Quantum Break Gameplay Preview: Our Thoughts After Over 30 Minutes Of Gameplay

We are currently in the process of reviewing Quantum Break, but thanks to Microsoft, we are allowed to preview a small part of the game. This preview article will be covering most of Act 1, we will also be previewing, Quantum Break’s choice system called “Junction” as well as the first episode of the live action series in a separate articles. Please note this is not our final thoughts and should not be considered a “review” of Quantum Break.

Quantum Break doesn’t make the player wait long until the main protagonist Jack Joyce gains his time related powers. As I progressed through Act 1.2 and Act 1.3, I started to gain more of these powers which gives Quantum Break a unique edge against other mundane third person shooters. I felt overpowered, yet a cloud of vulnerability was always over me during the first act. I relied on the powers too much, leaving me with no powers to help me get out of a trickier situation.

While on the subject of powers, you have the ability to use Time Vision, which lets you see a glowing image of enemies or important objects in areas, think Assassin’s Creed “Eagle Vision”. You can throw a Time Stop at enemies, which will cause the time to stop for any enemy that is in the radius of the Time Stop dome. You can dash through areas with the Time Dodge, which can get you out of close encounters with enemies. Finally you can use a Time Shield which will block all incoming bullets from enemies as long as you stay in within the shields parameters.

Quantum Break also uses an automatic cover system during shootouts with other enemies. No longer will you need to press a button to cover, the game will do it for you instead (Look how lazy we have become in 2016!) So far the cover system hasn’t given me too many headaches, and does seem to put me in cover when I want to be in cover. I was concerned at first that an automatic cover system would be unreliable, and that it would put me in and out of cover when unnecessary, but so far so good.

Overall I felt satisfied once the first act had ended which was a great way of introducing the player to Quantum Break. Act 1 felt like a tutorial, but never felt like something I wanted to get through quick so I could start enjoying “the real game” like most tutorials make us feel.

I’ve got major Quantum Break withdrawals now, so I’m going to go back and mess around with time again.

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