The Division Servers Are Down Again For Some Users, Mike 202503383, Mike 20220360 20/03/16/ 03/20/16 Update

The Division servers seem to be down for a large quantity of users all around the world. Once again it seems to be the work of the evil “Mike Error” you will see Mike 202503383 or Mike 20220360 error codes most of the time.

Check this list for fixes. 

If you are getting this error today, please let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Yes. I’m getting it every time now when using matchmaking. Sometimes when connecting to the game.

  2. I am getting it every time too.

  3. I’m getting it as well, but more importantly, I cannot quit the game now. All I can do is try and connect and see the error again. I know I could just kill the game in Task Manager, but why is there no option to quit the game if an error prevents me from even reaching the main menu?

    Which is another point I would like to make. Why do I need to be connected to go the game main menu and change settings? There is no reason for this.

    • Hit Alt+F4 at the logo screen when you can’t get out. It’ll close the game.

  4. I’m having this error now. Where can you find info about when they are doing maintenance? have too google and try to find info about this. Thats why i ended upp here. Is Mike Maintenance?

  5. how long the server will be down?

  6. turning off the windows firewall fixed the issue for me.

    • Thanks that fixed it for me too.

    • Didn’t help me unfortunately, worth a try though.

  7. i get the Mike 20220360 Error and putting down Firewall did not help.

  8. This is still ongoing for me any updates?

  9. down for ps4 as well this is pathetic ubisoft

  10. I’m getting this issue now. I shouldn’t have to port forward my PS4 because it’s worked before and my brother plays on the same network and on the same platform. It would suck if it turned out we couldn’t play at the same time…

  11. Just got that ps4

  12. Keep getting it for ps4

  13. Got the Mike code 20240136 on PS4

    • Also getting that code on PS4

  14. The game is unbelievable bottom line. That being said the servers are fucking trash there is always some bullshit error code when loading and the connection issue with lag is beyond ridiculous. We waited 3 fuckin years for this game and you deliver a dismal server with it?? Wtf ubisoft?

  15. Just got it for ps4

  16. I’m getting servers down msg now

  17. I just got the collectors edition. Put in the game let the patch download. Opened the watch and played with it. Read the art book and when I was finally done and went to go turn on my ps4…..I run into this shit…wtf….and I wasn’t gonna even open the CE but I heard such good things about the game…dammit uwe boll…..I mean UBi soft..

  18. I also have the problem, im located in central america and im getting the mike error

  19. Just got the same issue on ps4

  20. Wtf i keep getting this error code. I’m trying to platinum the division but this bullshit keeps happening. Fuck u Ubi

  21. Just got this bullshit error code too. These servers are fucking jank

  22. Mike 20240136 now

  23. How is this still ongoing 15 hours later.

  24. Im on my ps4 and have this error message. What do I do?

  25. gotta lvl come on ubi!

  26. error code Mike 20220360 on ps4

  27. I was able to get back in on ps4 finally

  28. I am getting the Mike code on ps4 I’ve reset my system and internet

  29. Keep getting this error on my ps4 have tried restarting many times

  30. Still down for me. Was working fine for me as of yesterday on PS4.

  31. I’m in Cali and getting the Mike error ending in 360 LAME!!
    By the way best game in long time plz fix your sh..!

  32. This is killing me I am getting Mike 20220360 it won’t let me play

  33. My brothers name is Mike and this code is making me not like him

  34. Down for me on ps4 was working this morning

  35. Tried to Matchmake. Got booted, got Mike 2…360 Error. Can’t login.

    • Same here. Getting really frustrated

  36. Im on PS4 and was literally able to play an hr ago… now im getong 360 code wtf. I have never seen such bad serevers on any other game. Very close to a regretable purchase for me

  37. Was working I left house at 7 now it’s got error 20220360

  38. same here, tried to matchmake and boom kicked

  39. It let me on finally

  40. Mike code on my ps4 despite working about an hour ago

  41. As soon as I tried to match make I got booted from the server , literally killed one person then I wasn’t able to play .. Great job , I know this game is amazing just fix the damn servers !

  42. Crap nevermind it at least got me to my character screen

    • same happened to me

  43. Yep, also getting this on ps4. Just kept trying to log in over and over. Eventually worked

    • Log in meaning pressing “start game”

      • Yes, exactly

  44. Just keep trying until you get in

  45. We shouldn’t have to fuck with shit to get a game to work. It should just work.

  46. attention screen showed up saying character is locked

  47. I got in ! Feel like I had to pull teeth to play my own fucking video game

  48. Just worked for me after about 10 attempts

    • Looks like its slowly letting people trickle in… still pretty depressing

  49. I’m still getting MIKE 20220360 on my ps4 and I’m in australia

    • Just keep trying, itll go

    • Gdday mate

    • yeah me to it was fine from 9 – 11 dunno what happened in the hour or so i logged off for

    • yeah I get to my character than push continue than get delta/mike codes

  50. getting mike error on PS4 -_-

  51. Just got:
    due to some server errors, your characters are currently locked. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. You can force unlock them and revert back to the previous data, but some progress may be lost.

    do I still do it or bail???

    • Did you do this? I got the same message

  52. just keep trying and youll get in

    • Got to the character selection screen, but it delta’d me when connecting to server

  53. Almost got in but got Delta 2….984 , someone reply ?

  54. rip servers

  55. Same as David Delta now last three 984

  56. this is gettting beond a joke, once i get passed the 2-10min of mike Error’s and make it to character screen, i then just get a Delta error 20000984, this is why this new era of Internet based games are perthetic, if this is the way companies want to go then take the god damn time to get your server right and problem free, or don’t you count on large numbers of people playing your game

    • This will be permanent with all next gen consoles, its the first era of internet dependent open world console games so its gonna have these issues.

  57. Servers are still down?

  58. Servers are literally aids rn

    • The server’s aids has aids

  59. Still down

  60. Yup in Louisiana, Mike

  61. servers down ps4, I’ve been checking for the past 30 minutes

  62. Bullshit! For a game thats online only they need to fix this problem if they want people to keep playing. This will be the 3rd time I’ve tried to get on in the past week only for servers to be down smh. I don’t have many hours to game and it sucks when I get the time I can’t play.

    • Its gonna be brutal like this for awhile, especially Ubisoft because they dont attune their servers for the haul this game brings before they release it.

  63. i keep trying i get to the point where i can select my character then it says connecting for like 5min the instead of a mike error i get a delta one

  64. Bs that they are down still

  65. I am getting this error right now I have been trying to log on for about 30 mins now

  66. My fucking queue number was 1418 and then I got the delta error

    • I was in that range and got in finally to join a group and bam! MIKE 20304754(383448585859392920

  67. Delta is the new problem

    • Which means the servers are completely down

      • Which in turn means this game won’t be shit until Ubisoft and the rest of the people who helped create it get it together & fix the servers

        • Exactly, which is an issue every dev company faces when making an internet based game of this scale but Ubisoft particularly blows

          • Hopefully this will be resolved soon and I can play with you lovely ppl going thru the same bullshit as me … PSN : Japxneez

      • My friends are still on. Atleast I beat all the dailies already.

      • Man I haven’t been able to play for the past hour n a half, almost 2 hours now just sitting her fucking getting error after error. Makes no fucking sense

      • I have to make a new character and start all the fucking way over to just fucking play man. How ridiculous is this shit. So obviously it just won’t load my fucking save splayed.. Have to start all the way over JUST TO PLAY!!! It won’t let me use my saved guy… Just gives me errors. This is so fucking wack. How can you make a game and do this shit… Do they not already have fucking experience with this bullshit yet they always make the same fucking problems over and over..???
        Man I’m so pissed. I just want to play this amazing game not fucking fight these shitty ass servers. They need to do something and do it fast, these shitty geek ass software fucks need to work 48 hours straight no time off and fix this shit and then fire there asses. Right after!!

  68. After Mike got Delta…ugh
    Come on!
    Alberta, Canada

  69. I just was able to get on after 20 mins of pressing X woot

  70. i got in a queue and i got delta error fts


    • Trying this

    • It doesnt work, gets through the intro video then sits on black loading screen

      • now delta

  72. I’m getting it the message. How do I fix it

  73. i’m in omg i’m in

    • how did u get in!

    • Dont try to matchmake right away

  74. I’m getting MIKE 20220360…. Division services are not available at this time.

    • Annnnnd now I’m in. Ok lol…

  75. Fix the dam servers .. And yall have to give me Phoenix credits cuz i was almost done with my mission

  76. I’ve been trying for 20 mins straight put me in question of 1657 and then miked me total fucking bullshit

  77. Dallas Texas i am getting mike 20220360 error how can fix to play and i have freinds in same error that are playing the game. And i am playing on ps4 concel

  78. This is insane. Servers should not be down still. Wtf for a game i spent 100 bucks i should be able to play it when i want.

    • Thats why you dont reward the company by buying everything until they can prove its functional

      • True. Next time ill wait a week or so to hear what others are saying before i’ll buy another unisoft game

  79. I’m in a que again this time 2037 this is lame

  80. are you kidding me???!!! i was waiting in queue for 20 minute then i got mike.

  81. This is bs, ps owes me $$$ for this bullshit

    • *ubisoft owes US money

      • Somone owes us. How can we complain to unisoft

    • No shit! 100 bucks for a game we can’t even play when we want too. Fuck!

      • Yup this is bullshit it happens a few times a week

      • Thank the lord I only bought the $60 version before I decide to buy the expansions

  82. got in for 2 min then kicked me out with error again

  83. Finally!!!!!!!!!!! Got it to work after trying to log in 10+ times

    • Lol only 10 ? Lucky you

    • Are you fully in the game? Or at character select?

  84. Can’t believe it I’m in

    • what did you do?

  85. This is what my screen keeps saying?

  86. I am having this issue as well, all my friends are on but I can’t connect.

  87. im in a queue of 330

  88. Slowly getting unexcited that I bought this game

    • same bruv

      • they wouldnt be pulling this shit if the game wasnt good 😉

  89. Ubisoft is making me Ubipissed. Why even anticipate game release dates anymore? I usually wait about a week after a game comes out to get it now so that hopefully it is patched by that time. It’s so frustrating to spend so much on a game, or anything really, and come home just to find that it doesn’t work. I jumped the gun on this one and only waited five days because anticipation got the better of me.

    Been trying for 2hrs to get past the introductory cinema scene. That is after waiting the 1hr to download the typical post-launch update. Keep getting Delta 0984 error after the scene or the Mike 0360 when it won’t even get that far.

    A couple of questions: Why do I HAVE to be connected anyway? Why do these companies release these games in such terrible condition and without the infrastructure to support them? ( in this case I am willing to bet that Ubisoft needed to see a return on their investment in the first quarter so they went ahead and released it

    Best question is probably why do we keep buying them like mindless suckers?

    Fix it! I spent 70 bucks to play your freaking game five days after it came out and it’s my only time to play for the next few days, so I don’t care who is responsible just fix it! This is horse-hockey and malfeasance of the 2nd highest magnitude.


  90. Says character is locked, I can force unlock and lose progress, should I do it or no?

    • I wouldn’t do it, a lot of people are saying mixed things about it like either losing everything or just losing 10 minutes of I game progres

      • Thanks for replying

  91. Mike Syracuse NY. You guys are making millions and can’t keep a game running? Every day someone I play with or myself get kicked. Fix it. Why do we spend money on your product when we don’t even get to play half the time.

  92. How to turn off the windows firewall

  93. Looks like servers are picking back up, in q of 1000 and going down quickly

    • you’re gonna get a delta

      • Then I will proceed to drink to excess

      • Drink to excess it is

        • Lmaooo I’ll take a shot just cause you said that

    • was in a queue of 300 it just kicks you out after awhile with an error

  94. Finally got in after 1hr 1/2 of pushin X button

  95. wtf im in

    • randomly loaded

    • how! nvm

      • IDK!!! im so happy

    • i just slowly clicking x everytime it asked me to and then was loading with 100%

  96. Clicked to make a new character , now I’m waiting to skip the cinematic

    • Will delta after cinematic

  97. This is total bullshit

  98. im in the game alot of people are slowly making there way in i keep seeing people spawning into the safe room im in

  99. Boyfriend is in and I’m still getting delta errors

    • same with my friends 😉 there mad at me

      • The dumb part is that we’re on the same network. We’re in the same room even

  100. I’m in queue

    • “Your queue position is 1,636,903” Enjoy

  101. What is going on? Fucking mike. Will definitely not name my kide mike. Ruining everything


  103. Got the dirty Delta as well on PS4

  104. Yeah I have Mike

  105. i have that error
    Mike 20220360

  106. Got Mike 2022

    • Now delta on ps4

  107. on Ps4

  108. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK went to do a daily and tryed joining a group and now im having a long lasting 0% if anyone gets in don’t do anything that will make you load!

    • Yup you have to do everything solo , no groups for now I guess lol

      • now i have to restart this error bs until i get in again

  109. I have the error

  110. PS 4 TC The Division with error code MIKE 20220360 for the past hour.

  111. I was just in and got kicked out again ???

  112. Oh please almighty Ubisoft servers!! Let me one of 1780 in the que to make it into the dark zone to slaughter the week and innocent

  113. I just logged back in after about 20 min Mike error

  114. Definitely DO NOT JOIN GROUPS!!! If you get in do your own thing do not cause anything to load trust me !!!!!!!!

    • i know it did it to me ;(

  115. Awh shit! Im actually getting a load %!

  116. Made it past Mike, stuck on delta… Progress lol

    • Same here

    • Back to Mike fuck

  117. The official terms for what’s happening are being “Mike’d” & “Delta’d” ?

  118. Finally in, looks like its something wrong with grouping

  119. Boycott outside of Ubisoft in 20?

  120. Are their fixes for this? I’m on the ps4 and getting the mike error, or am I SOL?

    • just keep trying eventually you get in and when you do don’t do anything that has to do with loading

    • Don’t matchmake, join friends, or do butt stuff my friend

      • who dose one join a friend when, mike and delta block people from getting into your character screen let along the game

  121. This is game is great. But seriously? Fucking fix this shit

  122. Can’t get in and I’ve been on all day, it keeps saying my account is unavailable now… This game is about to go back to the store.

    • Same for me. All day play then BAM!!! Right in my face. Server down. Account unavailible. Said fuck it. Watchin tv now

  123. This is garbage service. How can we make a complaint to ubisuck

  124. Made it pass mike…now fucking delta won’t let me pass!

  125. ubisoft hasn’t even said anything about the issue do they even know?

    • nothing on twitter or official website

  126. Holy shit wait..
    IM IN QUEUE!!!

    • not for long 😉


    • Damien it is just getting your hopes up my friend

    • your in the queue for Delta to block you

  127. They’re to busy watching the Walking Dead I guess

    • Exactly what I’m doing while waiting on it to load


  129. Dammit… ;-; fucking delta…

  130. cant even get to my character anymore

    • same

    • Same

  131. I was’nt able to log in… Now, I can log in but when I select my character, I get a Delta 20000984 error…

  132. Getting Mike and delta in Oregon

    • me too!

  133. NUU MIKE’S BACK!!

  134. I’m getting delta and mike error, can I fix it or do I got to wait

  135. Need a new controller. X button quit working

  136. Am I alone on ps4 ?

    • Nope

    • Nah I’m on ps4 also

    • Think this is a ps4 blog

    • nope!

  137. I got mike with the 383 code..I dunno if this is progress ;-;

  138. Error code mike then Delta! How lame when my husband is beside me playing!!

    • How did he get so lucky ?

      • I don’t know!! But I’m super angry! I tried to join him and that’s when it kicked me and won’t let me sign back on at all

  139. mike and delta are worse than the green poison…

  140. Hi my name is Mike!
    And I’m Delta!

  141. IM IN GAME!!

    • Did you do something to fix it? …

  142. Fuck all y’all

    • lol

    • lol

    • fix your self please XD

  143. Who else wants to bump fuz with jenn?

  144. i keep getting mike and delta errors on ps4

  145. I’m in game! 😀

  146. Still getting mikes….

  147. Not a great way to start off just buying this game… wtf

    • It happens a few times a week. This shit is getting old

      • Oh man. Is this game even worth it?

        • Not with this bullshit

  148. Fukc ubisuck

  149. Just got it? Oh wow that must really suck ass

    • I’m not thrilled

  150. MIKE 20250383 on ps4

  151. Was in game 23min ago got the boot. Then mike/delta. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ubisoft!

  152. Please don’t tell me I just bought a 60$ coaster…? Fix this please UBI…

  153. This is outrageous. Have been getting Mike error codes for the past hour n a half today, it just kicked me out mid mission with some friends and have not been able to join since. This is literally the biggest piece of shit server delt game of the century. Wtf Ubisoft you guys are the worst garbage ever created, your fucking nerd ass software guys should all be fired, theirs no fucking way people aren’t gettin fired for this bullshit, sell us a broken fuckjng game you pricks. This is so uncalled for I can’t even grasp this shit honestly. Can’t even grasp it. The game is so fucking amazing and to be not allowed to play cause of server issues is just so outrageous I’m fuming right now. I JUST WANT TO PLAY MY $65 dollar fucking game you assholes, thank god I didn’t buy the waste of garbage Delux edition cause you guys don’t even fucking care about the gamers.. This is such bs man. I can’t stand this shit.

    • Word

  154. I’m done….one broke controller and soon to be broken game..

  155. Mike and delta attacking the servers* Me: we need backup the situation has gone from fucked to FUBAR we need backup! Ya hear me?! They’re getting closer!

    • Currently ten out sir!!!!! Stay strong man!! We are on the way!!

  156. Fukc ubisuck anyone know how to get in touch with those crooks

    • I tweeted ubisoft support and ubisoft. Looks like from ubisoft support’s tweets back to people about 4 hours ago they think its on our connection not a server issue for them.

      • We must all have shit connection if that’s the case

  157. Down in Maryland. Sad

  158. I can’t even get past the mike error now! Such bullshit


    • same

    • welcome to the club…

  160. Time to go back to destiny!!!

    • same!

      • Atleast we know we can get in there bc everyone is trying to get in here lol

    • Destiny it is then. Even though bungie sucks too.

    • That’s what I was thinking but they both have so many damn errors

  161. Why is it now saying my account is unavailable? Just wanted to enjoy my late night division while children sleep 🙁

    • Same and I have to work early =(

      • Damn I’m sorry. But I know all the server’s aren’t down cause my husband is playing next to me. I left destiny because of errors now just getting more on here

    • Mine is saying the same thing. Fukc this garbage ass game

      • I haven’t even had it but a few days and there is already this many damn problems..

  162. Anyone wanna vent and complain I’m hosting a party chat , add Japxneez

  163. Yeah getting both delta n mike but mostly mike, how long befor it back up and running???

  164. Error code all night , plays video of outbreak sometimes but crashes back to press x to start, please help

    • Same

  165. *mike and delta break through barrier* Me: hurry the hell up! *loud stomping can be heard outside* oh my god… Romeo is here…TAKE COVER!!

  166. OMG !!!!! IM IN! But with the wrong character … Should I try to log out/ log in ?

    • No bad idea

  167. welp time to fuck the girlfriend damnit ubisoft YOU CUNTS!

  168. I’ve been tapping X the last 3 hours, UFC preliminary is almost done, rolled 2 joints and all they care about is MIKE!!

  169. 1 hour and

  170. im in AGAIN!!!!

  171. Omg I’m in finally!!!! Yayayay

  172. Unreal lol. I don’t want to be that typical forum warrior who bitches about servers, but whaaaaat.

    Someone hit the nail on the head. This is a common problem, typically for platform games that have MMO capacities; especially of this scale. So why not anticipate this, and allow persons to play in an offline setting?

    This game might very well get game of the year, and that’s a bold statement. But in pitfalls like this easily get people frustrated because the disc is rendered unplayable.

    Ubisoft has 3 options from the outside looking in. One, fix your servers and fufil your end of the bargain. Just got my friend to pick up a copy and we both can’t play: in my eyes that’s like selling me a broken product. Two, give it offline capabilities too; that syncs with online network features. Three, stop doing huge online platforms like this, because you’ll find yourself back at one or two.

  173. 2 hours of x and I’m in.. Praise the Lord!!!

  174. I’m in

  175. Any level 30 ps4 users wanting to farm darkzone?

  176. How can your make an amazing fucking game but can’t make decent fucking severs. This is fucking bullshit.

  177. Is it fix for everyone? ..

    • logging in now on ps4 i hope so

  178. I can only get Ina with my other account the one I beat da game with won’t log on

  179. *loud stomping can be heard from a distance* oh my god… EVERYONE TAKE COVER ROMEO IS HERE!

  180. What I’m in

  181. Once again The Divison servers have taken a dump. I’m here in Oregon and getting every error from Mike to Delta. It’s 9:30 PM and Delta 20000984 continues to pop up now when 10 minutes ago it wa Mike! Figure it out Ubisoft. This is complete BS you ran open Betas you knew the preorders and you still can’t handle simple server loads. The games release was only delayed how many times and for how many months/years? What a joke. How about you stand behind your product with the support it needs? You took everyone’s money with the promise of a working product at my job if this were to happen the customer would be receiving $ credit back based on downtime. So why don’t you start doing the same?

  182. omg i got in!

  183. Still not working for me

    • same

  184. This is such bullshit

  185. How about we change the topic to.. “What we want added to the division” yeah no?

  186. Do you think this has anything to do with the glitch

    • What glitch???

  187. What glitch?

    • The Phoenix coin glitch

  188. Im Skippa2012 and i firat got the Delta error now im getting the mike errors just 3 minutes ago

  189. Oh..well I dunno if that’s the problem I just want the ga-…I’m in!!

    • Sweet
      I’m trying now

  190. I’m in try restarting the app the come back in

  191. YASS!

  192. Shit..picture is upside down..

  193. I’m in !

  194. Woo hoo

  195. Bye everyone see you in the dark zone

  196. I’m on ps4 and I’m in!

    • Me too

  197. Ubi seems to be aware that there are issues. Hopefully that means a fix is in the works

    • Coz they can’t play aswell

  198. Ubisoft currently investigating. I’m getting a note from the game. They are NOW aware

  199. So I was having the same problem with a Mike and delta error code with my initial character. It allowed me to get to the main screen a couple times but same error but I went to create a new player and it loaded. Went through the first mission, logged out and it let me start up my main character I hope this helps some of you.


  200. Thank god I’m in

  201. Finally in!

  202. Delta occurs after character selection. Mike interrupts the game, or prevents users from even getting connected and up to character selection. This blows so hard. I encountered these errors on PS4, every day that I have tried to play. Last night, I literally spent 3 hours trying to log in.

    Does this qualify as a refund for a broken/incomplete experience?

  203. Just saw they have scheduled maintenance for Tuesday, should be good

  204. It is giving me error “uplay is unable to start your download. Check that you have an active internet connection and sufficient space on your hard drive and then try again.” but i have 160gb of free space and also internet is working just fine.

  205. April 14 after the newest update Mike error also Delta keeps popping up when trying to join a friend’s session and or also trying to log back in, in my own session please fix

  206. Getting: MIKE 20220360 right now for the past 30 minutes. ~3 pm CST on 05/20/2016

  207. The he’ll with this game, I just got it 3 days ago and only got to play 1 time for about an hour and bam server was down for maintenence, the very next day I tried to play and there it was “the Division Servers are down for Maintenance” so I said the he’ll with it I’ll play tomorrow, so tomorrow came around which is today I tried to play I got on for about 10 to 15 minutes and was kicked off again I thought ok let me sign back in and guess what the Damn Servers are Down For Maintenance message was all I got again. Forget this damn game the Developers obviously are a bunch of Dumb Shits. I’ll be going out shopping tomorrow anyway I’ll just put Game Stop on my list so I can trade this Big Waste Of Time and Money for something that works. I’ve had a lot of games that all come with there problems but at least you can play them. I’m getting sick of C.O.D but at least it works 95% of the time.

  208. Got the problem right now.

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