Street Fighter: Resurrection Episode 2 “Fight & Flight” Review

Last week we were introduced to the first episode of Street Fighter: Resurrection, a live-action miniseries that’s available on Verizon’s go90 mobile app. And in my review of the first episode I strayed from spoilers or giving away too much about the story, my reviews for the rest of this series will not follow that same principle and will, in fact, contain spoilers, so if you haven’t seen it, then go watch it then come back to my review to read it. If you have seen it, read on.

Still with me? Good. So, in the first episode, it took place primarily at Ken (Christian Howard) at his gym where he trains his students, and a new character from the latest game Street Fighter V, named Laura (Natascha Hopkins) showed up and challenged him to a fight when Ryu (Mike Moh) arrives, after a few moments we see Charlie Nash (Alain Moussi), a character thought to have been dead for some time shows up and throws a couple of Sonic Booms at the trio. Flash forward to Episode 2 and it picks up right where the first one left off.

We see Charlie Nash take on both Ryu and Ken, and they fight until Charlie lets them know that he was just testing their combat potential and asks them to go on a mission with him to which they decline. Laura who’s unconscious up until this point starts asking questions, and Charlie tells her that he can help her to avenge her grandfather’s murder. She decides to join him despite Ken’s warnings.

Just then, Ken gets an urgent message that they need to go to Interpol in London to assist with an operation in which could prove that the criminal organization known as Shadowloo is coming back. Ken and Ryu are at Interpol watching some undercover agent’s posing as weapons buyer’s and we then get to meet the seller who Ken instantly recognizes as Decapre (Katrina Durden) one of Bison’s “Dolls”. She immediately calls out the agent by his real name. And the episode ends.

This episode I was very excited for to see the 2 on 1 battle between Ken and Ryu vs Charlie, and it didn’t disappoint. The choreography for the fight was extremely well done and really fit the character’s unique fighting styles. I love the acting in it, especially from the returning duo from Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist, Ken and Ryu, who are both written and played perfectly in my opinion.

I felt as though the episode really helped to set the rest of the series in place to really get things started, and just like with the previous episode, even though this one was only nine minutes long, it never felt rushed which is a huge strength when you have a project like this, when you’re trying to get each episode to feel complete in a way but not speed through it in a way that viewers can tell that you’re just trying to get through the episode. I can’t wait to see what happens next! Come by next week for my review on the next episode in this exciting series!


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