to see the next steps in the evolution of something that I enjoy so much.

Not to be lost in the shuffle, these new rumors of the PS4.5 have brought about the already rumbling news of Microsoft’s own dealings with hardware upgrades for the Xbox One. If another hardware race is ramping up, look for competitive pricing to keep this new reach within a reasonable price range, which is good for gamers.

What do you think of a possible PS4.5 console? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. For some reason i’m skeptical about this idea of them making a PS4.5! what if this one don’t play old PS4 games? i’m not liking this idea. Just have to wait and see how this will work out!

    • More importantly, what if new games for the PS4.5 won’t work on my existing old PS4 anymore, because they required the additional power? Then we are in PC land. Exactly what I don’t want from a console, so I can’t imagine they will actually do that.

      • IMO i think Sony wouldn’t have went through with this PS4.5 if Microsoft wasn’t doing it with the Xbox One talking about upgrading it to make it stronger. I blame them for this!

        • Blame the morons who are more interested in resolution over great games.

    • I believe that a PS4.5 is actually possible. Think about it this way: For those who want to take advantage of better VR capabilities, they would have to make the move to the PS4.5. Otherwise, they can stay with their PS4. I also believe (My own assumption) that the non-VR games would still be developed the same way they are now (i.e: No extra assets for PS4.5)

  2. With it being just a rumor, the PS4.5 is absolutely nothing.

  3. Bring it :3

  4. Yeah, it’s not like PCs can do everything a ps4.5 can do…

  5. True facts:

    – a slim ps4 will be available, sooner or later
    – the ps3 cpu has shrunk several times, slim and ultra slim model
    – the ps4 cpu is actually an APU (CPU+GPU+other controllers). By reducing the APU size, both cpu AND GPU will evolve. With the 20-30% size reduction, and eventually 50% less energy, Sony could , at the same time, reduce the power consumption, bump the cpu clock from 1.6ghz to a 2.5-2.8ghz, and add a few ACU’S and a few extra bells and whistles, that could increase the ps4 overall bandwidth from 1.8Tb to 2.4Tb. A little 50% .
    – the way games are made, they can perfectly adapt to the hardware: run uncharted 4 on a current ps4, well have the best quality the hardware can give. Run it on an updated ps4, uncharted 4 will adapt, and will offer better textures, better shadows, higher framerate, higher resolution, characters will have more polygons, more ‘grass’, etc.

    Will Sony release a slim version? Absolutely YES
    Will they upgrade the hardware, with a 4k support? Surely yes. The ps4 can perfectly play 4k videos. But why would Sony release a firmware to support 4k playback, without a blu-ray player capable of reading the upcoming 4k blu-ray discs? Stupid, huh?

    That’s why an updated ps4 makes TOTALLY SENSE. : better VR support, native 4k blu-ray discs playback, reduced power and noise, games with graphics 1.5-2 times better than currently, new design with some cool blue leds, like the VR headmount, possibly a new VR device, like a glove, 3d avatars via the ps4 camera… all that accompanied by the release of a few great psi titles.

    The time-frame, the VR release, the 4k blu-ray discs release, all in October, right before the crazy Friday sales.. and Christmas. ..

    For me,

    We will see an upgraded ps4, by October. For sure.

  6. What I want to know is what is the point in buying the PSVR? This tells me all should now wait to see if in fact they will release a more powerful system, which in my eyes trumps VR right now. It’s about games running the way they should out the box.

  7. I own a ps4, and the ps4k would appeal to me if it meant gaming in 1080p and 60fps…the 4k part of the equation, streaming movies or tv shows in 4k, doesn’t really appeal to me that much, especially when you consider how poor the quality of streaming is compared to blu ray or ultra bd. I would be far more interested in experiencing every game at the 60 fps point.

  8. Not good for gamers pockets though. The PS4 is still only fresh out and already a new console. When programmers start pushing the envelope and require the newer hardware anyone with an older machine is going to get left behind. If they keep the pace of this up PC gaming is staring to look a cheaper option long term. Also VR is pointless. That’s been tried dozens of times and keeps falling flat on it’s backside. 3D TV’s anyone?

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