5 Things The Division Does Wrong

The Division has been out now for nearly two weeks and I’ve managed to get a lot of time with the game and have spent a lot of time experiencing the ‘end game’ in The Division and can say that I have completed every challenging mission available multiple times. Therefore, I thought I would provide some thoughts on the 5 things I think The Division does wrong after my time with the game.


Item Organization:

While item organization may seem somewhat trivial, in a game like The Division where the items you collect can be of importance or need to be easily removed, a clean and efficient way to do this is very welcome. However, The Division has a problem that is most pertinent when sorting appearance items. Since appearance item drops are very common and can be looted randomly or dropped from civilian NPC’s, chances are you’ve accumulated a hefty collection of appearance items. Within The Division’s appearance tab, you’ll be met with the categories to change your jacket, shoes, hat, scarf, top or trousers. Once you’ve selected which one you wish to change, you then have to go through a long list of all the items you’ve collected for that particular item of clothing and will have to browse through the whole list to find the one you want. There’s two ways this could be done better: Firstly, Ubisoft Massive could add an option to save outfits in order to not force people to go looking through long, endless lists of clothing items to find the outfits they want. Secondly, a simple UI change could also make it much easier alongside the option to preview an item without equipping it.


Dark Zone Incentives:

The Dark Zone was promised to be the dangerous, intense wildlands of the worst hit sections of New York that contained the best loot available, but at a cost. The way the DZ was initially set-up was a tense, Western-style setting where players would be turning on each other and you wouldn’t know who to trust. However, in reality, the Dark Zone has ended up falling short of this promise. Put frankly, the Dark Zone is boring. With what some would call a shortage of content for level 30 players in the PvE side of the game, I was hoping the Dark Zone would have more to offer for end game players. Alas, it does not. As it currently stands, there is virtually no incentive to go ‘Rogue’ in the Dark Zone and the only people that seem to do so are people who have created second accounts and don’t mind suffering the penalties for dying as a rogue agent. You see, the reward/risk ratio is so heavily skewed that you lose so much xp and DZ funds if dying while Rogue whereas surviving spawns miniscule benefits in comparison. The team over at Ubisoft Massive have promised changes to the way the Dark Zone works and I sincerely hope it becomes a section of the game I genuinely want to go to.


End Game:

People are always going to bash people who complain about end game content so early after a game’s release but with the genre of game that The Division falls into, it’s not exactly wrong to expect a decent amount of end game content. As it stands, level 30 players can complete daily missions and challenge missions and that’s about it. I’ve gone from spending most of the day in The Division to putting an hour or two doing the daily missions. To their credit, Ubisoft Massive do have free updates planned as early as next month which introduces ‘Incursions’ and while details are slim, it’s expected to be a step-up from challenge missions which is good news because even they have become very easy to skilled players now. Additionally, it’s promised that season pass owners (those who paid the same amount of price for the base game as they did for DLC to said game) are almost said to be receiving weekly and monthly updates and exclusive events but thus far details are short on what exactly that entails. Therefore, while the future looks bright for end game players, as it currently stands, there’s only farming Phoenix credits and trying to find gear we haven’t already received.



I can admit that I’ve been guilty of waiting for all those timers to reach 12:00am so I can see the fresh stock that the vendors bring in. And at times I’ve been pleasantly surprised with some of the items that I’ve picked up. However, there’s a very worrying lack of changes in the vendors that makes me worried about the true amount of items and weapons in the game. Even now, still in the same month of release for The Division, vendors have already sold the same camos on multiple occassions and now it seems that blueprints and high end equipment will never change (at least for the foreseeable future) You see, the special gear vendor will sell the same blueprints over and over and will only ever restock a handful of items. Likewise, the advanced weapon vendor that allows you to buy high end weapons such as the Pakhan or the Cassidy also won’t change his stock of high end weapons so the only vendors that will restock are the ones that sell green, blue and purple items which are all essentially useless to a level 30 player.


Enemy variety:

Like any modern game, you will end up facing numerous enemies in different missions and location in The Division but by level 30, you’ve seen it all and the enemies you face in the end game are just spongier versions of enemies you have already faced in the game. In the game, there is 4 different factions of enemies; Rioters, Cleaners, Rikers and LMB. By the end of the main campaign, you will have faced all 4 factions and then that’s it. When you get to the challenging difficulty, the enemies will be the same, their weaknesses will be the same and the only thing that changes is their increased damage output and their higher health pools. Once you’ve been at Level 30 for a couple of hours, you’ll soon get bored of these enemies and once you know all their weaknesses, facing them will quickly become repetitive. The worst part of this is that it feels like a real missed opportunity here for The Division. Details on future updates hint at a new faction being introduced in to the game but as things stand the variety in enemies just isn’t what I had expected.


There you have it, the 5 things I think The Division does wrong. If you think I might have missed something then be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below.

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  1. I wish appearance items were grouped by type (e.g all Wool Scarves together) and the had a subcategory of colors. I also wish it moved the one equipped to the top, put an ! by new items, and allowed you to sort alphabetically (it seems to sort in reverse-alphabetically with new items at the bottom).

  2. Another ubisoft game I won’t be buying, because of their stupid graphics parity, to avoid the ps4 version being superior, like higher resolution or framerate, like all the other studios manage to achieve, on 95% of the games.

    Regarding the clothes on the division,
    It drives me crazy, why the hell it is soooo hard to these devs, to create different enemies, even with some light changes on clothes…
    Like batman games. There are 2 types of enemies,and they all are dressed the same. Hundreds and hundreds. How is it difficult, to draw some trousers, with a different color? To avoid seeing the same guys millions of times.

    • Oh shut the Fuck up. The game looks great on every system. The ps4 is not a high end computer, it couldn’t do much better graphics no matter what. Your just hating to hate, the graphics are great and there’s usually so much on the screen at a time. If you want to be dumb and miss out on this game, then cool, but don’t it’s because of the dumbest excuses you could come up with.

      • Nah. He’s right. Games trash. End of point. Failed attempt and making a military MMO game.

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