Why Sony Shouldn’t Ever Turn PlayStation 4 Into an Upgraded Console

If any of you are like me the primary reason you are a console gamer is because to play games on PC you have to worry about upgrading all kinds of parts to make sure games run well. It’s a hassle in my opinion to have to start up a game and realize “I need a better graphics card or sound card etc.” Yes I love playing games on my big screen but for the reasons I just stated is why I love consoles. Today I saw something that worries me a lot.

Rumors have begun spreading around the internet that Sony is planning on releasing a “PlayStation 4.5” as it is being called. Supposedly the PS4.5 would include an upgraded GPU that supports 4K resolution for games and adds more processing power to enhance PlayStation VR games. Not only that but Sony apparently already talked about this with some developers this week at GDC. These are all rumors yes and none of this may happen but let me tell you why it most certainly shouldn’t.

Like I stated above console gamers buy consoles so that they don’t have to worry about constantly upgrading our hardware. Consoles are supposed to be something you buy and you generally use it for the next 5+ years without having to worry whether a game you buy for it will work. If Sony does a PS4.5 what happens to all of us 36 million people that have already bought a PS4? Are we then forced to go and buy another brand new console so that we can play certain games. I just feel like that would be a huge mistake and slap in the face to all of their current customers. A recent example of this is Nintendo with their NEW Nintendo 3DS. The system had slightly better hardware that made the 3D work as intended but also allowed other games to make their way to the handheld such as Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. The only problem is if you wanted to play that game or the few other games that only work on the NEW 3DS you had to go and buy a new handheld. Recently Super NES games hit the 3DS Virtual Console but they only work on the NEW 3DS. Regular 3DS owners have been outraged that Super NES games don’t work on the regular 3DS. This same thing could happen with a PS4.5

I just don’t see any good way Sony can go about doing this. You might as well just call your console a PC then if this kind of thing comes to market. I’m hyped for PlayStation VR but if Sony announces in a few months that the VR games aren’t going to run well unless I buy an upgraded console I’m probably going to pass on not just the PS4.5 but VR entirely. Again we buy consoles because they are consoles and we don’t have to fool with the upgrading stuff like PC’s and mobile devices do.

Hopefully these rumors turn out to be nothing but rumors and this kind of thing never comes to light. Sony has been on a roll this generation by constantly reacting to what their fans want and coming out with a PS4.5 would be a total 360 from what they’ve been doing. Time will tell all I suppose. What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you think it is a good or bad idea for Sony to bring upgraded hardware to the console market? Tell us in the comments below.

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