Why PlayStation Plus Needs To Step Up After The Killer Games With Gold April Reveal

During the last generation with the PS3, Sony introduced the gaming industry to a relatively brand new concept with a premium program that was called PlayStation Plus, a service wherein gamers would pay a subscription fee and in return receive free game downloads every month via the Instant Game Collection. The Playstation plus service soon became renowned for offering high quality AAA games such as Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, BioShock Infinite, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, Battlefield 3, Hitman: Absolution, Batman Arkham City, Crysis 3 and many more being offered via the Playstation plus program. However, with the release of the PS4, Sony have struggled to better themselves thus far with PS+ offerings for the PS4, despite having an overall larger game collection than the competition.

While Playstation plus games for April are yet to be revealed, one leak points to a game called ‘Dead Star’ being one of the PS+ offerings for April 2016. While it can in no way be called a ‘bad’ game from someone like myself who hasn’t played it, that hasn’t stopped to many customers expressing their disappointment over what looks to be another underwhelming month for PS+ subs. Just this month, Sony has offered Broforce and Galak-Z as the free IGC games for Plus subscribers.

Already, a new post on the ps4 subreddit ‘I Think It Is Time PS Plus Got Better‘ has exploded and many fans of the service have been expressing their anger over the PS+ offerings of late. This seems to be in response to Microsoft’s killer GWG lineup for April 2016 which includes titles like Sunset Overdrive, The Wolf Among Us, Dead Space and Saints Row IV, all 4 of which are AAA offerings. Fans on the ps4 reddit have vented their frustration with PS+ with comments like:

“I used to be a huge defender of PS plus and the games, but its getting a bit ridiculous now. MS is giving Xbox all these great AAA games and we keep getting top down shooters or other indie titles. NOthing wrong with indie titles, but when the competition is giving away AAA games for months. Sony needs to do something..”

“Its been what? 2 and half years since the PS4 came out? I can probably count the amount of AAA games we’ve gotten on 1 hand.”

“As a 100% PS fanboy I completely agree. I’ve had my PS+ sub since the days PS3 they dropped. The recent free games are shit. I haven’t downloaded or played a free game in months. I’m sick of the “indie games from steam”. I want a real game, not a $5 POS I can buy any time I want.”

“I’m generally a pretty avid defender of the PS+ titles, but I can’t deny that Games With Gold looks pretty goddamn incredible this month. I don’t think there needs to be a AAA game every month or that a 2D sidescroller every now and then is the worst thing in the world, but it is probably time for those bigger games to be coming in a little bit more regularly.”

“It’s quite funny because it used to be the opposite scenario. I remember being jealous of PS3 owners when I was playing 360, seeing they were getting games like Battlefield 3 and Borderlands with their subscriptions.”

“PLEASE make PS+ better – like it used to be! When I first subbed, the selection was mindblowing, both with the IGC alongside the monthly games. Now, PS4 [usually] gets two retro pixelated platformers and Vita gets utter shite like Reality Fighters. (I no longer use my PS3). In comparison to XBO’s 4 mostly-quality games a month (and usually at least 2 retail games), Sony is really not even trying anymore”

And that’s only a few of the many comments from Playstation fans on the topic which you can find and read for yourself in the link above.

Now, we’re sure there will be those who criticize those complaining and will probably say people expressing their disappointment are ‘whining’ but how long can PS+ go without offering a solid AAA game when the competition is stepping up their game by quite a large extent? I also understand the argument of the benefit to indie developers of going with PS+ since they can get recognition and financial support and just looking at a game like Rocket League shows you how much of an impact these games have a potential to make but unfortunately, this is the exception and not the norm. While indie games being offered with PS+ is great for those who otherwise may have overlooked a particular indie game, it’s disappointing when all PS+ is offering as of late is indie games and there’s no balance between indies and AAA’s.

It’s highly doubtful that Sony’s offering for April this year will outdo the offerings that Microsoft’s GWG program announced today but that seems to be a trend for Sony’s program as of late. Just this month, Sony’s offerings of Broforce and Galak-Z have been outdone by games like Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment and Lords of the Fallen on the Xbox One. This is a far cry from the days of the PS3 era where PS+ consistently offered high quality AAA titles and was largely perceived as the better service between the two.

With Sony enjoying such success this generation perhaps they don’t feel the need to offer better quality AAA games via Playstation Plus but if recent revelations have proved anything, it’s that Playstation Plus subscribers seem to finally have had enough with receiving generally lower-quality titles compared to Microsoft’s GWG program and we hope that posts like the Reddit topic ‘I Think It Is Time PS Plus Got Better‘ are picked up on over at Sony headquarters so that they may be encouraged to begin offering better quality titles. It’s worth noting that PS+ has offered some great titles during the start of the PS4’s life-cycle with games like Infamous: First Light, The Walking Dead Season 2, Rocket League, MGS: Ground Zeroes, Transistor, and a few more but the general consensus is that during this generation Sony’s Playstation plus has fallen short of the competition.


In closing, we hope that the anger expressed over the Playstation Plus offerings of late in the wake of Microsoft’s killer lineup announced today for GWG kicks Sony into stepping up their game with the Playstation Plus service. How do you feel about Sony’s PS+ games so far this gen? Let us know how you feel in the comment section below.



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  1. Yea I haven’t gotten value out of a PS+ game since Guacamelee I think, shit’s been pretty mediocre for a while now. It was defendable when the Ps4 first launched, but 2 years later and we’re still getting indie titles. Now don’t get it twisted, I love me some indie titles, but considering this was the service that gave us XCOM, uncharted 3, Bioshock infinite and Mass Effect 2, broforce just doesn’t cut it.

  2. This is what happens when you become the sales leader. You become lazy, and have no incentive to do better. This is what you all wanted.

    • The reality is that they cannot satisfy everyone. Here is someone that actually downloads at least 1 of 2 PS+ games every month, and have enjoyed them all.

      Just like that you have two people with contrasting opinions.

      This is really why they are just fine. The actual complainers are small in comparison to the average gamer that just wants to play.

      • No, the majority isn’t aware that the other service is offering better products

        • And why is that important again? You pay to play online, where the free games is just a bonus. My point is if you want to just drop the service due to the lack of free games, then understand you cannot play online. Get the point?

          So again why would the majority with a PS4 even care what is in GWG and vice versa?

          I’m sure if there was an option to have GWG or PS Plus on the PS4 there would be a split, so considering this isn’t even possible speaking in what the other company is doing is pointless.

          • “you pay to play online”
            Go to pc gaming, more stable servers for no price at all.
            You don’t pay to online game, that’s just you getting cheated out of your money, playstation plus is a game service.

          • The price you pay for online pay is at least 10 times higher than the actual cost of the service, I’m pretty sure of it.

          • The point is with the current policies for both Sony and MS you must pay to play on-line. If that is the problem then so be it, but the extra games are simply a bonus.

            Even if they offered no free games it would still be popular because it’s forced in regards to multiplayer. Period.

          • I would turn it around. First ‘plus’ meant to be a “PLUS” service; initially I paid for the free games and discounts. Then Sony switched to blackmailing ps users by chargind for multiplayer. Then again, they changed the free games to cheap crap. That’s why everybody is upset – you pay the same money but what you get worths 10% of what you are used to. Again, I have nothing wrong with this as a business practice, but like many others I feel cheated and no longer wanna participate.

          • On the PS3, multiplayer was free. Becoming a Plus member wasn’t compulsory to play online. Plus gave additional benefits, like the extra games. So now they’ve made it compulsory the people are expecting that their ‘free’ games are worth while.
            Xbox’s online has always been a service which you’ve needed to pay for. GwG was their way of getting back on an even keel with Sony. However, due to Sony’s lack of stronger titles, they’re now in a stronger position.
            Perhaps the tides will turn again and it’ll be Microsoft playing catch-up. Maybe not. I don’t know as I can only afford one console (and opted for a PS4.)
            But I would rather the Order, AC4 or Unity or something along those lines, rather than indie games where there’s few worth playing. Hell, I’d prefer Fifa 15 right now – a game that’s all but worthless in a bricks and mortar store, but could make money for EA through Ultimate Team or whatever.

            Some people love indie titles, some don’t. But if that’s all Sony has to offer, I would be willing to jump ship if the opportunity presented itself.

          • The opportunity presents itself every 12 months when your account runs out. Hopefully we won’t revisit the same subject one year from now. Hell maybe they will decide to satisfy all.

          • Also if both companies do not charge for profit, then how do you suppose they pay these publishers when you get the games free? Think.

          • Well, I am not here to solve their business problems, I am a customer 😉 of course they have the right to charge for being online, just like they may charge in the future for simply turning on the next gen playstation. As a business decision both can be understandandable. But a customer normally wants the more for his money, regardless the quarterly bonus of the sony employees.

  3. Is this site somewhat retarded? It’s bad enough to have a banner ad across the screen but one with no X marker to disable it. Bravo. Congratulations. Ingenious.

    • It wasn’t done intentionally, and it was gone within seconds of going up.

  4. So I guess if Sony doesn’t step it up everyone will trade in their PS4’s for an X1. People we have been had.

    • I own both systems. I subscribe to xbox gold, but due to the crappy games offered by sony, have not renewed my ps+

      • Nobody believes you. Not even you.

        • What does it matter if anyone believes what I own? Your opinion is yours. Doesn’t cause me to have less than I do. My point was, I’ve had the opportunity to compare what both companies offer. One company has been disappointing for me and my family. Then again, also considering wii u or maybe their upcoming system, as Nintendo is great at offering several great kid friendly games.

          • If it didn’t matter, you wouldn’t have bothered stating it. At the very least, it implies you expect others to take what you say as truth.

          • Just as my opinion is mine. Are you attempting to harass me?

          • lol, don’t get so full of yourself. You’re as entitled to your “opinion” as I am my opinion of said opinion.

          • Your mother smells like elderberries

          • Aww, you mean it?

      • probably I will join you. Sony has a month or two to show something, or I will also just quit.

    • No but I got rid of my playstation plus and just get multiplayer games on pc.

      • ?????

  5. I admit I am a bit unhappy with the game’s given to us each month. I keep waiting for some AAA games, and as far as I remember, the best AAA game we ever got was Injustice. I wish Sony would start dropping some of these older titles but the problem is that they dont have to. MS wasnt too generous when the 360 was ahead and now that Sony is ahead they are doing the same thing, though i tend to buy more games on PSN sales than I did on Xbox Live. MS’s sales on Xbox Live used to be a major joke.

  6. Sony will probably give The Order or Until Dawn sooner or later since the prices are hovering around 20. Personally I can’t wait for Dead Star. Light-hearted spaceship fighter multiplayer, 10v10. Count me in.

  7. I think this pretty much sums it up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGx6K90TmCI

    • Lol

  8. PS+ has not once been worth the cost since PS4 was released.

    Countless network outages and not a single game worth the price. Online gaming is free on PC, it’s pathetic that they’re asking for any money per year for PS+’s rubbish service.

    • Injustice, Infamous, Rocket League, Driveclub. Those are good games. But only few. I agree with you that they should step up their game.

      • 1) Yes
        2) Infamous standalone dlc only
        3) Great game but let’s stop acting like it was highly sought out till after
        4) Driveclub Demo

  9. Such trolling from this guy.

    Tell me: how many months behind is GWG when it comes to great games offered? How many years? But a decent April means PS+ is slipping?

    Lol, try harder, Charlie.

  10. Please get someone to proof read your article first. There are way too many grammatical and spelling mistakes in here.

  11. Just make a nap ps+ account. So far they have had killzone, lego marvel and guilty gear xrd among others.

  12. So wait. You guys are saying you DONT want a dozen semi-different Asteroid clones? I will never understand kids these days. *shakes head sarcastically*

  13. Sony don’t give a shit, if they did, they wouldn’t be demanding customers pay for PS+ in order to play online, they wouldn’t be giving shit titles as a consolation prize for taking your money, and they wouldn’t have screwed up royally this generation, software-wise. As long as they get their money from their customers, they don’t give a shit who complains about the quality because they’re still raking in the dough.

    • You do realise that all those online servers cost money to run? Money that doesn’t come from hardware or software sales? Do you also realise that Xbox is also charging to online?

      • You do realize that Xbox has charged for online service since the original Xbox, right?

        You do realize that Sony didn’t charge for those services on the PS2, right?

        You do realize that Xbox charged for online service on Xbox 360 from the beginning of that console generation, right?

        You do realize that Sony didn’t charge for those services on the PS3 until very late in that console generation, right?

        You do realize that Nintendo has never charged for those services for their online multiplayer games, right?

        You do realize that the PC doesn’t charge for those services, right?

        Your justification for bad practice is to point to another company engaging in bad practice while ignoring the point: there is inadequate value for the customer in exchange for the cost.

        • I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Xbox players are getting their money’s worth, the same cannot be said of PSN players. As Bobthefirst pointed out, PSN players are getting shafted, while having to pay the same price as xbox players. That’s not an acceptable exchange to us customers, who are essentially paying for a lack of quality service. I don’t give a crap how much sony is paying to maintain their servers, that’s unrelated to the service they’re supposed to be providing us for the money we’re giving away. A service that everyone else either gets free, or at least a lot better.

  14. I read in another article regarding this and the one thing to think of with the PS 3 there were maybe 1-2 million PS+ users so giving away a AAA was no real big dent in sales, on PS4 there’s upwards of 20 million so giving away the same game results in quite a bit of lost revenue. The only thing I can think of is giving us older AAA that came out with the PS4 was released as it might drive additional sales for DLC

  15. I won’t renew my subscription for ps4. I just never play online, and honestly, I am not concerned about disabling all my former instant game collection pieces become unplayable. There was not a title worth mentioning in the past half year or so. I won’t say they should give Division for free but there is a wide selection of 20-30$ (“last year AAA”) titles to choose from. Being so cheap, should never pay off. That’s why I resign and encourage everyone to do so, because that’s the only way to change a corprations thinking way. If they see 20% decline is subscriptions they may reconsider the ps+ strategy.

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