The Division Servers Are Down For Some Users, Mike 202503383, Mike 20220360, Update: DELTA 20000984 Error

Many users are reporting that they are suffering from the dreaded “Mike 20220360” error today on The Division. This isn’t the first time the servers have been down, as the servers went down on launch, and there has been more occurrences of downtime since launch.

03/18/2016 Update: There seems to be some issues still, with a DELTA 20000984 error now.

Try some of these fixes if you are having this error also.

Are you getting the “mike error” today? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Just gone to play the division on Xbox and got the Mike error, this is the first time since launch I’ve had any issues

  2. Just tried to play here in the UK, 10pm GMT. Mike error 20220360. Keep trying but no luck. No mention on the official forums or twitter. Any fix or do I just call tonight a bust and try again tomorrow?

  3. Just bought the game and got this error. Annoying. Didn’t play a second.

  4. Got Mike error a few times but now I’m in.

  5. Trying to play on Xbox, Mike error 20220360!!! Ahhhhhhh!!

  6. Got the same Mike error just now.

  7. Yup

  8. Got in, tried to join a party with some friends and git kicked. Now it won’t let me sign back in.

    • same here, start when i got kicked.

  9. Go to hell mike 20220360!!

  10. Day 2 of Mike 20220360 error, get on it ubi boys/girls or this franchise will dump before its easter.

  11. Yup

  12. I got the error code

  13. I’ve received 3 error codes today: “MIKE 20220360”, “MIKE 20210563” and “MIKE 20250383”.

  14. I got error “Mike” two consecutive times ,just know. I waited 5 minutes and after that i got in.

  15. Could not play all afternoon yesterday with the same Mike error message

  16. I’ve been disconnected from the game I don’t know how many times today with error code (Delta 20000984) anyone else still getting this?

  17. now i try to login and it says my char is locked lovely. I would say avoid this product and get refunds sadly it may be to late for those of us who already own it but boycott this. Spam twitter, facebook, do not buy this game or any ubisoft product till they fix this crap unacceptable.

  18. Error code mike 20240136

  19. Mike code 2025083 anyone else?

  20. mike since yesterday

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