The Division Servers Are Down For Everyone Right Now, You Guessed It Mike And Delta Errors

The Division has had some downtime throughout the last week or so, with a few hiccups for a group of people at a time, but right now the servers for The Division are completely down for everyone. This is comparable to when the servers went down at launch, which was worldwide downtime.

Once again users are reporting the Mike and Delta errors that have plagued The Division’s servers numerous times since launch.

Check out this post also as it contains a list of fixes that could help.

Are the servers down for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Server sucks ? Or my connection sucks

    • The servers do.

  2. I just bought this game today and have no been able to play it, i am choked. Fuck ubisoft and fuck the division, ill be taking it back for a refund tomorrow. Waste of fucking money.

  3. I acutely just loaded into the Game. Will see how long it lasts

  4. Down now for updates should be on by noon est

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