Quantum Break’s Junction Section Is An Extremely Interesting Approach To Choice In Video Games

In the second part of our preview coverage of Quantum Break, we are covering a mission called “Junction 1: Hardline/PR” which is the first time we get to see how choices work in Quantum Break. In the first Junction mission you switch from playing as Jack Joyce to the games main¬†antagonist Paul Serene. Playing as Paul you must make a decision that will have an impact in the main game of Quantum Break as well as the live action show.

After the incident at Riverport University which caused the break in time, Monarch (the evil company ran by Paul Serene) capture all witnesses of the incident from the University. As Paul, you must decide whether to take a Hardline or PR approach to the situation. Choosing Hardline means Monarch will kill every witness that was there at the University. Choosing a PR friendly approach mean Monarch will use the witnesses to blame Jack Joyce for everything, which will cause a manhunt for Jack.

Paul has the ability to see in the future, so before choosing which approach you will take, you can see a glimpse of what will happen if you choose either Hardline or PR. If you choose Hardline, then the public will find out about what happened, Jack Joyce will gain more followers but the secrets would not get out. If you choose PR, then Jack Joyce will become a wanted man, but Jack will find the secrets eventually because of the eyewitnesses.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a video game that lets the player play as an antagonist who will ultimately decide the future for the other character you play as who is also the protagonist. You are choosing via Paul Serene if you want to continue playing Quantum Break as Jack Joyce, the hero who everyone supports or the hero who everyone hates. I haven’t even got to the part yet of how it plays an effect on a TV show that’s within the game too. I’ve never seen something this unique in a video game to date, sure there’s many games that handle choices, but this method is fascinatingly new. It’s got me gripped to the story, which is something I find video games struggle to do for me personally. It should also grip anyone out there who likes interesting stories in video games.

In the next and our final preview article until next week we will give our impressions of the Quantum Break live action episode, so make sure to check that out tomorrow and also check out our thoughts on Quantum Break’s gameplay.

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