5 Games We Could See As Launch Nintendo NX Titles

It’s too early to tell what kind of system the NX will be. This means that Nintendo can go in any direction in the upcoming years. We know that we won’t see anything like the Wii U, or anything like the 3DS. With that in mind, it’s hard to think about where Nintendo will take this system. However, this opens up a lot of room for speculation on what types of games to expect. Here’s a speculated list of the types of games I would like to see Nintendo come out with for the upcoming NX:

1. Super Mario Galaxy 3


Super Mario Galaxy was a phenomenal game at its debut, and the sequel was a great addition to the Mario series. It brought something Mario fans had never seen before to life. I feel that Nintendo can continue really feed off of this galaxy concept because it’s still fresh, and fans seem to want to see more Mario Galaxy. Plus, with the new technology of the NX, there are endless possibilities for where this game can go. Perhaps we will see some re-vamped graphics, new characters, and controls that feel more savvy than on the Wii. Super Mario Galaxy definitely has the potential to continue its releases.

2. Zelda Wii U


As many know, this game is expected to only release on the Wii U at the moment. However, looking at the sales of the Wii U and the dedication that the producers of Zelda have to make this game the best that it can possibly be, I feel that it would only make sense to do a dual release for Zelda Wii U. They did it before with Twilight Princess and it ended up being a major success, so I can definitely see the producers deciding to do the dual release in order to maximize sales. Plus, with the hardware upgrade and the different controls, this will allow the game to expand its horizon beyond belief.

3. Super Smash Bros.


There’s speculation that Super Smash Bros will be seeing a second release on the NX. Whether or not this game will bring anything that Smash for Wii U/3DS didn’t is up in the air, but I have a feeling it will be the exact same game with a couple more characters and maybe some better maps. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t do much to change the graphics. I think the real reason Nintendo would want to do this is the same reason why Zelda Wii U would be seeing a dual release – because it will earn more revenue. This time around, Super Smash Bros did a phenomenal job with their game and Nintendo probably thinks that it’d be a shame to see it die down so quickly with a new system coming out. So, their solution can be to re-release the game, which isn’t very far-fetched.

4. A New Metroid Game


Look – Metroid Prime: Federation Force just doesn’t do it for Nintendo fans. So many fans were disappointed to see this game’s reveal at E3 2015, and they were even more disappointed to find out that Nintendo was continuing to work on this game in 2016. The fact that people saw that Nintendo wasn’t going to drop this game made them feel like they probably wouldn’t see anything good from the Metroid series for a few more years. However, Nintendo could potentially have something up their sleeve for the NX. They know that people don’t like this game, so they might be making something that will satisfy the fans. We can all hope that’s what’s happening, at least…

5. A Super Mario Sunshine Sequel


As much as I want a remake for this game, I’m kind of sick of remakes from Nintendo, so i’d really like to see a sequel to this game. This is one of my favorite games of all time because it was an approach from the Mario series that had never been seen before. It was a more story-based game and it was sort of controversial for its time because it strayed from the generic side-scrolling from previous Mario games. I would love to see a sequel for this game, especially since it’s been such a long time since the original came out. In addition, Nintendo can release the original on some sort of virtual console for those who either want to replay the game or for those who haven’t played the game before.

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  1. This is a wish list… you don’t have any solid evidence to prove anything othe rthan Zelda and Smash…

  2. Forgot Pikmin 4.


  3. I doubt Nintendo will release Mario, Zelda and Metroid all at once. Not only does that put stress on the wallets of gamers (all must buys), but there is not enough time in the day to truly be able to take the time to savor the experiences. I do buy the idea of a Luigi Mansion game that was rumored as its a fresh and different experience. The max would be 2 franchises of the caliber above and even that is pushing it.

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