PlayStation VR Is Already Amazon’s #1 Best Seller

PlayStation VR pre-orders only went up a few days ago on Amazon, and they have been selling like crazy so far. In the first 20 minutes, the initial stock had already sold out, and now any pre-order after that is not guaranteed for release. PlayStation VR sold that well on Amazon that it has already become the #1 best seller which means it beat brand new releases like EA UFC 2, The Division, and Pokken Tournament which also cost a lot less money

playstationvramazonsales amazonvr

PlayStation VR is already off to an extremely successful start in the UK with some stores being sold out already, and some only being able to offer 1 per customer now. Will the major sales demand move over to other regions when pre-orders open soon? We’re going to guess so.

Let us know what you think about PlayStation VR’s already big success in the UK in the comments section below.

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  1. Seems like it will be a success.

  2. Pre-orders don’t go live for US until 10am on Tuesday, so hopefully be able to pre-order then…

  3. I pre-ordered it within 10 minutes. I’ve also ordered HTC Vive (for the more high end/full roomscale VR) as did thousands and that cost twice as much as PSVR so I’m sure PSVR will be a massive success which is great because VR needs to be supported!

    Just hope this means facebook VR (oculus) has less market share because they are trying to harm VR now.

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