Amazon Stores In Europe Can’t Handle The Overwhelming PlayStation VR Orders

Amazon stores all across Europe seem to be having stock issues with the PlayStation VR. While the UK store is fine, and is still accepting orders(which will be shipped after release now.) The same can not be said for Amazon France, Italy, and Germany who like the UK sold out of the PlayStation VR very quickly. They later accepted more orders, but have since closed all pre-orders with the descriptions providing some interesting information

Amazon Germany are currently saying it is unknown when the PS VR will be back in stock, they also used “if” in the description.

Amazon France says they do not know when the PS VR will be back in stock, and then say “or if it will be” after.

Amazon Italy do not know when the item will become available, but at least they don’t say “if it comes back in stock”


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  1. Wow. Demand is crazy.

  2. hue

  3. Considering that the Rift and Vive sold out quickly this news about PSVR was a given.

    My only concern with paying the full $400 upfront is that by the time the real innovative games drop the device will probably be around $350.

    We’ll see how things go once the masses get to demo the launch titles.

    Good to see people jumping early though.

  4. Everyone knows that a # of these pre-orders are because they can be cancelled at will and no charge occurs to their credit cards until the item ships. A majority of these pre-orders are not gamers actually wanting the system but are more likely cyber-squatters hoping to sell the item at a profit in case there is a ridiculous demand & shortage ala the infamous PS2 launch shortage.

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